What you need to start running

I get a lot of questions about running.
I'm no expert here.
I just decided I wanted to start running one day because I'd heard it was a great calorie burner and my fat ass needed to do SOMETHING.
I didn't grow up running, other than for the sports I played- volleyball and softball, which are NOT running sports.
Other than that, I didn't run.
Didn't want to.
Had no desire.
After I tore my ACL in my left knee in 2001 during a volleyball game I pretty much ruled out running. Like EVER.
Then in 2005 when I got my breast implants I used THAT as an excuse, too.
Ummm... that's what a good sports bra is for. (I wear Moving Comfort Juno and it's worth EVERY.SINGLE.PENNY)
So yeah, I never wanted to run or ever even THOUGHT I'd be a runner.
Then, when I decided I was sick of being fat, I picked up running.
I just researched running programs. I'd heard people talk about C25K before so I started that up.

I had a pair of old Asics that I wore for a long time.
I ran in an old pair of shorts that rode up my rubbing thighs and a cotton short sleeved t-shirt.
At that point I didn't own a good sports bra, so I ran in 2 bras usually.
But over the course of my short running career, I've picked up some great advice and products that I love and that make running a much better experience, for me at least.
Here are some of those things.
You certainly don't NEED these to start running, but they do help if you plan on running for any length of time.

Go to a running store and get fitted for professional running shoes. I wear Brooks Ghost 4's and love them. The people at the running store (RunOn! and Luke's Locker are the ones in Dallas) will analyze the way you walk and fit a shoe specifically for YOU!
It makes all the difference in the world.

If you're large chested (like me) fork over the money for a good sports bra.
You can check out Moving Comfort or Sierra Trading Post and 6PM for deals on the Moving Comfort Juno (the sports bra I wear & swear by)- they have sales sometimes.
And don't forget to always check Retail Me Not before purchasing anything online for a possible coupon code.

I can't run without my music. I have a tiny iPod shuffle that clips on my sports bra.
I also run with my phone in an armband (which I hate by the way- that shit rubs my spray tan off! hah!) if I plan on running for awhile, just for safety purposes.
You can check out my playlists HERE and HERE. They are a little older, but I still jam to most of those songs.
I'll make a new playlist soon.

I like Ruffles With Love tanks. I have eleventyhundred of them. I like them because they are sleeveless and I sweat like a whore in church when running. And they're cute and have witty sayings. HOLLA! They're also not tight in the stomach, a bonus when you're running and everything jiggles.
I love Moving Comfort Momentum shorts, too. They have a thick waist band that I like and sit perfectly on my hips.
If it's cold (let's face it, I don't run in anything below 50 degrees- I'm a Texas girl at heart and would MUCH rather run in 100+ degree heat, and I often DO!) then I will wear my Brooks compression pants.
Those suckers were EXPENSIVE, but if you run in the cold- WORTH IT.

I have a Garmin Forerunner 110.
Yes, it's expensive, too. But it tracks time, distance, pace, heart rate, and calories burned.
It was my favorite splurge and I don't ever NOT use it when running.
I run around my neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods so it's a great tool for me.
I got it off Amazon for about $230.

These are the headbands I use ALWAYS. They keep my hair out of my face and they come in all different colors and styles.
Oh, and they DON'T MOVE.
Not even when my hair is a schweaty beast.

7. GUM
Okay, I don't actually use this technique, but I've gotten a lot of questions about breathing while running.
I've heard if you chew gum when running that it helps your breathing.
I don't know, I just try to focus on breathing normally.
I take 2 breaths in and 2 breaths out when running. Kinda like "hee hee who who", you know, how they say you're supposed to breathe through contractions when in labor??
Yeah, like that. With the "hee hee" being breaths IN and the "who who" being breaths OUT.
Although if you've ever BEEN in labor you know the last thing you are focusing on is your breathing and more so about getting that damn child OUT without wanting to slap your husband so hard for putting you in that situation and just STANDING THERE LIKE HE IS DOING!
No? That's just me?
I digress.

I don't really do any rigorous stretching before running.
Maybe if my legs are a little tight I'll fling that long bitch up on the mailbox and stretch it for a hot minute.
Otherwise, I start out slow. Like painfully slow. Almost a walk.
I do recommend starting out slow (probably walking) for a warm-up. Like for 5 minutes.
I typically run my first half mile preeeeetttttyyyy slow and then speed it up.
And you DEFINITELY need to stretch AFTER a run.
I sit on the floor (read: fall to the ground because I'm so tired) and stretch out there.
Don't ask me what stretches I do. I just make that shit hurt a little. I don't know. You know how to stretch.

