Quick and Healthy Dinner Made Easy

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron.

The awesome people at Blue Apron asked me if I'd like to try them out and share my thoughts/opinions with y'all.
Send me farm fresh ingredients, perfectly proportioned, to my doorstep that create delicious and healthy, chef-designed meals in under 40 minutes?
Ummmm... YES PLEASE! 

Look, I'm a mom, I get how busy we are all the time. How dinner can seem like such a cluster at times and you don't know what to cook and you're rummaging around your pantry for a plethora of ingredients to make a semi-edible meal that your family can choke down.
No? That's just me? 

Blue Apron has a solution for you.
It's no secret I'm no Suzy Homemaker, but I'll tell you what, this meal made me feel like the most experienced foodie you ever did see.
I even sent pictures of my finished meal to my foodie best friend and was all "omg look how awesome this is! you'd be so proud!"
She was.
I'm getting off track.

Let's get to the meal, shall we??
Yeah, I made that (pats self on back)

My sous chefs.
They're a bit clumsy and antsy, and they wanted to keep sticking their fingers in the butter, but shhhhh... we won't tell anyone that. ;P 

 Mushy was my big helper. He kept telling me what to do next just by looking at the picture directions. 

 My mouth is watering looking at this again. 

This meal, was, hands down, the yummiest thing I've had in a VERY long time.
The steaks were perfect and so tender.
And the rice!?!?! I couldn't get over the flavor! 
It was SO EASY. I mean, my 3 year old helped me. 
Everything is laid out so simply and you don't have to be an experienced chef to follow along. 

I HIGHLY recommend checking out what Blue Apron has to offer.
They have plans for 2 people, or for a family of 4.
I got the family of 4 and it was a great amount for me, the boys, and another person. 
They have free shipping and everything comes packaged in a tight, sealed, refrigerated box, so even if you're not home when your delivery arrives, it will stay fresh. 
They have so many different recipes and meals to choose from!
I've been eyeing the Spring Miso Ramen and the Shrimp and Pineapple Soft Tacos to try out next.
Each menu is between 500-700 calories per person, too!
And the good news is Blue Apron is launching in Texas! 
So all my fellow Texans can test out their culinary skills.

Ready for a discount??
The first 100 readers will get two meals off their Blue Apron order FREE!
Just click here to redeem.

All in all, Blue Apron gets a big thumbs up from the boys and I!


New House Tour: The Living Room

Okay, okay, so I moved in nearly 4 months ago, ERRONEOUS!
I just got around to finishing my living room... mostly.

This is one of my favorite rooms in the house. It's where we spend most of our time as a family. I've really enjoyed making it my own and I've got some really cool pieces in there (IMO).

This is the view from the front door:
Couch is from Rooms to Go.
Pillows I found at several places like Homegoods, Ross and Target.
Rug is from Lowe's.
Knicknacks (who says that word??) are mostly from Hobby Lobby and Homegoods.
Texas sign was made for me by my parents. :)
 TV Stand from Rooms to Go.
Reclaimed wood silhouette of the boys was made by AdooreIt, the same person that made my custom L for my office.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Still thinking I want to add a few pieces behind the couch, but not sure what yet...

Q: How do you manage to not have toys all over the place?
A: I have them by the back door in baskets to conceal them. But the boys have a lot of toys in their room as well. Also, there's a Lego colony on my fireplace.

Deer head I get asked about a lot.
I had it custom made from Near and Deer.
Coupon code MAMALAUGHLIN gets you 15% off your order.
You can custom make your own in whatever pattern/colors you like. They have TONS of options to choose from!

Wooden arrows are from Partyof9.
I love them! Coupon code MAMA10 gets you 10% off.
She has a bunch of awesome pieces, not just arrows.

This is us today....
Lots of Ocotnauts and snuggling. :) 

Last up will be my bedroom feature. Where all the magic happens...
If by magic, I mean sleeping....



Hey guys! My next Diet Bet starts on Monday and I'm giving away some awesome stuff!

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What is Diet Bet??
Well here's a news segment from the last one I hosted...

All you do is place a bet ($35) that you will win 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. 
That's just 6 lbs. if you weigh 150 lbs.
8 lbs. if you weigh 200 lbs.
10 lbs. is you weigh 250 lbs.
..... you get the idea!

And when you DO, you split the pot with the other winners.
As long as you lose your 4%, you win your money back AND THEN SOME!!!

All prizes are are just bonus prizes to be given away to RANDOM players.
You don't have to lose the most amount, or invite the most players!
You just have to PLAY!

Tell your friends and sign up for the Diet Bet that starts on Monday!!!

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