Tulsa Recap

Friday morning The Hubs and I dropped the kids off at daycare and said our goodbyes. 
My parents were going to watch the boys all weekend so we could make the 4 hour drive to Tulsa and meet some of my best blog friends (or BBFS) and so I could run the Route 66 Marathon on Sunday.

This is my comfy car ride outfit. Complete with douchebag aviators and a duck face. You're welcome.
 Once we got to Tulsa around 3:00pm The Hubs and I stopped for some lunch 
(read: Mama needed a drink).
Then we headed to the hotel to freshen up.
Then The Hubs and I headed to downtown to this bar called The Max. All they had were old school TV's and arcade games and stuff. It was AWESOME!
Then we met up with Aly & Holly and headed to Yokozuna's to meet some other fabulous ladies.
Holly, me & Aly
The Hubs & I
The Hot Mess Roll at Yoko. UH MAZE.
Aly & I
I met some amazing readers! 
Katie & I
Julie & I
Their 3 words. Katie, me, Amy & Julie
Katie shooting playdoh in my ears in the bathroom- she's making me custom ear buds for when I run!
Holly, Amy, Aly & I
me, Tishey, Holly & Aly
Hello Kitty drink at Yoko- SOO GOOD!
Destiny & I - she's the one that got me to Tulsa! Love her!
 I am so glad all of you ladies came out and I got to meet you all! 
I had a blast!

After Yoko's, we headed to a bar around the corner called Woody's, where I had some Oklahoma beer- which basically tastes like toilet water, as you can tell from my face.
 Then it was home and bed for this gal.
But not before taking Aly & Holly to the WRONG hotel... OURS, which was 15 minutes away from theirs. 
Stupid Siri.
Seriously, she's a moron.

Saturday morning we woke up and headed to the Expo where I was speaking and going to be on a Runners Bloggers Panel hosted by Social Media Tulsa.

speaking at the Expo
answering questions on the Runners Bloggers Panel
Okay, my speech...
This was my first public speaking gig. I figured "I've told my story a million times, I'll just wing it." And I did just that.
And I said "um" about 394 times and I cried LIKE A BABY (big surprise, I know), and I went off topic and it was a hot mess.
But it was genuine. And I made Holly cry when I started crying. And there were several tears in the audience.
Because telling my story is very emotional. Talking about how I've inspired thousands of women to know that anything is possible. Talking about the tons of emails I get every day from readers saying I've helped them lose 10, 20, 30, even over 100 lbs. is something I will FOREVER be proud of.
I'm not tooting my own horn or saying I'm something awesome. I'm saying I'm blessed and honored to be able to reach so many women on such a deep, personal level, all through my own struggles.
I'm not perfect, nor have I ever claimed to be. But this weekend opened my eyes to just what a difference I am making in the world. 
I'm humbled, that's all.

As for the Runners Bloggers Panel, I was WAAAY outta my league there.
The 3 other bloggers I was joined by were like crazy awesome marathoners.

 Camille Herron is a 2 hour and 37 minute marathoner. That means she runs a FULL MARATHON (26.2 miles) in 2 hours and 37 minutes.... uhhh... that's the time I ran my first HALF marathon in.
She set a superhero costume world record at the race on Sunday finishing the full marathon in 2 hours and 48 minutes, for her 7th marathon win.  
Juli Goldstein is Ms. Florida US Continental 2012, a veterinarian, has started her own non profit organization, is a Marathon Maniac, and has ran a 4 day marathon in the jungle of the freakin' Amazon. Like swimming with anacondas!
Nicholas Norfolk is an avid tweeter and runner and has lost over 100 lbs.
He ran in all 50 states in 2011 and is an Icedot athlete.

....then there's me. 
I talk about having babies, and weight loss, and some running thrown in, and beauty products, and fashion, and I cuss and talk about poop. 
Yeah, totally out of my league.
But it was a great learning experience!

Then I met some more awesome ladies!
After speaking The Hubs and I hung around the Expo a bit and I got my knee looked at by the awesome Dr. Chris Barnes and I got all taped up for the race. 
We then headed to the VIP race party where I met one of the most amazing young men EVER. I'll be sharing his story soon, so stay tuned!
Then we headed to Cosmo's to meet up with the other lovely ladies!
Aly, The Hubs, me, Holly, Darci, & Molly
me, Holly, Darci & Molly
Holly & I with our lemon teeth
 They all had a few too many drinks while I sipped on water and watched my clock like crazy thinking "I should REALLY be in bed right now, I have to run in the morning!" 
But I just couldn't peel myself away from the awesome company!

