Can I get a 143 PLEASE???

I have apparently hit another plateau.
My last plateau was at 175 lbs at the beginning of this year. I stayed there for a good month.
I have been around 144-148 for a few months and it's rather annoying.
I know what I did last time to break out of my plateau was KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON... but for 3 months?? Come on!!!!
Maybe I haven't been running enough.
Maybe my body is used to the amount of activity I am doing.
Maybe it thinks I'm at a comfortable weight now and it's telling me I don't need to lose anymore.
Whatever the problem is, I'm going to do the same thing I did last time... continue to eat good and move more.
It will happen eventually, and no amount of bitching about it will make it come any faster.
I just wanted you all to know, I too, struggle.
Every day.
It's a constant battle.
But I'm going to keep on fighting it.



Doped up Weekend

Friday I had my wisdom teeth taken out.
I spent all day like this:

It was glorious.
.... from what I remember.

Saturday we woke up and headed to my nephew's soccer game.
Afterwards, the guys (my husband, dad, brother-in-law and the whole Fantasy Football crew) had their draft, so the girls (me, my mom, sister, sister-in-law, and our kiddos) decided to head to the mall.
First we ate at The Cheesecake Factory.
My sister and I split the Four Cheese Pasta, which I only had a few bites of.
I was way more interested in T's macaronni and cheese.... ummm... it's amazing!
Next time you go, you must get the kid's mac and cheese. haha.
We also spilt the Dulce de Leche cheesecake that I only had a few bites of as well...

We then walked around,

me in a drugged haze from the pain meds, and ended up at the carousel.
Yes, there is a mall near me with a carousel inside.
NO, I don't go there but maybe once a year so don't expect to see me there.
Before we got on, T had a snack.

Before the carousel started:

And after:

Yeah, he was scared half to death.
He cried and clung to his mama the whole time.
I loved it.
:) (him clinging to me, not him being scared, I'm not THAT mean).

Post-Traumatic Carousel Pics

See, he was fine once it was over.

I then had my eyebrows threaded.

which was awesome and I totally recommend it.

And yesterday was spent in my new pajamas (size Medium I'll have you know) all day long watching stupid movies that my husband likes (ie, Casino, Gran Tarino, etc.) while T played, napped, and ate several times.
It was a glorious drug filled weekend for me.
How about you?

ps- I have been off the pain meds since last night, just so you don't think I've gone and gotten myself addicted.



LilianEveDesigns WINNER!!!

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LilianEveDesigns Giveaway - UPDATE!!!

UPDATE on color choices:
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Just a girl who used to be fat...

I have had several people ask me what I do food wise as far as losing weight goes.
So I thought I'd run it down for those curious.

Six weeks after I had my first son in 2009, I had gone back to the doctor for my postpartum checkup and had noticed I hadn't lost a single pound. I was still at 198 lbs.
I was breastfeeding and really just thought it would "fall off".
So that is when I made up my mind that I HAD to do something.
So many of us (me included) have tried to lose weight so many times and failed for one reason or another... 99% of the time it's lack of motivation.
I've been asked how I stayed motivated.
It's hard to explain, but when I set my mind on REALLY losing the weight, it wasn't hard anymore.
I wasn't resentful, or angry that I had to do it. I just sucked it up and knew it had to be done.
I am a firm believer that it really just has to "click" for you.
You have to finally just say, "okay, screw it, I am doing this and NOTHING is going to stop me".
And that's what I did.
Once I made up my mind, I started out ONLY changing my eating habits.
I had done Weight Watchers in the past and knew it worked, so I started counting POINTS again.
I LIVED on Smart Ones for months. I had one every day for lunch at work.
I also scoured HungryGirl for recipes since she has WW points already calculated for you.
It wasn't hard, really. Once I had decided I was 100% committed to losing weight, I just went for it and did it.
I completely stayed away from fast food (my vice) for the first 3 months of my journey. I couldn't trust myself there, so I just did what I had to until I retrained myself how to eat.
I drank a TON of water, I'm talking nearly a gallon a day.
I just did what I knew I had to.
We all know what's healthy and what we should and shouldn't eat, it's just a matter of committing and DOING it.
One healthy meal at a time. One healthy decision at a time.
Eventually that will lead to another, and another, until it becomes second nature.