Okay, this is the HARDEST part of actually running.
KNOWING you can do it. THINKING you can make it further than you can.
Look, running is a mind game. I've said this a million times over.
If you THINK you can't make it any further, you'll stop.
But if you push out those negative thoughts that creep in your mind when you feel like stopping you'll really surprise yourself!
Last Sunday I went out for a run. I had no idea how far I wanted to go.
I knew I wanted it to be more than 5 miles. But when I got to mile 4 I was nearing the street back to my house and thought "well, I'm already close to home I might as well stop, I'm kinda tired"... but I IMMEDIATELY knew that I'd be disappointed if I did that. I KNEW I had more in me. I KNEW I wasn't done yet. I KNEW I wasn't tired.
So I pushed those thoughts out of my head, cranked up my music and FLOATED MY ASS RIGHT PAST MY HOUSE.
I say floated because that's the feeling you get when you have Runners High.
Knowing I wanted to stop, BUT JUST KEPT GOING gave me that Runners High.
And I ended that run at 7 miles.

Running is hard. That's why I like it. I can lose myself for the duration of a run.
I can drop all the labels that I carry on a daily basis.
I'm JUST A RUNNER. And I like that.
It takes a lot of determination to become a runner. It doesn't just happen naturally for most of us.
Most of us have to MAKE ourselves love running.
And still, TO THIS DAY, I have a hard time saying I LOVE running.
I love how I feel after a run.
I love that it makes me feel powerful.
But it's taken a lot of work for me to get to even that point.
I really think there's a runner in everyone... you've just got to dig deep bring it out!


Cposeley35 said...

I chew gum when I run because if I don't then my mouth and throat get super dry and I'm miserable. I absolutely NEED gum when I am running

Brooke Hilgenberg said...

Amen! Thanks for that. I just finished week 1 of the C25K program this morning & I said in my post today that I wanted to jump through my IPod & punch that bitch that kept saying, "START RUNNING! ". Lol. I had just done a leg workout prior to that! Bad idea.
Brooklyn- browneyedgem.com

theheidebrechts said...

While I classify myself as a runner and have put a good amount of miles on these chubby legs of mine, I would like to say THANK YOU for this post. Your tips have definitely helped reiterate things I already knew or thought I knew (especially numbers 8, 9 and 10).

And kudos to you for keeping at it and going 7 miles! I envy you...I live in Nebraska and can't WAIT for 40-degree days so I can run outside again - the treadmill is seeing way too much of me!

Catie @ Catie's Corner said...

Great tips Brandi, thanks! I'm going to start running once there's no longer patches of ice on the ground. (I'm in Canada.) Between a friend who's asked me for years to run and you I'm finally ready to give it a go. I already have all the gear, so I'm all set. Come on spring! =)

~ Catie

natalies.sena said...

When I started running, it was hard to control my breathing and not get a stitch in my side. I actually found that singing along lightly to my music, or even just mouthing it, kept my breathing regular (and thus kept me from getting a stitch in my side). I may look like a looney but it works for me!

Almond Tea said...

I would also say to get some compression socks or sleeves if you are having any type of shin pain.

Sarah Kopf said...

This is all really great advice! Most important for me is music. No tuney. No runny. :)


Laurie Hoffman said...

There's no easy button or shortcut to running or getting healthy but you're right this shit is going to be worth it in the end! By the way, thanks for recommending that sports bra... it's the only one that keeps my chest from aching after my workout because they bounce so damn much.

Lisa said...

I really appreciate this post- thank you! I am in process of training for my first half marathon, and have lost 30+ lbs so far. I keep waiting to have that- OMH I love running! moment- nothing yet. Thank you for making that okay!

Bobbi Jo Nichols said...

Great post. I have been thinking I want to get back into running. My big goal for this year is to be able to run again. I am on a journey of health and losing a bunch of weight so I greatly appreciate your blog and this post. Thank you! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Pirate Mama ∞ said...

Your blog got me running last year!! You are motivation lady!!

A Mormon Mommy said...

I love your comment about how you can't say that you love running because I am right there with you. I love how it makes me feel when I am all done. I love being able to say that I went running and then enjoying telling my husband about all the calories I just burned! I love to run with my music, too!
This is a good post, and I can honestly say, you're a HUGE part of the reason I really took running to heart (this time around)! I had tried it before and was never successful, but this time I thought, If she can do it, so can I!

