Random Thursday Post

Christmas is over. I'm back at work and the boys are back at daycare.
Thank the LAWD.
I love my kids, but holy Rocky Mountain oysters, they drive me nuts!
I am NOT a SAHM kinda gal.
I need me time. I need to get dressed every day. I need adult time.
That's why I run.
It's been cold as balls here, so I haven't been able to really get out and run. So I've been hitting up the gym.
Last night I attended my first spin class in over 5 years.
When I took my last spin class I weighed approximately 185 lbs. I now weigh around 140ish. That's a lot less ass on that tiny seat.
I remember being so sore I could barely MOVE when I used to spin.
Now, today, I'm sore, but my girl parts are not NEAR as bad as I once remember.
I'm sore, but not terribly.
The class was amazing.
Have I told you ladies that made that happen, THANK YOU?? Seriously. I may say it every day from here on out.
I get to work out at an all women's gym, with Megan, the most hardcore B I know.
Having worked out over the last 4 years alone, I forget how nice it is to have an accountability partner.
Someone there to push you.
I love it. And I've got that in Megan. :)

Expect a ripped Mama Laughlin in 2013 ladies. It's happening.
I will feel even more amazing in a bikini this summer than I did last summer!
June 2012

In other news,  
I purchased my BlissDom 2013 ticket!
Who's all going?
I'm rooming with Holly, Aly, and Megan!
It's fo sho to be the party room!
I'm so excited! Let me know if you're going!
If you're not, and live in the Dallas area, and wanna meet Holly, Aly, Megan and I, then we'll probably do a meet up (like the one in Tulsa) one night!

Lastly, I've got a GREAT story to share with you all tomorrow, so make sure you come back for some New Year Inspiration!
You don't want to miss it!


Jennifer said...

I LOVE Spin class! I started taking it almost three years ago at 211 lbs. I'm now at 174 lbs and I will be certified to teach spin in about a week!

Sabrina said...

Last time I took spin I thought my lady parts were ruined forever. Why can't those seats be a little bigger or have more cushion? Next time I attempt spin I WILL have a smaller ass.

Lindsay said...

can I just say that I loveeee that you are a mama rockin the bikini....sometimes I get really frustrated when I hear people say "mom's shouldn't wear bikinis..to that I say you were probably never a "fat girl"...I was robbed of a lot of bikini wearin years and I recently had the confidence over the last 3 years to rock one...well that confidence dwindled but by May I plan to bust mine out and Rock it. I may not be a mama but I feel that if you work your arse off you should get to wear what you want...with in reason :)You look phenomenal!

Lizziegirl said...

You go girl!!! My goal is also to get ripped...I lost the weight now I'm gonna tone and tighten it all up...ugh...lol!!!!

Whisper Wiseman said...

How sad that I have my own spin bike at my house. It just isn't the same though...lol.

Katherine said...

I want to try a spin class to badly!

Lex LB said...

Yay!! I'm so glad your enjoying going to the gym and getting your spin on!! You go girl!

Allie said...

I'll come meet up with you awesome ladies!!!!

Hoosier Farm Babe said...

OMG! You are going to Blissdom?! I was totally going to go up until somewhat recently with some serious oncoming life changes. But have fun, if you've never been, you will friggin love it! Wish I was going to meet you!

Kimmyyy83 said...

Lets talk about booooobiesssss What size are yours? I just started my true weight losing journey but my boobs are naturally HUGE and just keep growing...hmmm maybe they are actually tumors.... but surely the vajayjay dr would have mentioned it.... anyways. I am a 38 I right now and I am doing operation bikini but give me hope am I going to be able to holster these bad girls INTO a bikini top regardless of the other weight on my body!????

Amanda said...

I am so coming to crash y'alls party at Blissdom! I would love to meet all of you since you will be in my neighborhood!

TwynMawrMom said...

I can't imagine you looking better in that bikini! I wish I was rocking that look BEFORE joining a gym!!
I didn't know such a thing as Blissdom existed...now I'm very intrigued...

Laura Boswell said...

I still haven't tried a spin class. With it was back in Nashville so I could go. Let us all know how it is!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

i so want to hook up w/a few of u at blissdom

skinnyrunner said...

Man I want to work out with you guys!

SH said...

Congrats on going to Blissdom! Wish I lived closer so I could attend. Have fun!

Jennifer Anderson said...

I have been procrastinating about spin class but want to go SO bad! I am in decent shape (work in progress) and think I need to take the AM class tomorrow. Any advice? I'm not so much worried about the intensity but more so about operating the bike! Is it tough to start, stop, operate in general?! So excited yet so scared ;) Thanks for the inspiration!

Kristin Smith said...

Spinning rocks! As far as I am concerned, (and I have tried a lot of different fitness classes) it is the best cardio you can get in a class
Kristin from ExerciseBikesExpert