Fitness Photoshoot & Some Fun Stuff

A few weeks ago I had my first ever fitness photoshoot.
Now look, I'm not a fitness model or even aspiring to be one. 
This was just a goal to set for me, to focus on working toward something and having some good progress pictures. 
Chandra at Chandra's Collection Photography did them and they turned out so beautifully! 
I still have stretch marks and loose skin, but I'm not about to let that stop me from achieving my goals or being a reason to hide. 
After all, I earned those sonsofbitches. :)
I am strong. I am determined. And I'm confident. 
That's an amazing feeling.

Here are a few shots from the shoot.

Black and red outfit is from Affitnity
I LOVE how they are cut on the waistband, super flattering! 
Go check out their super cute workout gear! 
Guns n Roses tank from Kohls, UnderArmour bottoms.

Also? I'm in love with clever saying t-shirts. 
So when I found Thug Life Shirts I squealed. 
Here are a few others I want NEED:
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I PR'd on squats today. 150 lbs. for 2 reps.
Considering where I started, I'm pretty damn pleased with that. :)

Feelin' good and making progress.

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My Training Schedule

I know I haven't updated y'all on my training in awhile, so I thought I'd take the time to do that today.
I am still plugging along day in and day out.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I work out with my trainer for about an hour to an hour and a half.
I am currently going through an upper body strength phase at the moment, so we are focusing on bulking up my shoulders and arms.
My legs have been responding very well to all the added weight, so upper body was next.
I do still have 2 to 3 leg days a week.
On MWF I have been doing things like overhead press, handstand pushups, pullups, chinups, ring dips, T-bar rows, and a multitude of other upper body work.
I am in week 4 of this new phase and I'm noticing some really great muscle definition in my arms and shoulders.
On Tuesday and Thursdays I've been getting back into spin class.
I switched gyms recently and this new gym has a lot more class availability that I'm able to take advantage of.
I even bought legit spinning shoes. And let me tell you, THEY MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE!
I bought mine at Plano Cycle & Fitness.

If you're a spinner and your spin bikes have the option of clip ins, DO IT!
I feel like my turn over is quicker and it's just a much more efficient ride all together.
I'm not concentrated on my feet not slipping out of the pedals the whole class and I have no foot cramps!
I've also been doing legs on Tuesdays and Thursdays in addition to my spinning and/or sprints.
Upper body is peppered in every workout, of course.

Saturdays and Sundays I go to the gym and get in a class or two, some squats, deadlifts, or bicep/tricep work.
This past Sunday I took a spin class and then took a heated warrior sculpt class, which was like a hip hop yoga class where I sweated IN ALL THE PLACES.
It was pouring from my forehead, elbows, knees, and everywhere else onto my mat making it difficult to hold my poses, etc.
When the instructor said "You'll want to grab some light weights",  I looked around the room at everyone's 3 and 5 lb. dumbbells and thought to myself "I lift, I'll grab some 10's."
That was ridiculously ambitious and, no doubt, the dumbest idea I had all day. I grabbed 5's half way through the class.

Yes, that basically means I'm working out every.single.day and sometimes twice a day.
And I'm typically HUGE on rest days, but with all this newness, I'm actually feeling really good and haven't felt like I've needed a rest day.
I'm just paying extra attention to my body and if I need a rest day, I'll take one.

Of course, with all this additional cardio I'm doing, I've had to up my food intake.
I was eating about 1700 calories a day, I am now trying to get back up to about 1900 a day.
Move more, eat more. :)

Honestly, I just feel really good. I enjoy seeing new muscles forming, beating PR's and watching my body accomplish things it couldn't just a few short weeks ago.

I'm working really hard and feeling really good about it. :)
One day at a time!

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Breaking the Silence on the Momology Magazine Cover

Back in April I did a photoshoot and interview with Momology Magazine, an online magazine empowering and uniting mothers.
I was extremely honored to have been approached by the magazine to be their feature cover story.
I was excited and humbled and I shared all of that with y'all. 

And when the article came out, I was busy. It was a very critical, busy time in my life and I had a million and one balls up in the air.
I was newly laid off and had many obligations and personal issues going on in my life.
Some of that I share here, these things I did not. 
So the weeks began to come and go and speculation began to grow on WHY I hadn't mentioned the article that I was so excited about.
People began to think that I didn't like the pictures, that I looked big or that they weren't flattering.
Well that hurt my feelings a bit because I LOVED THE IMAGES.
I think they were beautiful and that I looked great in them.
And the article itself told my story very well.
But the more I didn't post about it, the more people began to wonder why... and I chose to ignore that.
Because sometimes there isn't a damn thing I can say that's going to change people's minds anyway.
I was so busy at the time that I didn't need the scrutiny behind it, so I let it be.

