How to Curl Short Hair with a Straightener

Here's a quick video of how I curl my hair with a straightener.
All products used are linked below!


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PRO Compression Active Leggings Review

I've been a huge PRO Compression fan since I started running a few years ago, so when I found out they started making compression pants I was all over it!
PRO Compression is THE PLACE to get compression gear. They have a ton of different socks and sleeves in all different colors, styles and patterns. And now add leggings to the mix!
If you're a runner (or even if you're just active), you know the importance of a good pair of compression pants. You want something that doesn't budge, pulls everything in, and has good support.
I don't like the pants with the tiny little waist bands and I'm happy to report these do not have that.
I've had two kids... I need support, mmkay!?

I'm not gonna lie, the cuteness helps.
The foldable gray and black stripes on the legs and waist band sold me on these.
When you wear cute workout clothes it just makes everything much better. :)

I sweated, squatted, deadlifted and sprinted in these things and they didn't budge.
I also had no noticeable buttsweat. High five for moisture-wicking fabric!
That's always a solid bonus in my book.

I highly recommend picking up a pair of these if you're in the market for a good, supportive pair of active leggings.
I got a size 4 (shown), and usually wear between a 4 and a 6 in regular clothes.

Use coupon code 'MAMA' for 40% off your PRO Compression order.

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Join My Diet Bet!

Are you ready to put your money where your mouth is?

How many times have you said "Oh, I'm going to lose weight, starting Monday."?
I know I said that very statement hundreds of times.
Well now's your chance to bet money you WILL.

I'm hosting a Diet Bet
It is starting on September 9th.

Basically what a Diet Bet is, is where you pay an entry fee ($35) to the pot.
With this $35 you are betting that you will lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks.
You weigh 200 lbs.? You need to lose 8 lbs. in 4 weeks. That's a healthy 2 lbs. a week.
IF and WHEN you win the bet, you split the pot with all the other players that won as well.
Right now, there are almost 100 players in the game thus far, with a pot of over $3,000.

So what you do is you enter your starting weight and upload 2 pictures. One of you on the scale, and one of the number on the scale with an index card close by that has a specific word on it, provided by Diet Bet.
This ensures people are honest and forthcoming with their results.

The game website will provide a supportive community and weight loss tips.

After the final day, you will have 48 hours to weigh in. Even if you didn't win, you will still need to enter your weight, but will only need to provide photos if you have won.

Then you split the pot with the other winners, get your money back, and then some!

It's that easy!
So pass it along to your friends, get them to enter, and let's get paid to lose weight!

To sign up to play, go here:
Mama Laughlin's Diet Bet

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If I could do it all over...

"If you had to do your weight loss all over, would you have started out with cardio only or would you have added in weight training sooner?"

It's a question I get asked all the time.
And honestly, I mean, I don't regret doing it the way I did it.
I started out ONLY changing my eating habits and adding in cardio at the very beginning.
Well, it's the only thing I knew at that point. Weights scared me and I didn't even think about lifting anything other than my ass off the couch. Which was hard enough, uhthankyouverymuch.
And really, ANYTHING was better than the NOTHING I was used to doing.

It worked for me. Because, like I said, I was previously doing zilch.
Who's to say I'd have had different/better/faster results if I did, in fact, add in weight training right away.
Who knows. 
But I know I've learned a shitton since then. By going through the phases I have.
The running, the training, the lifting, etc. 
That doesn't mean it's for everyone. And when people ask me what they should start with, I ALWAYS say a combination of cardio and strength training along with a clean diet is the best way to drop body fat. 
Because it's TRUE. No, I didn't quite do it like that, but you live and you learn. 

I hear people all the time say they want to lose weight and then "tone up" or add in strength training.
And after going through that EXACT mindset, I believe that statement to be ONE THING:


Because it's just yet another excuse. Another thing you have to accomplish first before you do the very thing that scares you.
And isn't that what we're trying to get away from? The excuses?

The way I looked at it was this:
"Let me focus on one thing at a time. Let me get this 60 lbs. off AND THEN I'll work on "toning up."
First of all, I hate the words "toning up."
And don't get me wrong, I'm sure I've used them at times in the past. But what does it even mean?
By "toning up" you need to build muscle. You need to drop body fat. 
So let's take the words "toning up" out of the equation all together. Let's just call it what it is, building muscle.
Don't be scared, ladies. Muscles on a woman are sexy. The look may not be for everyone, but you can still have muscles and be feminine. You can still be strong and sexy. 
Don't think that just because you lift heavy, or even at all, that you will bulk up immediately and look like a man.
You won't. Period. 
It takes years to build a physique like that and LOTS and LOTS of hard training. 

In all reality, I was just scared shitless of lifting. 
I was uneducated and uninterested. Because I didn't think it was possible. Because I thought I'd look like an idiot. Because I didn't know what the F I was doing. 
And that's just stupid. Because the best way to learn anything is to DO IT YOURSELF. 
To step outside the box, try something you never have, and experience it first hand.

Look, I know that the thought of lifting weights or adding in any type of strength training is scary at first. Hell, I was just as scared when I started running!
And I can't tell you how terrified I was to start my training process. 
The day I walked in to meet my trainer for the first time I had knots in my stomach. I was terrified of looking like an idiot. 
But I sucked it up and did it. BECAUSE it scared me.
Because the best things come from those that scare us.
That was nearly a year ago. 
And I've come leaps and bounds in that time.
Mentally AND physically.
9 month difference
I've learned so much since then. There's something amazing and addicting about seeing your body take on a whole new shape you never even thought possible.
All because you tried something new, stepped outside of your comfort zone, and went for something that scared the living shit out of you.

