MJ's 1st Birthday Party

This weekend we had MJ's 1st birthday party. It was a Mustache Bash and turned out great!
I'll let the pictures do the talking.
invitation from Dazzle Expressions on Etsy
banner by Picasso the Dog on Etsy (recipes for food below)
cake by my good friend Tara. frame by Frame It By Jill
he wasn't impressed
mustache headband by The Backwards Owl on Etsy
I friggin' love this little boy!
my little stink face
you have no idea how many tries it took to get this shot- it was the best of them all.
mustache and glasses cut out from cardboard and painted
banner from Picasso the Dog on Etsy
kids playing in the side by side- don't worry, it was parked.
MJ's shirt by Stinkin' Cute Designs
mustache headband by The Backwards Owl on Etsy

our mustache shirts by Full Spectrum Apparel
MJ's shirt by Stinkin' Cute Designs
Sweet Tea Vodka I made for the party. YUMM! (recipe below)
frame by Frame It By Jill and cake by my good friend, Tara.
MJ helping me make Fall Dip for the party
my boys stealing my heart and playing with MJ's new toys

The party was a blast and we had a lot of fun.
Here is what I served :
Cream Cheese Nacho Dip
Fall Dip (everyone LOVED this and asked for the recipe)
Hot Corn Dip
Paula Deen's Corn Salad
7 Layer Dip
Fruit tray
Veggie tray
Queso in the crockpot
Cupcakes from Target (I LOVE Target cupcakes! So good and CHEAP!)
I also TOTALLY forgot to get the cupcake toppers printed! BUT they were SUPER cute and looked like this:
from Lollipop Ink on Etsy
And the Sweet Tea Vodka was super simple.
I bought 4 gallons of sweet tea from Chicken Express. Added 2 gallons and 1 big bottle of Jeremiah Weed's Sweet Tea Vodka (it's sweet tea flavored vodka) to a 5 gallon ice chest. And added 1 gallon of water. Ice. And fresh lemons, limes and oranges.
Drink (responsibly) and enjoy!

And here is a little video of me singing to MJ on his birthday! (I'm still sick and had just woken up so cut me some slack!)
And after watching that I realized it sounds like I said "Saturday, November tenth, two-thousand-TWELFTH!" But I promise I didn't- I'm not that ignant!

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Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Happy Birthday MJ! What an awesome party!!

~Jeness said...

Whyyyy must you have such adorable boys!! They are just so cute!! And you are so creative!! Loved the theme!! Thanks for all your continued inspirations girl!! You are to great!!


Klynn Montgomery said...

Way to cute!
Glad yall had a good time!

Morgan Dixon said...

Love it! We had Brody's 1st on the 27th & did it's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! Had so much fun & such cute little boys you have!


Morgan Dixon said...

Love it! We did just It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! My fav party ever...cute little boys!


Shelly@Shelly No Belly said...

Happy biryhday Mj! Your party was awesome!

Megan said...

I'm gonna say your a pro party thrower now :) 2 in such a short time! I can barely get M's done, my Mom does more than her fair share :) I LOVE the theme, perfect for such a handsome little boy!!

Sydney Malain said...

Thanks for featuring my headband. You looked gorgeous!!

Lynsey said...

Cute theme!

And on a nonrelated note, I bought Seduction and Snacks for my nook Sat night and started it yesterday. I was 40 pages from finishing it when my nook died and my charger won't work! Talk about pissed! So, I called B&N and they said I should have a new one in 3 days. I better! I also bought Frosting & Futures, or whatever the 2nd book is, and can't wait to start that. I planned on reading them on my flight to Disney World but that isn't gonna happen. They will be long done by then. Thanks for letting us know about this book!

REBrown said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun and interesting theme.

Brandi said...

That is such an awesome party!!! Love love love the moustache theme! Sweet tea vodka is the best, I like it mixed with lemonade mm :)

Libby A. said...

SO fun!! Happy Birthday little guy! (and I just pinned your voda recipe =P thanks!)

Lacy said...

Your boys are so cute. What an adorable theme for a party.

Kimmyyy83 said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! In other news, your mommy is now picked to plan all my parties! :-)

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

Happy birthday MJ!! what a great party!!!


Courtney @ Journey of a Dreamer said...

I love the mustache theme! You went all out, and that cute boy deserves it! can I please come to all your birthday parties? Sweet Tea Vodka- hellz yea!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday MJ! He is too precious! I read some of the comments on the Fall Dip and I will be making it for Thanksgiving potluck!

Holly said...

Mom of the Year! Wowza!! His chubby little butt couldn't be any cuter, either. :)

Kristin said...

So cute! I'm so stealing this idea if I ever have a little boy!

Kyra Tanner said...

My baby boy's first birthday was a mustache bash!! Great minds think alike! :) looks like you had a great weekend!

momFITtingitallin said...

Love the mustache theme and what a great month to do it in!!

Happy Bday!!

AceRunn said...

adorbs! And I love the penguin photo bomb in your family photo LOL!

Meredith @ eatdrinkrunandbemommy said...

Love, love, love your theme!!!

Karie Holman said...

Love this idea for a birthday! Doesn't the time go too fast with kids! I bet he enjoyed every minute of his birthday!!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Adorable! Too bad he wan't into the cake, my kids never really were either!

Elizabeth said...

New follower here! LOVE LOVE LOVE the birthday party theme! Too cute!