The truth is, I am not going to look amazing and skinny and posed in every single picture out there of me.
That's ridiculous to think that. 
Sure, I like to look my best and take pictures that are flattering, what woman doesn't do that??
But I am okay with the images that DON'T make me look super tiny. Because I'M NOT.
I am 5'6, have extremely long legs, a short torso, wide hips, and I don't know what I weigh. Last time I checked it was 140 lbs. I am a size 6 woman who was once a size 18. I have lumps and bumps and curves, and I'M PROUD OF THAT. 
The best thing I can do is continue to work on me every single day. 
I will never be happy with myself if I'm constantly worrying about what other people think of me. 
So I choose not to. 
I choose to turn a blind eye and continue to focus on making myself better. 
Not perfect, JUST BETTER.
That's what we should ALL strive for. 

Here is what Momology Magazine had to say about my cover story:

"Momology Magazine was honored to feature Brandi Laughlin in our May/June issue of our publication. Brandi has inspired literally thousands of people to dig deep within themselves and find the determination to make changes they never thought they could. Our goal for featuring her in the magazine was not to gain popularity or social media fans, but to continue to spread the encouragement to our thousands of readers all over the world. Momology Magazine’s purpose is to encourage moms in their daily walk and to unite us all in what we have in common, the ins and outs of being a mom. Brandi’s story was an excellent fit for the magazine.
However, after discovering Brandi and ourselves as the subject of almost daily public scrutiny in certain internet forums, we stand in full support of Brandi’s decision to not post the magazine on her blog when the issue came out and know that her intentions were to protect us from being victim to what she has been for a long time now, which in our opinion, is extreme cyber bullying.
We are honored that Brandi agreed to do the cover of our 2nd publication and want to thank her for putting herself out there and handling this situation with utmost professionalism.  We had the opportunity to meet Brandi in person and were impressed with her genuine personality and humble nature.

If you have not had a chance to read the magazine, we would love for you to check it out at www.momologymagazine.com. We are always looking for stories to continue to inspire and encourage our community of moms. If you would like to share yours, please write to our editor at stories@momologymagazine.com."

Traci Huhn, Publisher 
Amanda Hensley, Associate Publisher
Momology Magazine

Lesson here to be learned guys: 
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Boudoir Photoshoot

I had a wonderful opportunity to shoot with Courtney Engle Photography back in May and she was AMAZING.
This was the first photoshoot I actually did prep work for. I dieted down and leaned out the best I could.
Which, didn't turn out like I'd hoped, but that's okay. Live and learn.
I still felt better than I ever had, and the pictures that I got back made me feel beautiful.
That's an understatement, really.
Because what Courtney does, is brings out the most beautiful sides of you that you didn't even know you had.
I was floored when I got the images back.
I'm going to share a few of those images with you today.
I'm also going to offer you an amazing opportunity to shoot with her... AND look your best doing it.

Here are a few images from the shoot.

 (And yes, they've all been pre-approved. :))

I felt beautiful. I felt strong and feminine. I felt sexy and empowered.
And I think every woman deserves to feel that way. NO MATTER what stage of life you're in.
If you're 100 lbs. overweight or 10 lbs. overweight! You are beautiful! And Courtney can bring that beauty out and let you see it!
Courtney is offering ALL MAMA LAUGHLIN READERS 15% off any boudoir package if you book with her. Just mention my name. :)

Are you wanting to get in kick ass shape BEFORE your boudoir shoot?
Well here's a really cool offer.
My gym has partnered up with Courtney Engle Photography to bring you a 6 Week Boudoir Photoshoot.
This includes 6 weeks of personal training, your full nutrition plan, AND the boudoir photoshoot.
You can read more about the offer HERE.
It answers all your questions and has all the information you need.
It's an awesome deal and I highly recommend checking it out! The trainers at FR are amazing and will get you in tip top shape for your shoot with Courtney.

Speaking of photoshoots... drop back by tomorrow for an update on the Momology Magazine shoot I did and why I'm breaking the silence on it.... You won't want to miss it! ;)

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