This could be a poop storm.

I shared with you on Monday how I didn't get my scheduled 11 mile run in over the weekend.
Due to a few things: Sickness and knee pain.

Well, my trusty foam roller came in the mail on Monday while I was home sick so I commenced to YouTubing and Foam Rolling all.damn.day.

And you know what?
My knee pain? As far as I can tell, IS GONE.
Funny how that happens, yes?

Basically I rolled the bejesus out of my IT Band, hamstrings, and quads all day and I truly believe it helped.

Did that last sentence make ZERO sense to you? Are you wondering to yourself "what the hell is a foam roller? IT Band?? THE?"

Let's break it down.
Foam roller:
I got mine off of Amazon and it was like $25.
Best $25 I've spent in a LONG TIME.
Basically, you lay on it and work out the soreness in your muscles.
And it hurts.
Like it may bring tears to your eyes and cause LOTS a few curse words to escape from your lips.
But its hurts so good. Come on baby, make it hurt so good.
Sometimes love don't feel like it should.
A little Cougar for ya this moanin'? No?
I maaaaay still be doped up on Nyquil. Disregard.

Back to the foam roller.
Seriously, I want to make out with it and stab it with a knife all at the same time.

After rolling all day and damn near bruising myself in the process, I have no knee pain anymore. I haven't tried to run on it yet, so that will be the ultimate deciding factor on whether I lick the damn thing or castrate it.
I may try a short run today... I'm not sure, I'm still pretty sick-ish.
It could be a poop storm.

Okay, so I know a lot of runners taper before a big run, but I'm supposed to have a 12 mile run per my training this weekend. And I haven't ran in a week. And the last run I did was 10 miles. And I skipped the 11 mile run. So I don't know if I should get that 12 miler in, cut it short to say... 6 miles, or not run it at all and just wait for the race next weekend, which will mean I won't have run in nearly 3 weeks on race day.
It's very difficult trying to read the situation. And all the while you're just really wondering are we gonna get hopped up enough to make some bad decisions?
AAHHHH!!! So many options.
So here's where I'll ask for your input. I may or may not take your advice.
Actually, I'll probably try to get in that 12 miler just to see if I'm gonna PR.
Yep, that's probably what I'll do.
But I'll take your words of wisdom or stupidity anyway...

IT Band:
Basically I self diagnosed myself with ITBS. It's kinda like IBS, but with a 'T' and has nothing to do with my sphincter. So really it's not anything like it.
....nyquil kicking in again...

So when I stretched (foam rolled) that sucker the knee pain magically went away.

If you want to know how to roll out your IT Band, do what all doctors and lawyers do to research shit.... YouTube it.
If it's on YouTube you KNOW it's legit.
But for real, just look it up and roll that junk out. twss.

And on a totally random and unrelated note, I got my hair done yesterday.
Thank the Lord, because roots are for trees.
Unless you have ombre. Then roots are for you.
I keep getting blonder and blonder and I can't help it! I LOVE ALL THE BLONDNESS!
It makes me feel better about being so dumb.
I kidd, I kidd.
But if you live in the Dallas area and want the Mama Laughlin special, email me and I'll hook you up with my hair chick's info.
And I'm totally screwing with you about the 'Mama Laughlin special'... I don't even know what that is. It doesn't exist. You'll look like a douche if you ask for it. So don't.

Who's coming to meet me in Tulsa for drinks on Friday night, November 16th?
It will be at some place called Yokozuna around 7pm. Anyone? No? Crickets?

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Elle Noel said...

My foam roller is the only reason I'm still running! I f'ed up my IT band big time and I seriously thought I would never run again. It was so painful with the pain traveling down my knees and shins oyyeee what a mess. Lick the foam roller, it will save your ass. Have you thought of catching up the 11 by splitting it into two short runs (5.5) then doing your 12? If it were me I'd be terrified to go three weeks without running then do 13.1 but hey I've yet to run my first half so I probably have no idea what I'm talking about. Anywho, loved this post, loved the foam roller, love you! I'm sure whatever you decide to do, you'll rock that half! Get it girl!

Courtney @ Journey of a Dreamer said...

Totally wish I could make out with you... uh I mean meet up with you for drinks (was that weird?!?) As far as the runs go (are you that kind of sick? TMI?) I would probably go for the 12 miles too... Just because I"m hard headed like that. Take it easy that week though, stay loose. Foam rollers are seriously life savers. They have a foam rolling app that has videos in it too... I think its just called foam rolling... brilliant, right? Anyway- you're going to rock the half!! Because you're a rockstar.

