MM: I keeps it real

I am home sick today. Friday night I started coughing a lot and woke up Saturday morning with no voice. It came back by late Saturday afternoon, just in time for me to meet Danica Patrick.
No big deal.
That's a lie. It was a total huge deal.

I had some readers that work for the team she races for contact me and they wanted to meet me, so they hooked The Hubs and I up with pit passes for the race on Saturday! We got to hang out on Pit Road with Danica and her pit crew. It was pretty awesome!
And the lovely ladies that made it happen: Haley, me and Allison.
Seriously, I felt like a beast next to Danica... she's TINY!!!

And some others from the race:

Thank you thank you THANK YOU Allison and Haley! The Hubs had a great time and we can't wait to come back!!

So by Saturday night my voice was starting to go again and yesterday it was nowhere to be found.
I couldn't talk at all and the entire Cougha Cabana Crew had taken up residency in my facial orifices.
I feel like complete and utter death.
So here I am, watching Live With Kelly and Michael and trying to get a post up before I go crawl back in bed and feel sorry for myself.

Needless to say I didn't get my 11 mile run in this weekend.
Not only because I was sick, but because I've been having some slight knee pain lately.
I'm really nervous about it because the Route 66 Marathon is in less than 2 weeks and the furthest I've ran is 10 miles up to this point.
I really want to get in my scheduled 12 miler this weekend, so I'm crossing my fingers and toes for no pain and no sickness.
I will be REALLY disappointed if I have to walk any at the race.
I've never dealt with an injury before, so I'm trying to stay positive, but with a race coming up where people are coming to see me run, there's a little pressure to be healthy.
I don't want to let these people down that are coming to cheer me on and look to me for inspiration. So that's my biggest fear.
And selfishly, I want to PR and finish that bad boy around 2 hours and 15 minutes. That would rock my face off.
We'll see.

I've got a foam roller coming and have been icing and taking it easy. Hope I'm healthy enough for a long run this weekend.
I'll keep you updated.

I've got MJ's FIRST FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY PARTY this weekend!!! So I've got a lot to get done this week for his party.

Can we pause for a moment to soak that in...

I am about to have a 1 year old in 5 days!!! Where did the time go!?!?!?

So many things coming up I can't keep up!!!

Not to mention I've got some BIG PLANS for the blog in the coming weeks for the holidays.
I can't wait to share more with you all!

You thought I'd leave without showing you my Monday morning outfit??
You must not know me that well...
Now try your hardest not to blow up Pinterest with the pinning of that outfit to your "Fashion" boards... I know, it will be tough.

Happy Monday y'all! Hope you're all feeling better than I am!!!

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sgreen said...

Hot Mama in the house! Hope you feel better!

Amanda said...

Feel well soon lady!

Kari said...

I admire your sense of humor with your Monday outfit picture even though you are sick! Feel better soon!

L.Cisney.Jones said...

We've been fighting sickness all week! Teaching our kids to share kicks our ass when they bring home germs from school! Feel better!!

REBrown said...

Woah she is tiny!

Lori Kays said...

Mama thank you for being so freaking authentic!!! You help the rest of us really reach down and get out butts in gear. Even when you are sick, you take the time to inspire!! It is GREATLY appreciated. Feel much better soon!!

JenThomas said...

Feel better soon Mama!! Lots of fluids and rest.

mommytothree said...

Seriously your sick and you still look hot...GD it superwomen give the rest of a chance. Ha! So kiddy. You do look good tho!
Sometimes we all just need alittle R&R...You'll rock the race. We all know it. NO matter your time you're doing it!!
Get better. rest up and relish in your greatness:)

imlosingit24 said...

Ugh, I'm coughing and laughing at work this Monday morning. I had the cold crud last week and the lingering chest cough won't leave me alone.
Looks like a fun weekend. I know you're so small now, and I had no idea Danica was so tiny!
Get better and enjoy your one year old party.

mommytothree said...

You rock my socks off. Seriously you still look hot even when your sick!! I'm blowing up pintrest!! Ha! Don't stress about the race you'll rock everyone's socks off. NO matter your time. You're doing it!!Take your R&R and relish in your awesomeness...all of us momma's need some rest. :)

Awndrea said...

