Mama Laughlin's Holiday Pay It Forward

One of my favorite things about this blog is the community aspect of it. I am so blessed to be able to reach so many people through my personal space in the interwebs.
It's not something I ever strived for, it just came with time. 
But by sharing my own story, I have been able to help pay it forward to many other women around the world.
I want to continue to Pay it Forward.
Especially during the holidays.

Because, all jokes aside, I am blessed. I have a roof over my head, food in my belly (even if it isn't the BEST food FOR me), and clothes on my back.
I live in a nice house, I drive a nice car, and my bills get paid. My kids are happy and fed and their playroom (which used to be our dining room by the way) is filled with an insane amount of toys that I may or may not curse when walking through the house in the middle of the night and step one one of them barefoot.
My kids, husband & I are healthy, and we have an amazing family and wonderful friends.

Others are not so fortunate.

Others will struggle to give their kids a good Christmas this year.

Others will be cold with no heat. 

Others won't have the money for groceries.

Others will spend their holidays in a hospital.

I want to help those people.

So I've teamed up with Aly & Holly and we've come up with a way to Pay it Forward.

Welcome to Mama Laughlin's Holiday Pay it Forward!

Here's what we will do:

You will submit a (semi-short) email to MLholidaypayitforward@yahoo.com telling us who you think may need some help this holiday season.
Maybe it's YOU who needs the help.
Maybe you know a friend who is struggling to make ends meet and their kids need a few extra toys, or need money for groceries, or a new heater for their house, or some winter coats to stay warm.

Send us an email and explain the situation and what you think they might need. 
We will take those stories (depending on how many are submitted) and post them on this blog & on Holly & Aly's blog with what they are in need of for the holidays.
That's where this awesome thing called COMMUNITY comes in!
You, the readers, will read these stories and then comment or email us saying you'd like to help so and so out. 
Maybe you want to purchase coats for their family for Christmas, or get them a WalMart gift card so they can get whatever they want. Or maybe you just want to donate a few things, toys, etc.
We will get you in contact with the story/person you choose to help.
It's like a virtual Angel Tree!

See how this works? People helping people!?!

Let's give to those less fortunate this holiday season!

I want you to share this with everyone you know. My goal is for each and every one of the entries (assuming they are legit needs and not "Oh, I NEED some Louis Vuitton luggage to go see my uncle in Switzerland for Christmas!") to have someone help them this Christmas season.

Share this in anyway you can.
Tweet it.
Pin it.
Facebook it.
Blog it.
Instagram it. (@mamalaughlin)

There are people out there that need help... and we plan to help as many of them as we can!

 Submit your story or the story of someone you know, etc. that needs some help this Christmas.
Tell me a short background story and what you think they may need. 
Once we have all the emails sorted through, we'll begin to share them and the spreading of holiday cheer can commence!
(Yes, we can do this anonymously if you choose.)

Submit your story {HERE}.

Doesn't it feel good go PAY IT FORWARD!?!

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lifebylexis said...

I absolutely LOVE the idea of this post. You ladies are so smart!

Shesabigstar said...

You ladies are amazing and I think you're probably about to get bombarded with requests, which is a GOOD thing of course! People need help, and the most amazing part is that other people WILL help! I'm not sure if you've seen it but I posted it a couple weeks back... there's another blog that has done this same thing for a couple of years and it's the most incredible act of selflessness! I'm giving you guys the link just so that you can read through if you ever need any pointers as I'm sure it's a big undertaking! http://monkeeseemonkeedo.org/holiday-hands/

So proud of you three for helping and supporting so many other people wanting to help and in need of help this holiday season!

Danicull said...

I love this idea! I dont know a specific family but I collect toys every year for terminally ill children. I donate these to the local hospitals. Many of these parents no longer work so that they can be with their kids and cant afford presents. Just another idea of how to help out!

Amy said...

What a great idea! I would love to help to make someone's Christmas brighter!

samantha griffin said...

This is amazing. It is so wonderful to see y'all use your online space for something so heartwarming!! way to go mama!

Amber Maddux said...

as I told Holly on her post I've been dealt a full house of shit cards this year but with that has come a ton of blessings and the kiddos are in a good spot right now. I want to help in whatever way possible with the pay it forward - LET ME KNOW!!!!

jamie said...

i think this is a super idea!! will you be sharing a sort of "anonymous bio" of these families - with no names or pics?? i think that might be best so as to avoid embarrassment, etc. ~ just a suggestion! rock on, mama! *<(:O)

Mrs C said...

Once more, I must tell you- I just love you. You are amazing women!!

heidi said...

Love this idea! I can't think of anyone to nominate but would love to help out when you get that far.

ABCSteed said...

This is yet ANOTHER reason I think you're totally amazeBALLS! Thank you for thinking of others during this season! I hope you have lots of responses, but not so many that you have to turn people away. And I hope your whole following (all the sexy ladies and gents who read this!) jumps right on board and gives back this Christmas too EVEN IF IT'S NOT HERE!
Thanks Mama (and Holly and Aly)! You rock my socks off!

Lins said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I posted this on FB and I tweeted about it!! I'd love to help in any way I can! :)


Angela @ Honey, I Shrunk the Mom said...

This is awesome. ♥

undomestic mama said...

I'm in love with this idea, and the image you made to go with it - too funny.

Momma P said...

What an amazing idea! I got tears in my eyes trying to think of someone who needs help this season and couldn't think of a one person which means my circle of friends/family are extremely blessed! I'm anxious to find someone in my area through this to help...can't wait to see the submissions!!! Keep it up ladies

Megan @ Grimm Tales said...

I don't know anyone, but I want to help.

Elle Noel said...

As if I could have loved you three anymore! This is what Christmas is all about! Please let me know how I can help :) Happy Wednesday!

Laura said...

I've been lurking around for a while and love reading your blog! Just wanted to say that this is a wonderful idea and thank you ladies for using your readership to give back this holiday season!

Brandi said...

Love love love this! :)

e963fd30-1707-11e2-b314-000bcdcb8a73 said...

What an amazing way to give back! <3

Mrs. Rags said...

This is such a great idea and makes my heart swell! I can't wait to read the entries and help out any way I can!