(I wrote this totally sober and sound like i'm high on nyquil)

Allie Wagon said...

As if your regular posts weren't already fabulous enough, you go and make a doped-up-on-Nyquil one and, alas, it's even better. Kudos.

Rachel Meystedt said...

Totally have that same roller! I LOVE it (and as you said, hate it as well).

I'm also a lawyer and I YouTube the hell outta shit... that's why I get paid the big bucks! Okay, not really... I've been a lawyer for about 2 months, hence the YouTubing. :D

Anyway, good luck on your run!

Karie Holman said...

Really all I can say is you rock! I would totally be not running this weekend especially 12 miles if I felt like crap all week! I hate to admit that! But I really wish I was coming to have drinks with you next weekend! I would be in celebrity shock! You are the da bomb!!

Tammy said...

First of all, I love you. You are freaking awesome and motivating. Secondly, I have been running for a couple of years, and I have found my best runs come after I lay off a few days/week. Now not WEEKS.....then I want to puke and quit. But with being sick, I would totally just rest your body and wait. Hard to do, but I think it will do you better in the long run. I know what I am talking about...I'm blonde. ;)

Amy W. said...

I will be at Yokozuna. Can't wait to meet you! Are you still speaking at the expo and do you what time?
I like you drugged up in NyQuil. Funny post! I would rest as much as possible but I am weak. Do what feels right. You are human and shit happens. Maybe you don't Pr in Tulsa but you have Dallas after that and you should be all better then.

BookwormMom said...

A lot of training plans for halfs only have long runs of 10 miles...they say if you have enough endurance to run10, the race adrenaline will carry you through the other 3.1. Since you've been sick, and you want to PR, I'd suggest a long run of no more than 11 this week, but try to make up the mileage in your shorter runs. (I did not follow this advice after being sick before my first 1/2 last June, and I finished but i struggled the last few miles)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Arf that sounds like my knee! Ok I'm going to get a foam roller. My trainer said she bought foam at Michaels and it's just like the foam rollers but cheaper. Gotta go check it out (but $25 doesn't even sound bad either!)

I'd think you'd need to do at least some kind of running before your race. No running for 3 weeks sounds like a really long time.

Megan said...

Personally, I think you should run at least 10 miles this weekend. Tapering off would really only apply if you've been doing a lot of running, I ran 10 miles, 2 days before my last half and I was fine :) You are gonna rock it, don't stress!! Wish i could come :(

Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

Totally get the run in... you will feel so much better you did. Happy running and GOOD LUCK.

Kayla H said...

Yokozuna sounds good! See you there!!
Kayla Fullen, Emmy's Heart Oklahoma

Amy Cunningham said...

I won't be able to make it Friday night, but I am planning on waking up at the butt crack of down, so I can drive from OKC to Tulsa to see you run!

JenMom said...

I vote go for a 10mile run at the most. My last 1/2 marathon I had a few...ummm... digestional (read: shit storm real life style) issues and never made it past a 7.5 mile run. I ended up PR'ing by 15 minutes and didn't run at all for about 6 days before the race. You'll be able to do it, I have TOTAL faith!!

Denesse said...

I think a 10 mile run would be the best idea since you haven't ran a long distance in 2 weeks. Go out and see how you feel. You are better off walking into the race with fresh than with tired legs because you didn't taper enough.

fitnessunscripted.com said...

I say aim for the 12 miles this weekend. After all, it will be a good test. Especially since you have another half just around the bend.

I would not suggest going 3 weeks between major runs. It's amazing how quickly if you don't use it, we lose it.

Feel better!

Whitney said...

I'll be at Yokozuna! They have a "sushi" roll with steak and tempura sweet potato in it. It's pretty much amazing.

Angela @ Honey, I Shrunk the Mom said...

Glad to hear your knee is feeling better!

Kenzie Hadley said...

Please do a short run today so you can tell us all about your shit storm, if that may be the case. If there is not a shit storm for you to tell us about, then at least you will get a great run :)

Momma P said...

