Perfectly Posh Giveaway

Y'all are in for a treat today!
Jen at Perfectly Posh contacted me about doing a giveaway, and you all know I love me some smell good stuff!
She's giving one lucky Mama Laughlin reader a $100 gift certificate to get whatever you little heart desires!!

My FAVES are the Sugar Fix Sugar Scrub, Call Me Candy Slather, and the Ohh-La-Kahlua Lip Gloss.
Seriously, the first time I used the Call me Candy lotion I immediately sent Jen an email stating that I wanted to jump my own bones, it smelled so good!
No lie.
And the Sugar Fix is UH-MAZE. I rub it on in the shower and when I get out my skin is soooo smooth and smells soooo good.
And the lip gloss tastes like sugar and coconuts and it is the prettiest nude/shimmer color I've found!
I even used it in my new makeup tutorial!

I pretty much smell like amazingness all the time now.
For reals, you NEED this stuff. You will thank me, I promise!
They also make great Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers! Hint, Hint...

Follow the directions on Rafflecopter to enter!
Giveaway ends Wednesday, October 31st.

Can't wait that long?
You don't have to! Right now you can buy any 5 items and get one free (excludes Lip Shot Lip Balms).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ready. Set. GO!

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That Hot Salt Sha-Bang sounds like it would be banging on my achy muscles! :)

Val said...

Hey Mama!

No, I have never left a comment before- I'm a little shy. But- I have been following your blog (love it) for a while now, and have decided to start my own. It is a lifestyle blog, but I plan on putting a finance spin on it. Well, once I get it moving that is. Anywho, I love your writing, and admire your talent. I was hoping you'd stop by and check it out. Any feedback from you would be SO appreciated!!!


Thank you, hope to talk to you soon!!


Allie said...

Oh you rock!!!! I love your make up tutorials. I'm such a make up whore!!! And I'm a brand snob... I have the Naked 2... And I think I'm going to try to "contour" my face! BAM!!! I hope you'll check out my blog sometime! Countingourcupcakes.blogspot.com

Sarah Liz said...

I desperately need a good body scrub, & I LOVE when body products smell edible! lol

nBd said...

Entered! Good Luck Everyone!!!

Catie @ Catie's Corner said...

Holy crap there's over 3,600 entries and only 5 comments!! Where are peoples manners? Anyway, thanks to you and Jen for the chance to win. I LOVE a good smelling product that actually works. Fingers crossed. =)

Live Learn Teach for Life said...

Love, Love, Love your blog! You are hilarious! I read the book you suggested about love and chocolate...it is on my top 10 list of books. Loved it!

Live Learn Teach for Life

Abbie said...

What a great giveaway!! Love your blog!!

Tarah Brenny said...

What a great giveaway!!! Thanks!