So you have an idea...

Here are some pictures of me at different weights throughout the years. I met my husband in 2002, at age 18 weighing about 135 lbs. I thought this would be a good reference for yall as far as what I look like at different weights.
I didn't gain my weight overnight, it crept up on me slowly over the years...

*These are weight guesstimates since I didn't own a scale back then*

This is the summer before I met my husband. 2002 and about 135-140 lbs:

This was on a trip to North Carolina. I believe I was a size 6/8 then.
I said back in February of last year in a previous post that that picture was my goal picture for after I had T... and that goal still stands!

2003 and The Hubs and I were "officially together"
About 135-140 lbs.

This is Christmas of 2004 and about 150 lbs... slooowly creeping up:

I still have those jeans. They are a size 12 A&F, which is really like a 10. They were the only 12s I owned at that point, everything else was a 10.

Halloween 2005 and 2 weeks after I had my boobs done.
Yes, for the new readers, I have fake boobs.
About 155 lbs here.

Fat Tuesday 2006 and a tanorexic. 160ish lbs.

These jeans are a size 31 See Thru Soul... they were my favorite!

March 2006. 160ish lbs.

I still have this shirt and I wore it the other day as a matter of fact. First time to wear it since then and NOT feel like a lardo! I also still have those jean capris. They are 11's.

April 2007. Theme party for my friend, Liz's birthday.
About 170 lbs.

Christmas Day 2007. Right around 170 lbs.

March of 2008, my bridal portraits. About 175-180 lbs.

I remember looking at these and choosing the ones that made me look the LEAST fat.
That is NOT how you should pick out your bridal pictures.

My wedding day (06.07.08) and about 175-180 lbs.
My dress was a size 12. I have thought recently about trying it on again to compare, but just haven't done it.

Labor Day 2008. Probably right around 183 lbs.

This was taken during the Halloween ride in 2008. I had lost 10 lbs and was right around 175 lbs.

Christmas 2008 & 185 lbs.
We were trying to get pregnant, and little did I know, I was.

These are the Old Navy jeans, size 14 that I had just bought then. - They were actually unbuttoned under my shirt...they were TIGHT!

New Years Eve 2008; pregnant and didn't know it.
186 lbs. (though this picture hides it very well)

End of August 2009 & 217 lbs.
I had T a week later.

HOLY MOLY I forgot how big that thing was!

October 2009 & 198 lbs. 5 weeks postpartum.

December 2009 and 176 lbs. (22 lbs lost)

Dress size 12.

February 2010 and 168 lbs. (30 lbs lost)

March 2010 and 158 lbs. (40 lbs lost)

Jean size 10.

May 2010 and 148 lbs. (50 lbs lost)

October 2010 and 138 lbs. (60 lbs lost)

Dress size 8.

November 2010 and 136 lbs. (I promised to get into a bikini for the first time in YEARS once I hit 135 lbs.)

Christmas 2010 and 140 lbs.

jean size 8

March 2011 and 142 lbs. (after 30 day shred and major inch loss)

jean size 29

March 2011 and 145 lbs.

jean size 8 (they were big on me)

November 10, 2011- I was actually in labor with MJ here. He was born a few hours later.

Thanksgiving 2011- one week postpartum (175 lbs.)

New Years 2011- 7 weeks postpartum (168 lbs.)

January 2012- 10 weeks postpartum (161 lbs.)

March 2012- 4.5 months postpartum (149 lbs.)

Keep checking back as I journey to my ultimate goal weight of 125 lbs.!


E. Williamson said...

Well... you stayed gorgeous the entire time. But I do have to say that I am So proud of you for stickin to it all and doing such a great job. You are doing AWESOME!!!!
Oh and that wedding gown was Beautiful!!!!

Laurin said...

You look great at any weight! I should post pics of me at different weights bc I look like a damn MESS compared to what I looked like at a skinnier weight.

SLG said...

I agree, beautiful at every weight! But you are doing so awesome and I KNOW we will see that 168 pic SOON : )

Tamara said...

Hi Brandi! Not sure if you would remember me or not - we went to high school together...I know you were good friends with Megan Harrigton (Bates)...I found your blog through Tiff Rutledge ( friend from church) and have been following for a while...Just wanted to say I love your honesty! You crack me up with your posts- Megan always said you were hilarious and your blog definitley makes me agree with that statement :) ! Your little man is precious!

Erica said...

I agree with Erin, you have stayed so beautiful through it all. I can't wait to see you rock the hell out of a bikini!!

Mrs. Love Bug said...

You're gorgeous! You look amazing at any weight!

Lindsay said...

You are darling!! Thanks for sharing your pics!! Congrats on your weight loss :)

Christina said...

You look amazing! Great job!

The Harper Family said...

Wow just take my head and put it on your body-me and you are on the same timeline. Gracious-glad to see that I can do this to if I can just get my mind to cooperate!