What really kept me motivated was seeing the scale go down.
Every time I'd get on the scale and I'd lost a pound or two, I got this crazy high and felt like I could do anything. It was a snowball effect and before I knew it, I had lost over 50 lbs. and dropped nearly 6 sizes.
I was also motivated by people's negative comments.
I had heard a few of the things some people were saying about me and it really just made me push harder and want to show them I could do it.
My clothes not fitting was a huge motivator for me.
I had nothing to wear, as all of my pre-pregnancy 14's were too small, so I poured myself into my maternity jeans.... talk about determination.
I was determined to get back into my old sizes, and even more determined to get into my "skinny jeans" pile that had been shoved in the back of my closet for years.
Another HUGE motivator for me was YOU GUYS! I blogged about my weight, struggles, and successes and you were there to push and encourage me! I can't thank you enough for that. It means more than you will ever know.
It wasn't until I put it all out there in my 'My Soul is Bared' post that I was really held accountable to myself and all of you! I had to start by being 100% honest with myself before I could move forward.
Blogging was a great way for me to be accountable, and I totally recommend it.

In December of last year, I basically just got bored with WW and started counting calories. Don't get me wrong, WW worked and in 3 months I had lost 15 lbs., but I really just thought "I can do this on my own" and went for it.
Starting out I used Sparkpeople to count every single thing that I put in my mouth and I didn't eat over 1200 calories a day.
December is also when I decided to add in exercise.
I started the C25K program and signed up for my first ever 5K in March.
Training really helped me drop some wicked pounds, it seemed to just melt off.
By race day, I had lost nearly 40 lbs. in a 5 month period.
All by watching what I ate and running.

I still keep to a strict 1200-1400 calorie diet.
In recent months, I have branched out into more raw eating- I don't eat nearly as many Smart Ones as I used to, but more salads and veggies.
I buy everything fat free or low fat and substitute nearly every ingredient in any recipe for a lower fat version.
For lunch now, I may have a big salad with cherry tomatoes, low fat cheese, carrots, cucumbers, and fat free Italian dressing.
Or a veggie patty on low calorie wheat bread with mustard, low fat cheese, low fat mayo, lettuce, tomato, and an apple.
Eating out for me is easy now.
It used to KILL me every time we went out to eat because I craved the bad stuff.
Now, I look at it like everyone knows I'm trying to lose weight, so I feel like they are watching to see what I order. 9 times out of 10 that alone makes me order something healthy.
That and I really crave the healthy stuff now.
It's all about re-training your body and listening to it's needs.
Portion control! You can have whatever your heart desires.. IN MODERATION.

I can honestly tell you I feel amazing.
I am so proud of myself for doing this the RIGHT way, and I KNOW once you make the decision to REALLY kick those pounds to the curb, you will too!

I am not a nutritionist or an expert of any kind, I am just a girl who used to be fat.

To see my weight loss progression pics click HERE.
To see what I looked like at different weights click {HERE}.

After having my second son in November of 2011 I began my post baby weight loss #2.
This time around I have 50 pounds to lose. Stick with me as I journal it all here and fight my way to my ultimate goal of 120 lbs.



Hubs 10 Year Reunion

Saturday night we decided against going to the hubs reunion.
Instead we went next door for dinner and drinks. Everyone from the reunion ended up coming over where we were because supposedly the reunion sucked and wasn't organized very well.
So the hubs still got to see his high school friends and we saved the $120 we would have paid for a stupid fajita buffet next door.

I drank too many beers (I know, surprise) but had a ton of fun.
I actually remember turning to my friend Lindsay and saying I was in the bathroom and saw a Cheerio on the floor in the stall and it made me miss T. Haha. LAME-O.
He stayed with his Nana & Pops that night and they said he did great!

I spared you all some of the more embarrassing pics, but here are some from the night.

We headed home around 2am, but not before whipping through the McDonald's drive thru.
Ugh, bad decisions. See what happens when you drink people? You wake up at 148 lbs. the next day. stupid.

Anyway, we had a good time.

Yesterday we went to WalMart (not smart- it was tax free weekend and it was MADNESS) for groceries and then we installed T's new big boy carseat!

I can't believe how big he's getting! He will be a year old in like 2 weeks! AAAAHHHHH!!! Someone stop time!!!


Guess what THESE are...

Does anybody know what these are??



They are the Express jeans I ordered back in December that have been hanging in my room ever since.
Yes, They finally FIT, albeit, a little snug still, but erroneous!
I'm movin' on up people.... err... down I mean....

And just because no post is complete without this sweet boy...

Happy Saturday!


Goodbye 10's

Aaahhh, that post title brings back memories of a fatter time...

The one thing that sucks about losing weight is the clothing aspect of it.
Sure, I love putting on a pair of pants and realizing they are now too big, but I also hate trying to get dressed for work in the morning and noticing I truly have a closet full of clothes that don't fit anymore.
Like these jeans that I got only 3 weeks ago- now too big.


YES, I'm wearing the same thing... I just told you I don't have any clothes, GAH!

