Thank the Lord!!



I am officially FINISHED with my veneers!
I had an appointment today at 9:30am and finished up around 1pm.
My face is currently STILL numb, but I must say my teeth look AMAZING!!!
I am VERY happy with the results! Even after all the pain and money I spent on these bad boys!

After the dentist I came home and layed out in my backyard for a bit.
Trying to get some color on my skin that doesn't come from a bottle.
I could stand it about 45 minutes until the stench of dog poop lead me back inside.
Nothing like laying out, getting your tan on while breathing in doo doo!

We have picked out a baby name.
Hairpie Laughlin.

Yep, now all you name stealers out there, STEAL AWAY!!!

HA! Did you REALLY think I was going to tell you my baby name?? SIIIKKEEE!!!!


ehd0222 said...

Your teeth look great! I hope to have the same awesome result when I get mine done next year.

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Oooh these are gorgeous!! I've always thought about doing them.. Then I won't need braces? LOL hopefully so at least I totally noticed your pretty teeth when I came over to your blog.

Sean said...

Wow. That's a good veneer work. I'm going to accompany my wife to our dentist (Myrtle Beach area) next week for her veneers and we're keeping our fingers crossed. Your weight loss is amazing, btw. Congratulations!

Emma Heinichen said...

How come u got veneers? Your teeth don't look bad in the before pic? Why not just invisalign or somethin? Just wondering... The look perfect now tho!