New House Tour: The Boys Room

So I'll be doing a house tour segment where I'll show you a room of the house when it's completed.
The very first room I worked on completing was the boys room.
I wanted to make one room their room and one room the playroom, but I have since changed my mind and will be letting them have their own rooms once I get the other one all set up (it's in the process).
Plus, I already had their bunkeds and they seem to like sharing a room.

Here is the boys room :)
Bunk beds are from Rooms To Go
Curtains are from Overstock 
 Pillows are all from Target.
Baskets under the bed (that contain toys) are from Ross.
Look What I Did sign from Hobby Lobby
Small table and chairs were a gift from my parents
Superhero wall decals are from Target
 Superman sign from Ross
Laundry basket from Homegoods
Dresser from Rooms To Go
Medals courtesy of the races I've ran :)
Beanbag was a gift

My Favorite part of the boys room is BY FAR their comforters.
They are from Beddy's.
They are like sleeping bags in a bed form!
Both sides unzip and the top is a soft fabric.
Best thing about it??
Dude. Have you ever tried to make a bunk bed?
These things are amazing! And the kids love "making their bed" in the morning.
Which really just consists of them zipping both sides, but whatev.
You can take the whole thing off, put it in the washing machine and be done. No comforters and sheets to deal with. 
Serious life saver.
You can get $40 off your Beddy's order AND free shipping with coupon code

I'm still not completely done in their room, but I think it turned out pretty cute. :)


Rules for Dating This Single Mom

I don't talk about my dating life. And I don't really plan to do so anytime in the near future.
Some things I like to keep private out of respect for everyone involved.
But I thought I'd run down some rules for dating this single mom.... not that I have any takers. ;)

1. My kids come first.
Period, end of story.
If they don't like you, you must be some kind of shitty person. Come on, they're 3 and 5. It's not hard to get in good with my boys.
Also- know that if you've met them, that's a HUGE deal for me. I will not bring just anyone around my kids.

2. I'm not expecting you to take the role of their father.
My kids have a dad. And he's a good dad.
I want you to be a friendly figure to them. I want you to teach them things that me or their dad can't.
But never think I want you to step in as their father.

3. No jealousy allowed.
My boys are loud, rowdy, and they love their mama.
Don't be jealous of their need or love for me. Those kids are everything to me. The right guy (or girl, if I so choose to swing that way ;P) will not see them as "threats", but instead as a blessing, for they have made me into the woman I am.

4. My ex will always be around.
We are friends and we co-parent the best we can. Expect it.

5. I work out a lot.
I'm at the gym a lot and I like to live a healthy lifestyle. The quickest way to shut me off is to be derogatory or non-supportive of this.
I will lose my shit if I ever hear "you're going to the gym AGAIN?"
Instead, I want you to want to do these things with me.
I want a swolemate.

6. My job is unconventional.
Most people have no idea how I make a living. "Like, what do you DO all day?"
I work from home doing social media marketing and Advocare.
With that comes scrutiny of anything I'm associated with, partners included.
I will respect your decision on wanting or not wanting to be a part of that. I've had years of dealing with it, it's definitely difficult at first.

7. I'm emotionally damaged.
That's from years of being overweight and other life circumstances.
But I promise to try my hardest not to be bitter and not to associate any of the past with any of the present. Just know that I'm constantly a work in progress.

8. My hobbies include eating and complaining that I'm getting fat.
Really, though. I told you I was damaged.

9. I don't stress over things.
I'm a very laid back person. If you stress over every single thing, your energy will just bring me down and begin to affect my mood.
Let it go, bro. Some things are not worth getting so worked up over.

10. Laughing is my favorite.
YOU MUST MAKE ME LAUGH. If you don't I'll assume you aren't serious about your future at Runway, or any other publication for that matter. :P

11. I am like 98% sure I'm done having kids.
I'm not ruling it out ENTIRELY, but it will take a lot of convincing and talking to open this baby shop back up.
Just thinking about that gives me hives.

12. I wear sweats. A lot.
If I'm not in my workout gear, I'm in my sweats. For the exception of going out somewhere, of course.
I want you to be the type of man that tells me I look beautiful in sweats. Even though we both know you'd be lying through your teeth. ;)

13. I want you to WANT to do things with the boys and I.
No, going to fucking LegoLand or kids birthday parties is NOT fun, but I'm a parent, and that's what you do; shit you don't want to so you can see those precious smiles on their faces.
You suggesting to take them places and actually want to help me out (another set of hands is always nice to have as a single mother) will earn you more bonus points than the biggest bouquet of roses ever will.

14. I'm a little rough around the edges.
But take me to meet your mom and I'm the sweetest little southern gal.
I promise not to say "fucking LegoLand" in front of your parents. I'm a lady, dammit. ;P

15. Drinking.
This one is a deal breaker.
I love a good glass of wine every now and then. Even a good several-glasses-of-wine out with my girlfriends every 6 months. But if  you drink A LOT on a weekly basis, I'm not cool with that.
I don't want you to have the mentality that "it's the weekend, let's get drunk".
No thank you.

16. I love to bake.
Then I love to give that shit away because I will eat it.
This is where you come in . You must love sweets. If you don't, you are an alien and I am afraid you will probe me in my sleep or whatever it is you weirdos do.

17. Must love (or at least tolerate) scary movies.
If we have to sleep with the lights on because we watched The Conjuring, I want you to be cool with that.

That's all I can think of for now.
What are your rules for dating as a single mother??


Update on my Offseason

Hey guys! I just wanted to give you a quick update on how things have been going with me in this offseason and what I'm planning next.
So I thought I'd shoot a video for you instead of writing it up for y'all.

Time to go.... again! :)