HealthyLittleMe said...

The first time I ever ran I went with a friend who had a LONG history with cross-country running. At first, I was intimidated by her because I thought she was going to dust me, but she was very supportive and ran with me the whole way. She taught me that if I talk while I'm running, I can regulate my breathing without knowing it. If you can't speak, you are breathing to heavily and probably need to slow down to catch your breath. For the first year that I ran, I would take someone with me and CHAT THEIR FACE OFF. Now, I can regulate my breathing on my own and don't need a talking buddy - but it really helped at first.

Ashlee said...

Thanks so much for this post, I signed up for my first 5k(I know small potatos to some, but big fat potatos to me) and started training this week! I kind of love/hate it to be honest, but I want to be a runner damnit, so i am doing it!!

Jennjilla said...

All great tips - but I can't believe you forgot to mention the super awesome FOAM ROLLER! I hate that MF, but it hurts so good after a run!! I tell everyone that is starting out to buy one, that it really helps with shin splints and the like...

T-minus 3 weeks before I can start running again after a 4 month hiatus! I'm excited, but pissed because I know my squishy butt will be back at Day 1 of C25K.

Lisa said...

great tips and recomendations!
i have wanted to get fitted for running shoes for a long time. and i think i need to try the chewing gum thing because when i start running i suddenly sound like a asthmatic rhino!

Emily England said...

Love this post! It's so good to read that you don't necessarily NEED fancy running shoes and clothes. You just need something you can move in, SOME type of gym shoe and you need to get up and go. I plan on starting to train for my first half marathon (9.22.13) soon . . . and by soon i also mean when it's 50 degrees (I live in Chicago so I try to stay inside from September-June. it's really good for my waistline).

Faith Baker said...

If you dont like the armband i would look into flipbelt.. you wear it around your waist (or over your short) only cost arount 25$ and holds your phone and keys! LoVe mine :)

Desiree Rokovich said...

I am on week 2 of my running program and yesterday while running and me thinking "MAN THIS SUCKS"....I remember reading one of your post on how you thought the same thing at first. So I thought if she can do it, so can I and I will look and feel sooooo much better! :)


Melissa Folz said...

Love the suggestions!

YOU are the reason I started running a year ago and I want to thank you and your blog for that motivation! :)

I am going to do my first half this year!

TBag said...

I looked at the word TUNAGE...like, SHIT...that's what I'm missing. As if it was some sort of cream or spray or magic. Only to realize it was music. D'oh!

Hallie said...

Reading your blog has helped me stick with running way longer than I ever have before. I've tried C25K several times and always quit after week 3 or 4. Now I'm on week 7 and signed up for a 5K in March. I'm alternating the 30 day shred with C25K every day along with eating right and I've seen amazing results already. Thanks for keeping me motivated!

I definitely agree with the good running shoes! My Nike Frees I started running in were bitches. I had foot pain from a minor lake injury a few months back that caused me to run weird, then that caused knee and hip pain. I'm wearing Brooks now and the chiro fixed everything else. My next purchase is a good bra... I've been dong the two-bra thing for way too long.

My biggest I've learned about running is I have to switch it up! I get bored easily. When I get burnt out on the treadmill, I need to start running outside, and vice versa.

TBag said...

Ha...I read TUNAGE without reading the description and thought...HUH...I wonder if that is some type of super fish or some other kind of magic to make running more enjoyable. Until reality slapped me in the face. D'oh!!!

Megan said...

Long time lurker and I finally feel the need to comment! I know you hear this all of the time but you are such an INSPIRATION!! I am on week 4 of C25K because of YOU. (And me, I guess I should give myself a little credit. HA) I ran a whole 5 minutes straight last night without stopping (twice!)-- 4 weeks ago, I never thought that was possible. I read that you ran 7 miles and that boggles my mind. I hope that can be me someday. Your last part about it being hard to say that you love running- you love the way you feel after, you love how powerful it makes you feel. I am starting to feel all of that and it is amazing to read that you have same feelings. My fiance is helping me with C25K and I talk about you all the time- he thinks I am crazy! LOL! But following you on IG and your blog and seeing you post all the workout pics gets me so damn motivated. I love you for it. Thank you- all the way from San Diego CA!!

Katelyn said...