I'm pretty sure you'll run the 12 miles and I take all my runner's knowledge from you so I don't have any advice :) I did want to give you a shout out for helping me get to my goal pants size!! It took 5 long months but somehow I stumbled upon your blog (through looking at mom of twin blogs to someone who mentioned you in their blog) back in May and never looked back! I owe you for all the motivation and inspiration as well as recommendations for running products and just that a mama can run, period. Thank you thank you a million times and whatever you do this weekend running (or drinking) wise...rock it!

Kristen said...

I may need one of these foam rollers!! My right knee has been swollen for 2 years now, (bad I know) and now it's the whole leg! Like to the point my pants fit tight on one leg! I've been checked for a blood clot and dont have one...dr says its from my back being so out, and my hips needs to be aligned better?!? wonder if the roller would help with the swelling? Glad you're feeling better!!!

angeljessie54 said...

You crack me up!
I love my foam roller. They also sell them at all the sporting good stores. Got mine at academy. I saw one at Dick's the other day that looked like the tread of a moster truck tire. I bet that thing packs a good punch.
I would run at least 10 - who am i to give advice, the longest I've ran 5.38 - but i have a 5.2 race this weekend so I'm going to runn 2 or so tonight. But I am skipping out on holiday bootcamp because I'm still freaking sore from Monday's workout!

Katie said...

I'll be there! Can't wait to meet you!

Amy said...

Yup, foam roller & me = love/hate relationship. It will get easier over time and hurt less. I roll before my workouts, it gives me more range of motion. My fav part is rolling my upper back, such a nice stretch and I lurves the cracking!

Jennjilla said...

Mama L hopped up on Nyquil is awesomeness - funniest post in awhile! :)

Hope you are feeling better! Foam rollers are the bomb, I use one after every workout and it helps!

Denelle (Global Marketing Strategy) said...

My IT band flared up a week before my half marathon, i wanted to die But I plowed thru the race without stopping but had some very painful miles. I never ordered the foam roller, but was so mad one day I took off running hard & fast. And even tho ran shorter distance, it didn't flare up. SO that's my ticket now, shorter runs but faster. Try it. And if it does hurt during a run, do some side running/stepping. Alleviates the pain for a bit.

Ashleigh Nicole said...

I would get the run in, do what you can and you'll feel so awesome knowing you got it done. GOOD LUCK GIRL!

Jechandler said...

Hey Mama L! I just saw your "I'm Frustrated" youTube video and wanted to let you know that I prayed for you!!! I know for me (and i'm sure others feel the same way) that you are in no WAY, SHAPE, or FORM letting me down at all!! I know it's disappointing for your knee to be hurting so bad right before your big run but (as the cliched saying goes) "All things happen for a reason!" Thank you for continuing to be such a HUGE inspiration in my weight loss journey (Down 6 lbs so far!!!! AND learning to LOVE running!!) as well as many others! Keep your chin up and if you walk part of your race, WE STILL LOVE YOU!!! :)

Lovetoteach said...

So, my two cents! Taper is important but not for more than a week for only a half marathon. Taper does not mean you don't run at all, it just means you're running less - ex: a shorter/quicker run than normal. Also running 12 miles the week before a half is not going to help you pr - the most I'd do is 7 miles when you're a week out. Good luck :)

MommaD said...

I walked/ran a 1/2 a couple of years ago. What you experience in your everyday training is NOTHING like what you'll experience the day of the 1/2.
There is so much energy and so many people cheering you on...people you dont even know!!! Its so exilerating. I barely trained and finished with a little soreness. If you can run 10 miles you can EASILY run the 1/2 the day of. Its right around the corner. You'll be awesome! You'll see;)

TwynMawrMom said...

You know you wanna run. Go run.
Look at that Skinny Runner Bitch!
She runs a marathon and then takes a nice 12 mile recovery run. Bitch. And you started me on that shit.

morethanjustdessert said...

Foam rolling is my saving grace!!! As a new runner coming off weight loss, I used to be so sore after running and would cut my runs short. After foam rolling, I hardly ever am sore!!!

Marge said...

I love my foam roller, use it everyday. What half marathon are you running in? I'm running one on Sunday. Good luck!

Melissa said...

I got the same foam roller on Amazon a few weeks ago! Love it! My husband thought I was the weirdest runner yet for getting it. He just doesn't know how good it feels. Then he saw Dr. Oz talk about it last week. And what do you know? He uses it for his back now. Haha!

Along with others, keep in mind you've done a half before so you know mentally what you'll go through. I'd opt for the shorter 10 mile run instead of 12. You know you can do the race, but taking it easy is important, too.