So into the 8's I go... which is GREAT and I'm stoked about, but still not where I ultimately want to be.

*Topic change*
So every year I go to the OBGYN for my yearly checkup.
And every year (minus last year since I was pregnant) I'd go my dr. would tell me "your weight's creeping up there Brandi, you really need to be careful".
Naturally I dreaded going to see him every year. Not that I hate the exam (even though it's not totally awesome having a stranger prodding around in your vagina) but the weigh-in part for me is what I dreaded.
Call me crazy, but ever since I've lost weight I can't wait to go to my OB appointment this year. (again- vag prodding aside)

Speaking of vaginas, the hubs and I talked about baby #2 last night.
I told him I'd like to wait until I got down to 125 before getting pregnant again.
But who knows, God doesn't always like those kind of timeline's so we shall see...

And also, thank you all for your comments and product suggestions on yesterday's post.
I went ahead and ordered Unite 7 Seconds (which is what the girl that does my hair suggested and used on me) online from Amazon because only high-end salons sell it and I didn't want to pay their markup for it.

PS this stuff is AMAZEBALLS! I HIGHLY recommend it!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend- we have the hubs 10 year reunion, which we haven't 100% decided if we are going yet or not (it's $60 a person and that doesn't even include drinks!!!), but regardless, I'll take lots of pictures this weekend.


Hello, Blondie

Last night I spent doing this

ps that Diet Coke was my dinner since I didn't get home until late

Here's the end result

I love how it turned out! I haven't been this blonde in a minute (really since like 2006ish).

Anywho, I need some help!
I have VERY THICK hair, but when I go blonde like it is now I tend to have breakage.
I need a good leave-in conditioner or some kind of product that will help with minimizing breakage.
I use Biosilk after I dry my hair, but I really need something to put in it before I dry it.
Any product suggestions??



Sneak Peek

Thank you all for your support of my Upping the Ante post.
I am very determined and know I can reach my goal!
I'd really like to be there by Christmas time!

Now, onto the sneak peek of T's birthday invitations...

Gosh, you should have KNOWN I would do camo! ;)
In case you don't know, we are a four-wheeling family (hence the camo).

So there you have it, T's party theme revealed!
But that's all you get for now!!!!


Upping the Ante...

For nearly a year I have been on a weight loss journey.
I have had ups, I have had downs, and I have had plateaus galore.
The closer I get to my "goal weight" the more I'm realizing it's not enough.
I thought I'd be happy with my body at 135 pounds. Now, I'm not so sure.
While I still have a good 10 lbs. to go until I get there, 10 lbs. less isn't going to give me the image of myself I see in my head.
In my head I see this confident, thin woman. While I AM confident, I don't see myself as thin. Healthy? Yes. Thin? No.
Call it selfish, call it vain, call it what you will.
This is MY life and MY body and I want to be happy with it.
After having a baby your body isn't the same. Heck, mine's BETTER than before I had T, but I want more.
I don't want to squeeze into 8's and be happy with that. I know I can do better. I know my body is capable of more. I know I'M capable of more.
Why I chose 135 as a "goal weight" to begin with, I'm not really sure.
I think it's because that was the weight I was when I met my husband and I wanted to be that girl again.
But the truth is, even then, I wasn't happy with my weight. What makes me think I'd be happy with it now if I wasn't back then?
I am not saying 135 lbs is fat. It's not. I'm just saying that I think I can do better, and this is me re-evaluating my weight loss goals.
I'm upping the ante.
I'm getting back in full weight loss mode.
No more "I'm getting close to (previous) "goal" so I can slack a bit."
No sir.
My new goal?
Now before you get all huffy on me and think that's too small (mom), hear me out.
Weighing 125 lbs. at my height of 5'6 would put my Body Mass Index at 20.17.
A HEALTHY BMI for my height is between 18.5 - 24.9.
Currently, at 146 lbs. my BMI is at 23.56.
That is on the high side of the BMI healthy range.
I'm sick of being on the high side of everything.
When I started this journey (at 198 lbs.) I had a BMI of 31.95- Obese Class 1.
So yes, I have come a long way, and I am proud of myself for it.
But I'm not done yet. I have 21 more pounds to go. I have already lost more than 50.
I know I have more in me. More sweat to give. I know I have it in me to be happy with my body.
So I'm going to get there, come hell or high water!



Lakehouse Trip

My husband's grandparents have a lakehouse about 3 hours from us.
It's beautiful and we love going down there so Friday night we loaded up and made our way out for a mini-vaca.
It was HOT HOT HOT (in the 100's), but still great to get away for awhile.

Hope you all had a great weekend!