Ok, by the end of the stretching paragraph...I was in tears laughing! I'm the SAME way after my run, its like you fling yourself everywhere to will yourself to MOVE! hahaha I wanna try the gum suggestion! I have never heard that but Im sure it would be a great distraction! I run in the mornings and we live right by a school. SO, I pass buses all morning. I told my husband to watch youtube, that one day a bunch of little kids are gonna witness this mother on the corner dancing like a drunkin' wildebeest to my Pit Bull when I finally can run my 3 mile goal! HAHAHAAHA His response "Whatever keeps ya motivated..." LOL!! I'm not sure WHAT I will do when I can do 5/7 miles!! Girl! Watch out!! LOL

Katelyn said...

Ok, by the end of the stretching paragraph...I was in tears laughing! I'm the SAME way after my run, its like you fling yourself everywhere to will yourself to MOVE! hahaha I wanna try the gum suggestion! I have never heard that but Im sure it would be a great distraction! I run in the mornings and we live right by a school. SO, I pass buses all morning. I told my husband to watch youtube, that one day a bunch of little kids are gonna witness this mother on the corner dancing like a drunkin' wildebeest to my Pit Bull when I finally can run my 3 mile goal! HAHAHAAHA His response "Whatever keeps ya motivated..." LOL!! I'm not sure WHAT I will do when I can do 5/7 miles!! Girl! Watch out!! LOL

Amy Cunningham said...

I agree! Although, I have yet to get fitted for shoes, it is going to happen next week. I ran 5 miles last week. I don't know that I ever ran 5 miles (and I used to run Cross Country in High School). It was the most awesome feeling ever. I will not ever forget it. You bet your a$$ I'm going to get the right shoes soon, as I had crazy leg pain for a few days after.

I have the itch though. I'm ready to tackle 6-7. I remember reading your and Skinny Meg's post about running 9 miles like it was no big deal. I'm thinking I will be running that very soon. It's all because you two have inspired me to get out of my comfort zone.

Gum is a must for me on long distances. And tunes. A year ago, I had to run in complete silence. Now I have to crank that shit up so loud, I can't hear myself breathe or pound the pavement. I LOVE RUNNING!!


Melissa said...

You are the reason I started running too! I am happy to say I have gone from C25K to actually running 3.1 and now I am up to 5 miles! Without STOPPING! HOLLA! You motivated me and for that I will be forever grateful! YOU ROCK!
P.S. Did you ever experience nausea when you were starting to run longer distances? Just something I recently have had :/

Britney Mills said...

Sweet! You play my two favorite sports and so I definitely know about them NOT being running sports (unless you get a random coach that enjoys watching you run until you want to fall on the ground).

Thanks for the tips!

Erin C. Young said...

Great list!
What size tank do you wear? It is always hard ordering sizes online.
Erincyoung (at)yahoo.com

The Traveling Wife and Mommy said...

Thanks so much for the tips!! I love reading your blog it cracks my ass up! I just,today, downloaded the C25K and plan on starting this evening!!!!

The Traveling Wife and Mommy

Brooke Burks said...

I hope you know just how much good you do here. Despite what you think sometimes, you have helped so many, including me. In more ways than just running too! Thanks for this AND so much more! Brooke @ BB's, burksgirlsmom.blogspot.com

AmberCHM said...

I ran for about 6 months last year and gum and music were a must for me. I completed a C25k program and felt kind of lost after I no longer had the structure of the program and was just "going for a run". I eventually realized I absolutely hated running, no matter how much I WANTED to love it, and gave it up. I have toyed with the idea of redoing the C25k app when it warms up a bit, but I'm pretty sure I'm kidding myself in thinking that I'll just magically like running one day. I did love the feeling after a run, but the run itself was absolute torture. Did you ever feel like this? Should I give it another go, or just accept that I am, in fact, NOT a runner?

Caroline said...

As a fellow runner, I couldn't agree more! :)

Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

Great post!


Danielle said...

Just another tip to go with Mama's awesome advice: A lot o f Ebay users sell brand new with tag Moving Comfort Bras and I'm sure you could find other brands as well. I just purchase a NWT moving comfort one for $22! :) Check out my giveaway HERE

meg-pie said...

Well since my tatas are large and in charge while I'm pregnant... and going to inflate post baby, AND are also ones I purchased when I was 18.. those bras you mentioned are going to be a must have for when I get back into the swing of things in a couple of months. SO GLAD you posted this because last summer when I was running for the Warrior Dash (...and then got pregnant while training for it *ahem*) I was double and triple wearing some of those cheep ones from walmart to keep them from hitting me in the face.