Then it was home and bed for this gal. I had to be up at 5am the next morning to run the hardest race of my life.
showing off my tape & pj's
I had a blast in Tulsa and I really hope I can go back next year... maybe I'll get that 26.2 I haven't stopped thinking about!
I loved meeting all of you ladies and can't wait to see you again in March at Blissdom!

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Allie said...

Katie makes custom earbuds??? Or are you joking? That's pretty damn cool!!! Congrats Mama!!! You're amazing!!! The next time you run in the Dallas area I bet a lot of Dallas girls would support, or even run in the same race!!!

Little Oak Creations said...

You look GORG in all of the pictures! Where is that red chevron shirt from? Please say Target so I can go get one right now! haha!

Courtney @ Journey of a Dreamer said...

Looks like an awesome time! You should do your 26.2 in the STL in April ;) I'm so proud of you for sharing your story with the world, such an inspiration. Ever thought about a Mud Run?!

MrsChaps said...

Loved all the pics! Still so proud of you!

wendipooh13 said...

oh wow!!! super cool and personal earbuds!!!! man that rocks!!!

K I HAVE HAVE to know where you got the red/black chevron shirt that you spoke with at!!! I've got to have one of those!!!

RachelSteck said...

I just love you. But not in a creepy way. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and for Big T's sake...don't run out of milk (or rather meeeelk in his cute little voice).

Alexandra Nicole said...

Even though you didn't finish in the time you had hoped for, you still finished. AND it looks like you had a great time! Successful Trip!!! And you're not "out of your league" with the other runners...you just have a million other things you do besides run...that makes you superwoman, and makes THEM out of YOUR league! duhhh ;)

Mrs. Smartie said...

So awesome! You are a true inspiration. I love the balance you brought to the panel!
My mom made me custom molds for my earbuds. It's incredible, and you hear so much better. An audiologist or hearing aid specialist can make them for you. You usually just need to take your earbuds with you when you get them made. Were yours instant or sent out to a lab? Please post a review! (is katie and audiologist?)

Momma P said...

You may have been in a league of your own but you're so much easier to relate to than someone who's ran in all 50 states. You're the Mama for all the other mamas out there trying to make it work with kids, pooo and cramming some running in between. Happy Thanksgiving to your family...you are truly blessed!

imlosingit24 said...

First, I am so going to get in trouble reading your blog t work. I cannot keep my laughs down to heavy snorts of breath like I do with some funnies.
Second, I knew you could get custom ear plugs for hearing protection while shooting, yes, I've known that for years. Now you tell me I can get them for ear buds? Holy crap - xmas list.
Thanks for sharing. Awesome job. Glad you had some fun on the weekend of the hardest race of your life! Happy T Day

Connie Howard said...

Not out of your league in my book! When you are a mom and have a job, while being able to do everything you've done and still do, aaaaand while inspiring others...those others look like chopped liver compared to you. You are amazing! You are truly inspiring me. Every time I want to give up - I think of you and don't. And for that - I thank you!

Allie said...

It's from shopkikilarue.. Something like that.

joan said...

That boy you met was one of my 6ht graders a few years back. He is amazing and inspires me. I see him at the Y and in the halls at school. Cannot wait to read your blog about him.

BeeBeeZfa said...

Tell me more about this custom ear buds thing! I never heard of that and I have weird small ears. Normal ones don't fit!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Looks like a great time meeting up with everyone!

xRockstar21x said...

I am in love with the floral shirt with lace-like shoulders! where is that shirt from?

TamaraG said...

so, what are you going to do about your knee going forward?.... I was 8.5 into my 10 mile run on Sunday- when BAM!... ice pick to the knee... hubby picked me up, did ice, ibuprofen, and still went to urgent care later that day... xray showed nothing, but seeing an ortho sometime this week.. have a brace/immobilizer on my knee and crutches, (even though it feels better this morning) Dr. says to keep icing and stay off of it.. don't know if this spells doom for my next 1/2 at the end or January or what..... really bummed...:(

Ashley said...

I love the floral shirt too!! Where can I get one? :)

Ghia said...

Belated congrats for finishing the half-marathon through the pain, Mama! (I've been away from cyber-space awhile - just catching up now). Looks like you had a blast in Tulsa!