Julia Lolita said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together, it is very inspiring and motivating. You looked great in every. single. photograph. Just saying.

Christina said...

I know I say this like everytime, but you inspire me so much!!

I have a quick question, is there a time you don't eat past?
I have the HARDEST time not eating at night. I mean I don't go crazy like i use to, but I'm sure it would help a lot more if I stopped eating at a certain time.

THanks girl!!

Meg G @ 3 Pugs and a Little Baby said...

New to your blog and LOVE it! Thanks for sharing and being honest about your weight, weight-loss, and everything in between. I found you through Susan @ The Life of Susan 's blog. She is such an inspiration to me and I'm adding you to the list too!
I am a fulltime working mom to a sweet 9 month old baby girl. I was overweight when I got pregnant with her, gained 30lbs, lost it in about 3 weeks after I had her but then continued to eat/drink like I was still pregnant so now I am up 10lbs from when I got pregnant. I want to lose 60. I am 5.5lbs on my way there. only 54.5 to go!
Sorry for the long comment!

Hailey Jones said...

way inspiring. i'm on week three of working out. thanks for all your advice. you're awesome.

The Martens said...

Just found your blog on from pinterest. Im currently pregnant with my 2nd and already starting to think post abby body. Ha! Alos in Texas, and smaller now that when I got married. Loved reading trhough your blog, and Im ready to get back to cute in about 3 more months! Thanks for the inspiration & I cant wait to keep up with your blog!!!!

Angela said...

THanks so much for sharing! It is so motivational to see others who have done it! I really needed that boost today! See, even when you don't realize it, you are touching the lives of others! What a wonderful feeling!

Casi.m said...

Thanks so much for the inspiration. Really what I needed right now. Had my son almost 4 1/2 yrs ago and its so hard to get motivated but reading your stuff really helps me out

kayla's mom said...

I'm new to your blot I have to say you are beautiful at all weights. Did u breast-feed till the baby was a year old? I'm breastfeefing and I.would love to do this but I'm scared.of losing my milk.any suggestions

Musings of Mrs. Zale said...

Wow...this is awesome to see...I have to say you are very inspirational to me...I have a 18 month old and I am still 200 hundred pounds...my pre baby weight was 150 and I would love to get back there...thank you so much for your story...I will continue to follow to see your progress and hope to have some progress of my own soon...

Anonymous said...

all blogs "inspire" me in their own way, but by reading your blog and seeing your pictures i love that i can tell you're a REAL person and someone i can relate to! thank you for posting and being such an inspiration - congratulations & good luck with all! :)

Denise Boyd said...

You are a very beautiful women and carried your weight well. I have to get back on track with getting 20lbs off and your blog has given me a jump start. Thank you for sharing your story and awesome pictures of you and your beautiful family.

Denise Boyd
Brea, CA

JanM ♥ said...

This is fickin amazing!!! I'm not really trying to lose as much weight but hearing someone do it is inspirational to me :) Congratulations! :)


Ricci said...

Checking out your blog (I'm friends with Brin and she told me how AMAZING you are) and these pics and your story really inspire me and make me feel like I can do it too!!! THANK YOU!!!

Mindi said...

I am a new follower (found you through klr/busy becka) my weight has slowly gone up for the past 7 years (I used to be 130 and thought I was fat in college) about 5 months ago I topped out at 189.. and new things had to change.. I've since lost 13lbs but have plateaued for awhile.. I needed a swift kick in the ass/motivation to get going again and finding your blog has done that. thank you for inspiring me again!

btw you are absolutely stunning!

Anna McCrary said...

Thanks for sharing! Great motivation!! I started off pre-pregnancy as 130lbs. after the twins were born I was in the 180 range, lost to 160 , then got pregnant again topping the scale at 215...recently got weighed and noticed it is 200. However, I can say that with my body weight exercises I have been doing, that not all "weight" is equal. Of course my goal weight is probably 140, but I have been doing research and because my smaller clothes fit way better, I am guessing I am gaining muscle while shedding the fat. Have you found that weighing yourself can be a downer and just to pay attention to the way you look and how your clothes fit?

Jess @ Operation Skinny Jeans said...

Just blog stalking this morning lol and I found this. It's incredible how your body changed over time! In the pics where you were gaining weight, it was like one day BAM you looked heavier. Just goes to show how resilient our bodies really are. You should add to this since it's pretty old. Thank you for sharing. :D

aleshahaley said...

YOU are AMAZING!! I LOVE how open and honest you are! You are sooo gorgeous! I am still on my weightless journey and your blog has kept me motivated. AWESOME JOB!!

Sarah Davis said...

Hey Lady! You ought to add some of your new awesome pictures during this part of your fitness journey :) I LOVE seeing your muscles GROW!!! You are such an inspiration!!

Mrs. Kellner said...

What did you weigh when you had your second child? What exercise did you do? What was the caloric demands while you were pregnant?