A'ing some of your Q's

I swear to Jeebus, if someone else asks me how tall I am (5'6) or what kind of sports bras I wear (Moving Comfort Juno) I'm going to go Stone Cold Cray Cray on some peeps.
I have a FAQ tab at the top where I A all your frequently asked Q's.
I kidd, I kidd. 
Not about the FAQ tab, that really does exist.
I know a lot of people are new here, so it's cool. I forgive you.
But I asked on Instagram (@mamalaughlin) & Facebook yesterday for all your non-fitness/non-weight loss related Q's and I was going to A them in a vlog.

....welllll.... I got a lot.
So I can't A all of them in a vlog.

Instead I thought I'd A some of them here and do the others in a vlog, which I'll have up soon.

So here is yet, another installment of some FAQs. 
Check the FAQ page for more stuff you probably don't care about.

Instagram Q's.
Pet Peeve?
Uhh... I hate flakes. If you say you're going to do something, DO IT DAMMIT!

Most disgusting habit?
I used to bite the skin on my fingers. 
I guess I thought they tasted like bratwursts. Fatty.

Who wants to ask anything after that?
A couple people.

Tell us a secret.
That wasn't a Q. You're fired.

What's your favorite Disney movie?

How much do you spend on monthly "maintenance"?
About $100/mo. for tanning, nails and hair

Dream job?
A writer/make people laugher/stay at home mom who still sends her kids to daycare

If you had to choose either Instagram or Facebook for an entire year, which would you choose?
Instagram straight flexin'

What was your Walmart poop story you alluded to when you started the cleanse?
Nope, that's a self secret that only a handful of people know. 

What's in your purse?
I'm a mom of 2 small boys. I know for a FACT there are Fruit Loops, matchbox trucks, a diaper, a few Cheerios that got loose, floss, a million lip glosses and no money.

What's your hidden talent?
Ask The Hubs

Are y'all going to try for a baby girl?
I'm going to try and junk punch you.

How red do your eyebrows get when you wax them? What color is your favorite bra? Do you have handcuffs? What is your favorite toy? Where did you get that washcloth?
I don't wax my eyebrows. 
A custom made one. 
Target probably.

Facebook Q's.
Do you know what you're wearing to the birthday party Saturday?
A Kiki La'Rue dress of course!

Can we meet for cocktails because you're downright hilarious?
Let's get hopped up and make some bad decisions.

Do you have plans to get any additional plastic surgery? If so, what?
Oh, a tummy tuck is in my future, y'all.

Do you have veneers or crowns on 6-11? Will you post a before picture of your teeth?
Veneers. Go HERE to check out before/after pics.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
I get home from the gym at 6am. Shower, kids ready, eaten, myself ready and out the door at 8am.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?
To be invisible so I could scare people shitless.

Worst drunk decision you've ever made?
I don't remember his name. Kidding... mostly.

How often do you and your husband go on a date?
What's this "date" thing you speak of??

Do you want more children?
Like I want a herniated disc.

What is it REALLY like to have 2 kids?
It's like having two miniature people destroying your house every day and saying "mama" a million times a day and not being able to poo in silence.

Do you plan on coming out with a book?
I do.

And they lived happily ever after.


They fought all the damn time and wanted to throat punch each other daily.
But there's still love there.... 

What is she talking about?

Who knows. 
But these girls are cool.

Holly from Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally is one of my BBFs (Best Blog Friends). She is a fellow MILF and has lost a lot of post-baby weight, too! Oh, and her daughter looks just like my husband... I'm still kinda suspicious about that. ;) Go check out Holly and her hilarious daily shenanigans!  Be sure and check it out HERE!

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Sarah said...

I love the Q's to the A's! Veneers are in my future also. Calling my little weightloss venture Operation Trophy Wife. I have to loose the rest of this heifer I've been carrying and whiten that smile up. ;)

Great blog!


Lauren said...

Hey Mama- I've been following your blog for over a year now and this is the first time I've posted a comment. I just wanted to say thank you for being so awesome and sharing your life with us. :)

Kara Wilson said...

Pretty sure I just destroyed my monitor because of the coffee I had to spit out laughing....you crack me up, make me tear up, and inspire me!!! Wish I could come party with you guys on Saturday night but since I am running 13.1 miles on Sunday I know it would be a bad idea.

Heather Langston said...

Hey Mama, I am fairly new to blogging and your site but can I just say YOU ROCK!! You are an inspiration to me and I look forward to seeing what you post on your blog every day! Thanks for being real and a part of my daily routine!:)

Morgan Dixon said...

Throat Punch! My question...love it...i wanna punch mine daily...completing my first 2miler & 10k this sat..8.2total miles all thanks to you girl!

How tall are you again? J/k lol

Love from www.fattofitconfessions.blogspot.com

A Little Bit Sassy said...

Thanks for the shout out! I just love the new look of your blog. You rock!

Jenn said...

Totally wish I had your motivation to get up and go to the gym before work. I have to be at work by 7 AM and I cannot get myself out of bed that early. Could be cuz I can't get myself in it before midnight! Love your blog!

Rachel Steck said...

I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award! Check out my blog for more information!

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

Awesome! wish i lived closeby! you would be an amazing friend to hang out with!!


Little Miss Bootyful said...

Haha! I Love the Q & A Post!! You seriously make me laugh every SINGLE time!!!

Trista said...

Some people ask the stupidest questions. LOL.

Sonya said...

You have me rolling on the floor! You and I have alot of the same views...and humor. We could be friends for sure. My dream job sounds very similar to yours!

Kristin said...

I started following you a few weeks ago and I am hooked!! I think you and I were created out of the same cookie cutter, potty mouth and all...


Meredith said...

Gah...thanks for all the new blogs to stalk. Will I ever get housework done now?!

Meredith =)


Ashley said...

Brandi, I 'm a big fan. Aside from your blog being super entertaining and inspirational, you are refreshingly honest and 100% yourself. I am a brand new blogger and you have been an influence for me and my writing to not hold back and put it all out there. Thank you for being you and saying Fuck.

P.S I live in Austin and blog about juicing and how it bulled me out of depression and started my weight loss journey. I would be honored if you checked it out sometime!


JeannaRN said...

I just love how you don't care what people think! You are awesome. Love reading your stuff!