Even when you're sick you look hot!
Thanks for keeping it real Mama L! I've spent the whole weekend having a pity party for one, nursing wicked injuries from falling on a run. Who falls running?? Apparently I do. :)
Anyhow, as usual your post made me smile. Thanks!
I hope you feel better and kick that knee pain to the curb!!

Shelly@Shelly No Belly said...

Wish I couldve met you Sunday!! Too bad it it didnt work out. Meeting Danica was awesome, I bet!! In my younger pre-kid years I was a damn good go kart racer. She had just started racing Indy cars and my dream was to be like her. Corny, I know lol. Hope your knee gets better abd you get to feeling better asap!

Jen said...

Feel better! And as someone who battled through issues during my last half (plantar fasciitis, ow!), rest is key! The timing sucks, I am sorry for that, but you may only hurt yourself worse. Take it easy for a few days and focus on your son's exciting birthday coming up :)

Sharonabelle said...


My name is Sharon and I just want to say you have been a huge inspiration, although I just started following you. I've spent the last couple of days reading A LOT of your blog. Word, for word, I get you. Your words sound like they are coming out of my head!

At the end of August I delivered my 6th full term baby. I have lost 2 through late miscarriage and one at full term, on the day of her death ( unexpected infection contracted at the hospital). After this baby I suffered from post partem cardiomyopathy. Needless to say, it's time to take back me. I MUST get healthy for these babes! I am now 193lbs...I started hard core last week and lost 2 lbs at my weigh in this morning. You have inspired me. I grew up being told it wasn't possible, this is just the way I was made. I am going to prove I CAN do this!

Thanks for sharing your journey and encouraging so many of us to follow along!


Faith Baker said...

You never cease to make me giggle!!

~Jeness said...

How are you still smokin when you are sick!! You lady are such a babe!!! Get to feeling better. I had that shizzle last week!!
Jeness @ http://andthatsbeautifultome.blogspot.com/

Amber said...

That is so awesome! And you look great, love your scarf. Hope you feel better, doll!

whobrittjones said...

Feel better soon :) I usually take a nice steamy soak in the tub to loosen any mucous in my chest.

Runner Mom said...

I know you may be thinking it would be disappointing to have to walk any of your race...but honestly, you will not be disappointing those coming to see you....I used to feel the same way, but after a few races under my belt the thing that continuously runs thru my head "Run if you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must...just finish"...no one, not even you will be disappointed when you cross that finish line- no matter the method to do so. Feel better!

Tiffany Greene said...

hope you get to feeling better soon! :)

Jennifer said...

You still rock the sick mommy outfit! Hope you feel better soon!

jodinglin said...

I feel ya. I had strep and a sinus infection last week, and I STILL have the sinus infection. SUCKS.

Hope you feel better!!!

Brandi said...

Poor thing! I demand you feel better asap!
LOVE the pics from the race that had to have been so much fun!

Stephanie Suire said...

So sorry you are sick! I hope you get back to feeling much better soon. As for the knee pain, how long have you been running in your current shoes? I know my knees start to hurt when my shoes start to break down, you may want to go to a running store and have them check out your shoes and your stride. Hope the pain goes away STAT!

Kalli said...

So sorry about the knee pain!! It's the worst!! I have the same issue and I cycle and run so it's a real biz-nitch. Best thing I ever done for it? KT tape. Seriously that shiz will take care of anything. Magic. Feel better soon!!!

MrsD said...

What a fun day! I hope you feel better soon! You still look beautiful even if you are under the weather :D

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

Feel better soon!! This crazy weather has been bringing around all those crazy coughs and sniffles!!


Jamie Danielle said...

So I always thought Danica was pretty, but for reals you got one up on her girl!!!!!

We all here have faith in you & will (mentally) be cheering you on to finish your race without walking & in the time you are hoping too! You're a strong willed lady & YOU'RE GOING TO ROCK IT!!!!! :)

Lindsey said...

Feel better, Mama!

Mandy said...

I hope you feel better soon. And that your knee pain goes the eff away before your race. I am sure you will be 100% better soon and kick that race's arse!

Meg said...

I hope your feeling better! Those pictures look like you had an amazing time! I don't follow racing but I think it would be awesome to meet Danica shes such a interesting strong female. Very cool!

Whisper Wiseman said...

Sometimes sick days are the best. Pajamas, read, lay on the couch and sleep. Except with my job, even though I take off I still have to write lesson plans for a sub. I would rather go to work sick.