I'm not saying you have to have a trainer to obtain success. I'm not saying you have to lift weights, or that lifting is superior to cardio. It's not. It's all about keeping an open mind and trying new things.

However, if you ARE looking for a personal trainer, here is a great piece my trainer wrote on what to look for.
It includes:
-mistakes to avoid when chosing a personal trainer
-personal trainer rip offs
-and a step by step process on how to find a great personal trainer.

Don't let the fear of the unknown paralyze you into thinking you're forever destined to be mediocre. 

Don't just settle for the body you have.... go out and the the one you WANT!

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13 Weeks Out

I'm still plugging along and taking it one day at a time with this prep.
I am now 13 weeks out (really like 13 1/2, but go with it) from my first show and I'm still terrified.
I think that will only get worse the closer it gets. I can't imagine how much of a wreck I'll be backstage before walking out. All Oompa Loompa orange, in a tiny bikini, a pound of makeup, and scared shitless.
Mini vodka bottles, anyone? ;P
But ya know what? Being scared is a good place to be. That's usually where the magic happens... outside our comfort zones.
I keep telling myself that.

As of this morning the scale was back down to 139.8 lbs. Again, I'm not worried about my weight as much as my body fat percentage, which was 20% this morning.
That's a drop of .9% in two weeks. Meh, it's slowed a little, but that's okay.
I did take a trip to Maryland in that time period where I did really well with my diet, thanks to Tara, who knew my diet ahead of time and planned accordingly.
Failing to plan is planning to fail, peeps.
I had a cheat meal of crabcakes when I was there and they did NOT disappoint.
We relaxed, had a great workout, some great food, and even better conversation. 
I had such an amazing time with her and I'm thankful she came into my life. 
I'm still staying around 1700 calories a day, and have one scheduled cheat meal a week, which I really look forward to. 

My workouts have been kicking ass. I had a minor knee hiccup the past few days. A tight TFL had my left quad extremely tight and painful during my squats (which I was doing about 4 times a week). 
After rolling it out like crazy and digging it out manually with a lacrosse ball and taking a few days off squatting, I am back to normal.
I am deadlifting and squatting A LOT more than I have been in the past, along with a lot of shoulder/back work. 
Still doing cardio 2-3 times a week with my sprints. 

I'm just trying to trust the process and take it one day at a time. 
Pictures are saving me. 
When I don't feel like I'm making progress, I compare myself..... to.... well..... myself.
Because that's the only person I'm trying to be better than, is who I was yesterday.
Are you rolling your eyes at that cheesieness?? Because I totally am.
Eh, whatever. It's true.
My hips are slimming and I'm leaning out... slowly but surely! I am excited every day to wake up and make good decisions. It helps so much to be excited about the process and not dread it!
I don't see much difference here except for my tummy is starting to pull in a tad bit.
Progress is still progress.

We're taking the boys to Galveston this weekend for their first trip to the beach and they're super excited.
Big T will be FIVE on September 9th so we're making it like a birthday trip for him. 
PS- HOW DO I HAVE A FIVE YEAR OLD!?!?! What the hell happened!?!?!
Anyway, I still plan on getting in some workouts and sticking to my diet. 

Stay tuned because I've got some great stuff coming this week!!!
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MILF Monday: 15 Weeks Out

Another week has come and gone. 
I had a great week and busted my ass in the gym and in the kitchen.
I didn't have any slip ups and stayed on track with my diet. Does that mean I ate all clean, whole foods every single day? NO. It means I stayed within my macros and calories. 
I am eating about 1700 calories a day now. 1800 was proving a bit difficult for me to get to, so I dropped it down to 1700 and I'm functioning much better on this amount. 
But I'm tracking my macros, which allows me a little wiggle room for some little treats every now and then.
For more info on tracking your macros, go to www.iifym.com.
My personal ratio is 30% carbs, 35% fat, 35% protein. 
That's based on MY goals, etc. 
And right now that's working for me. 

Body fat percentage is down to 20.9% which is a 1.1% loss from last week.
Very happy with that. Even though my weight was up to 140.2, a gain of .8 lbs. 
I'm not worried about that, though. My focus is on body fat. 
I'm not going to give the disclaimer every time I post this picture... if you're offended by my back pose, keep ona steppin mmmkay. 

The biggest thing I'm learning so far is that you're going to have ups and downs. Days when you feel puffy or bloated, days when your abs aren't visible, days when you feel bigger, are up a pound or two, etc. It's all very mentally taxing to be doing absolutely everything in your power you can to improve and seeing minimal changes.
To help with this I take a lot of pictures.
I track my progress through it all, noting how I feel, my weight, measurements, etc. It's a great way to SEE what changes your body is making, regardless of if you notice them every day or not.
For example, I wasn't sure I'd made a whole lot of progress this week, until I saw this comparrison picture:
Left picture was last week, right is this week. That's a big freakin' difference for one week!
THIS is why I take progress pictures. It helps to see the hard work I'm putting in paying off. 
I'm feeling really good and still going strong!
I've hit some recent PRs that I'm pretty happy with and assures me that I'm getting stronger and better every day. :)
outfit from Glyder Apparel. Coupon code 'MAMALAUGHLIN' gets you 20% off your order.

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