Pay it Forward - Stories 9-11

This week we are wrapping up the Pay it Forward stories.
I will have stories up today through Thursday and then we will proceed with our regular scheduled programming.
If you have yet to Pay it Forward or help a story/family in need, please do so! It truly does feel great to give to those less fortunate this Christmas!

The Davie Family
Nominated by: Anonymous
Location: Dayton, Tx.

"Payge Davie was hit by a car on November 11, 2012 while walking to the bus stop. She is 11 years old and now has severe brain damage. She wakes up and is able to look around but is unable to respond, move or communicate. She was transferred to a rehab center today but the doctors believe she will not make much improvement.
This family lives off of 1 source of income and is struggling financially. The dad hasn't been paid since the accident due to having to take time off without pay. This is such a loving and giving family who will do anything to help others. They even all shaved their heads since Payge had to have hers shaved for surgery."

The Davie Family needs LOTS of prayers! If you'd like to help the Davie family, you can donate {HERE}. They have a Facebook page set up {HERE}.


Feeding the Family
Location: Fort Benning, GA.

"I normally would never do this but lately my family has been struggling. My husband is in the Army so naturally we don't make a lot of money anyway. To make a long story short, a few months ago the Army sent us to a new place. Typically this wouldn't be a big deal since the Army moves your things for you, but unfortunately they were extremely backed up and we had to move ourselves in order for my husband to make it to his new station in time. They do give you money to move but between moving supplies, food, gas, moving trucks, and hotel rooms it took basically every penny they gave us. So the point of this entry is to say that our family is not in need of presents for our 2 children, what we are in need of is food. Since we are an Army family it's hard for us to travel to see family, especially for holidays. This year we convinced our family members to travel to us for Christmas. This is great for us and especially our kids since we haven't seen any family in over a year. We aren't the typical family that would ask for a hand out or help in any way but we have no way to feed all of these people while they are here. Any help we can get would be amazing. Thank you for this opportunity and everyone's generosity. God bless you all!!"

This family just needs grocery gift certificates. You all know how stressful the holidays are already, add cooking for the extended family in there! That gets expensive!
The closest grocery stores are Publix, Winn Dixie and Walmart.
If you'd like to help this family out, email me at MLHolidayPayItForward@yahoo with the subject title "Mama- Feeding the Family" and I'll get you the information.


Four Wheeling Accident
Nominated by: Anonymous
Location: Carrollton, GA.

"3 years ago on Easter Sunday Josh was riding 4 wheelers with some friends when his 4 wheeler wrecked and flipped over on top of him breaking his back.  He was was taken to the local hospital, who immediately transferred him to The Shepherd Center, which is a specialized hospital in Atlanta that only deals with brain and spinal cord injuries.  It was then he was told that he was paralyzed from the waist down and has very little movement and function of his hands/arms.  Basically leaving him a quadriplegic.  He is only 32 years old with a young wife and a teenage daughter.  At the time of the accident Josh was working a job that did not have medical benefits.  They racked up medical bills very quickly due to extensive tests and multiple doctors they saw during his hospital stay leaving them heavily in debt.  And add the cost of having to revamp their house to be wheelchair accessible and they had to buy a old, used handicap van.  He is now obviously on disability and but has limited medical coverage through Medicaid.  His wife had to quit her job to stay at home with him to be his full time care-giver.  He receives a monthly check of $1500 from disability.  This is the only income they having coming into their household.  I can only imagine that is barely enough to cover their utilities.  Every time I see them, they look very frail and skinny, like they're not getting enough to eat.  I worry that they don't have enough money for food.  To complicate matters, Josh was recently diagnosed with a severe infection in his hip bone.  After a long hospital stay and several rounds of IV antibiotics, the infection did not clear, leaving the doctors no choice but to remove his infected hip.  Because he is a quadriplegic and does not need his hip joint to walk, the doctors are not going to put an artificial joint back in.  He is scheduled to have his surgery next week which means he will spend his Christmas in the hospital. 
If I had to say what I thought they needed this holiday it would definitely be food, money for food, gift cards to grocery stores or fast food as I'm sure his wife and daughter will be spending a lot of time away from home at the hospital, help with their utility bills, maybe gifts for a 14 year old girl. 
Josh and his wife are not the kind of people to ask for help or complain about their situation.  I want nothing more than for them to be taken care of. I can't imagine the struggles they've had over the last 3 years and will continue to have because of this unfortunate accident.  My family has come together over the years to help when we can, but the need is greater than one person can handle on their own."  
This family is in need of gift cards for grocery stores, food gift cards, etc. If you'd like to help Josh and his family please email me at MLHolidayPayItForward@yahoo with the subject title "Mama- Four Wheeling Accident" and I'll get you the information.


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SH said...

Very touching stories :)

KaceFace said...

God bless all of these families, my heart goes out to all of them. Josh i can totally relate to and without knowing him am thankful for his life, i lost my best friend in a four wheelin accident almost 3 years ago in January :( I hope all these familes get all the love and help they deserve this season and every day. <3