Thank you for sharing this! Maybe now I can run and it not feel like I have to kettle balls on my chest haha. <3

kate fried said...

just wanted to say thanks for being real! and motivating. and for having a good idea (a long time ago that i just now read because i just discovered your blog & spent a couple of hours reading up...). i'm going to start the C25K but focus on speed, like you said. i'm too advanced for the basic approach but never thought about that option! good thinking.
i've run 2 half-marathons in the last 2 years, lost 30 pounds, gained 20 back, quit running, started back up jogging but don't go much faster than a speed-walk and have gradually leveled out into despair and blah-ness which culminated in 2 weeks of eating more than my body weight in ice cream and biscuits.
but i'm starting to get a little 'oomph' back.
so thanks.

Kat D said...

Same wavelength bc I just posted my blog about "running season" coming lol Nice to see yours, too!


Happy running!!

Kimmi said...

Oh I can't wait to run again! I will settle for walking while Baby K is baking but I am hoping to follow your example and be able to run afterwards just like you did with MJ!

Also a good sports bra is absolutely key!!! It can ruin a run if the girls are threatening to knock you out the whole time!

Christy said...

Came across your blog about 2 months ago when I started my own running journey. Much like you, I had never been a runner. I am signed up for several races and am going to train for the Kansas City half in October. You advice about the shoes is spot on--I tried to find some on my own and only ended up causing myself some serious pain. Just went and got fitted for some new running shoes and am very anxious to see the difference! Thanks for all of the inspiration and motivation!

Jessica said...

Great post! Thanks to you, I started running & can now run a 5K without stopping! Go me!

And in regards to gum, I swear by it! I used to always get side cramps running, but once I started chewing gum I haven't had one since. So gum is definitely on my list of MUST HAVES!

Amanda said...

Tried the hee hee who who today after I read your post. It really helped! I'm only finishing week one of C25k, but I can see it coming in handy in the long run. Thanks!

Michelle said...

When i finally decided to get in shape i started with running and have stuck with it. I always had issues with breathing and chewing gum helps alot! Love ya because you keep it real. Thank you Mama!!!

Janet said...

Great post, thanks for the information I love your blog!

Life with the Phelps' said...

I just want to tell you how much you have inspired me, I know you must hear it a lot. I started the C25K 3 weeks ago and started changing my eating habits 4 weeks ago. I am down 6 pounds and have signed up for my first 5k in April. Thanks for all that you do for so many people.

The Running Kidd said...

Great post!! I thought I was the only weirdo who chewed gum when I run!

SH said...

Great advice!!

The Hartungs Blog

Prayers and Apples said...

I'm with you on the sports bra - I'm in the same position, and I swear by Enell... I swear, finding that sports bra changed my workout life! (Love the new website header by the way!) :)

Jen Martin ~ Livinghealthybyjen said...

Thanks for making me a runner! I have told you this before but I really do have you to thank. It will be one year March 2nd that I started C25K. All because I read this crazy lady's blog who told me I could do it! =D I haven't stopped running since.

Kodi said...

This post came at the perfect time. I signed up for my first 5K last night and I'm FREAKING out. I'm a big girl and I hate running. You know what I hate more than running? Being fat. So here goes nothin'.

Shay said...

I love running which is weird for me because I am terrible at it. I can tear up a treadmill but put me on pavement and I will stand there wondering why it's not moving! That being said, I am aiming to do some type of 5k in the near future and these tips are much needed. Keep up the fabulous work!

andreaoutloud.com said...

Great post! I am trying to "get into running" right now. I dont really like it (im a strength training junky right now) but I know its good for me so Im trying to power through!!

samantha klawonn said...

Any great workout blogs? LIke training ideas, gym machine routines for women?

Katie J said...

Thank you for the great tips! I was just fitted for shoes and I'm going to give running a try!

Brianna Yardley said...

When ordering the sports Bra, should I order a size bigger so it will be tight and not let them bounce around?

Halie Renee said...

I just started running in the last 3 weeks or so. So obviously I'm still in the very beginning stages of this. But these are good tips even for a novice runner! I'm definitely not at the point yet where I would say "I'm a runner," or even that I love it, but I am at the point where I actually kinda want to do it. Which was definitely always the hardest part before.

And also, I'm definitely a big-chested-girl, and I'm heading immediately to check out this sports bra you swear by. I just recently purchases an Enell one, and so far, so good. But I just might need a second awesome sports bra if I keep up my current routine of working out 6 days a week!

Merino's said...

Great post!! I have a very much love/hate relationship with running!! Love all your tips. I have a question about those tanks (which btw are SUPER DUPER cute). What material are they made out of? Cotton or some type of moisture wicking??


Sierra said...

I love this post. I found your post via SkinnyMeg and you both are pretty awesome ladies that keep it extra-real. Running is hard, but I feel like a complete badass that I do it. Also, it gets easier as soon as your body stops questioning you and falls in line. I also call it "tunage" and HATE the armband. I trick myself all the time into running further than I planned. After two miles, the endorphins set in and 9 times out of 10, I can convince myself of a couple more.

kristinzilke said...

I ran across your blog about a week ago! Thanks for posting your tips....I'm just getting back into running and it's nice to read motivation from a "real" source! Loved the playlists....a few of those songs I had forgotten about and added to mine! Limbo by Daddy Yankee is a favorite of mine as well!

A Little Bit Sassy said...

Amen! Especially to 1 and 2! I learned not having the right shoes (and posture) can cause horrible shin splints! I had them for a month and it was awful. And I'm not large chested at all but I do not like what I do have bouncing around while running! LOL

Aarika Williams said...

Thank you so much for this post. This weekend I've really slacked off on my eating, and therefore have not felt like going out for a run after a terrible meal. This is great motivation to start back strong tomorrow :) Also, I wanted to tell you that me and my boyfriend use this waist bank ipod/phone holder that is SUPER comfortable and is at Dicks for like $10. Great price and REALLY helps me not look at my phone too often to see how far I have gone, which can sometimes be discouraging. I've realized that I run longer distancing when not knowing how far I've actually gone. But you should get it because we love it and then you wouldn't have to worry about your spray tan rubbing off!!! :)

Bethany Boaz said...

LOVE this! It made me laugh out loud in several spots. I am a "new runner" so this is super helpful, too. :) Also, I'm really glad i read your rules, b/c I didn't know what TWSS meant an dit makes the posts even funnier, ha!

Kaara A said...

Thank you for sharing! Loving that you feel or felt the same way I feel about it! I'm not alone! The rubbing thighs ugh. But even when I was a skinny mini I still had my thighs rubbin. It's what they do. You're motivating me to get out there tonight and run my fat as$ off. Thank you!
xoxo- Kaara

Jessica Dean said...

For running with a cell and not liking the arm band (me too), try HBTune.com, it is this strap that attaches to your left hand. AMAZING. And thank you for all the inspiration this last year.

kelseyannharper said...

I love #8 - "Don't ask me what stretches I do. I just make that shit hurt a little. I don't know. You know how to stretch." I literally LOL'd. You are great. Such an inspiration in all areas of your life. I always talk about your IG, Keek, and blog posts to my husband.I think he gets jealous of how awesome I think you are. Just sayin'. Keep up the great work!

Rose Carpenter said...

My Juno sports bra just arrived in the mail, and I tried it on immediately. I can already tell the difference. My other sports bras kept the girls in place, but my shoulders killed. Can't wait to use it on my morning run tomorrow. I've been using BIC bands for months now, and I bought new running shoes in December (Brooks Ghost 5 after using their recommendation tools on their site). Thanks for all your suggestions and motivation. They have made me a better runner!

Sara Bench said...

I found your blog on pinterest today and oh emm gee you are so damn hilarious. i am sitting at my desk (receptionist for a mortgage company) and litterally laughing my ass off. people are walking by looking at me like "this broad is out of her mind". You are inspiring & I cant wait to read more!

A girl who used to be fat (too!)

Matthew Fredericks said...

OMG this post cracked me up! My fat ass needs to get out running again soon. Being in Ohio with this 30 degree bullshit is really starting to piss me off. It's March! Where's the sunshine and 60's? Thanks for the motivation lady!

Amanda Pickrell said...

Someone posted another kind of belt for your phone, but I highly recommend the SPI belt...it's probably exactly the same, but the name is hilarious so that's why I like it. The hubs always snickers when I ask if he's seen my SPI belt and then that makes me laugh. I should probably run to the Mission Impossible theme song. By the way, I will be posting a link to this on my blog because I think it's such a great post - particularly for reluctant runners like me! I'm a new blogger, so not much there yet, but feel free to check me out! http://reluctant-runner.tumblr.com/

Parlor Girl said...

OK found the bra!!! Thanks and ignore my previous comment lol

The Parlor Girl