Blissdom Recap: Part 3, SkinnyMeg's Birthday

Saturday was Megan's birthday.
I woke up and sang her a lovely melody.

She's welcome. ;)

Then that hooker ordered a pot 'o coffee from room service, drank the ENTIRE THING, and WENT BACK TO SLEEP!!!!
Who does that!?!??!!

Then we got up and headed to the gym. Duh.
in our ShineProject shirts
We went back to the room and got dressed and faced the day.
Holly and Megan waited on me to finish my hair....again.
top & necklace- Kiki La'Rue
We decided we were going to make more of an effort on Saturday to make friends and engage in more conversations.
So we went to a class and then had lunch.

And Megan had some birthday drinks.
 Okay, FINE, we ALL had some birthday drinks...

We then went in the GoGoSqueeze suite (ps my kids LOVE that stuff- and no I didn't get paid to say that. They totes do!) and started our own little party.
We started hula hooping and dancing and having fun.
We thought "well hell, if people are going to be snotty, we'll make our own damn pawty!"
Yeah, that just happened.
And we did.
And you know what happened?
We met people.
It wasn't until after we told them how we were getting negative feedback from others, that we found out they, too, were having the same problem.
Feeling like people had already formed "cliques" and that they were being ignored.
And that bitches ain't nothin' but hoes and tricks.
Kidding. I'm not even sure what that means... I think it's in a rap song.
I digress.

One of the awesome ladies we met, posted about her experience with meeting us and the "cliques" going on. Go check it out.
It seriously brought the biggest smile to my face.
It was so great meeting those gals and they turned our Saturday around completely.

I know it can be a little intimidating to meet people in real life that you read about every day, but if you meet me AND THEN don't like me or I'm not your cup of tea, that's FINE. I don't expect everyone to like me.
I know quite a few people that actually hate me. Can't please 'em all.
But what happened to giving people a chance? Not making assumptions about people based on what you've heard or what other people tell you to think or do??
It all felt very high school-ish to me and I will not be a part of it.
Last time I checked, I'm too old for that shit. And so are you. And all the people that were involved.
I'm a mom and a wife, yo... save the drama fo yo mama- and not this one.
I'm simply stating MY experience and my own thoughts on BlissDom's Senior Class of 2013.

Oh, funny story about the hashtag- Before everyone and their damn dog was hashtagging everything under the sun, I had no idea that it was referred to as a "hashtag"... so I sure did used to call that shit "pound". So I'd say like in my head "poundlame".

I feel like the conference itself was very Twitter-friendly (if by "friendly" I mean everyone was tweeting rude shit), however, that is the only form of social media I don't/won't do.
I'm more of an Instagram kinda gal... I want to see pictures. And being a WEIGHT LOSS blogger (mostly), that's kinda more my forte, anyway.
I felt like I would have benefited more from a conference like FitBloggin'.
However, I can't justify spending the dough on that trip.
Maybe one day.

So after meeting our new, awesome friends and inviting them out to SkinnyMeg's party, we went back to the room to freshen up and get ready for the night.

We took a shuttle to The Glass Cactus.

THIS was, hands down, the best part of the entire trip.
Becka from Kiki La'Rue went ALL OUT for SkinnyMeg's party.
dresses and accessories from Kiki La'Rue
Amber and I
The Birthday Girl and I
SkinnyHolly and I
We had a freakin' blast! And you know what made it even more amazing?

Getting to meet some of our readers.
These ladies (and several more not pictured) came to celebrate Megan's birthday with us. They stepped out of their comfort zone and came to meet people they had never met before and celebrate a birthday with a total stranger.
It was so incredibly awesome to meet them all and I'm so glad they came out to help celebrate Megan turning Ancient Years Old.

So while the conference was not what I had expected, I did learn a few things.
Not in the breakout sessions, but about people in general, and how no matter what you do, there's always going to be someone who doesn't like you. And there ain't a damn thang you can do about it.
"You can be the ripest, juciest peach in the world and there's always going to be someone who hates peaches." -Dita Von Teese
#poundstoryofmylife #poundDVTneedsaspraytan

I'll leave you with a hilarious video from Saturday night...
Now YOU'RE welcome. ;)


megan jarrell said...

" bitches ain't nothin' but hoes and tricks" totes a rap song. dr.dre "bitches ain't shit" google/youtube it. it is awesome. there is even a better version done by ben folds. LOVE your blog :)

Heather Langston said...

You rocked it again Mama! Hilarious yet insightful as always!

Lydia said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the videos!!! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!!! So much fun. I would love to party with you girls! Ya'll make my day EVERY DAY!!!!!!

Kara Wilson said...

I am still confused as to why on earth other women can't be supportive? I don't understand why you aren't considered a "mommy" blogger. You have kids and you have a blog..should be pretty simple. Also, it is so refreshing to know that I am not the only one who doesn't "tweet". I have had an account since it first launched but I do nothing with it. I am still trying to figure out Instagram :) Happy Wednesday Mama L.!

Simply Evani said...

LOL I love the pound thing, that is straight up hilarious. You girls are fab, wish I were anywhere near Texas so I could've partied it up too. And what starts a party faster than hula hooping. The answer: NOTHING.

Tor-nado_Talks said...

Omg!! Absolutely hilarious #poindDVTneedsaspraytan. I'm dying laughing!! I soooo wish I could have been there! I talked to Skinny Meg about when I visit my aunt in Breckenridge that maybe I'll have to make a stop in Dallas :)

Jennjilla said...

I think you probably could have just posted the videos and that would have been amazeballs enough. Minus the cliques - glad y'all had fun! LIfe is a party - everyone is invited but a lot of people are too lame to RSVP to that shiz...

I think project Bring Holly to Texas needs to start ASAP. Totes.

Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

You guys are so cute I am sorry that the actual conference part was #poundnotsocool - hahaha. I am still dying about that pound commnent. Great company makes ALL the difference in the world.

Lisa said...

You had me cracking up with the hashtag/ pound thing! That is totally something I would do, except I would say it out loud to others and be totes embarrassed! I loved this post! You all seem like a lot of fun and I would love to meet you one day!

Elle Noel said...

Haters mean you've really made it. I love Skinny Holly. Pounds#that!

Amy said...

I'd love to know who them bitches be.
Don't want to give them blog love anymore if they are assholes IRL.

Erin said...

OMG ya'll looked like ya'll had a blasty blasty!! Minus the "bitches aint hoes but hoes and tricks" hah! Great Post!!
Xoxo E

Dee said...

Love the videos! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us :) Still LMAO with the whole pound/hashtag thing - you crack me up!!!

A.Callahan said...

You tell 'em mama! Glad Saturday turned around you all had a good time!

Christina M said...

If I lived anywhere near TX, I would have TOTALLY come out & partied for SkinnyMeg's bday! Thanks for the videos, they were hilarious :) And hells yeah, I still like to call that shit "pound"....LOL Whatevs.... :)

mocokonuts said...

Wish you gals would just tell us who these mean girls were just in case I'm unwittingly following one of them. I'd delete them in a heartbeat if I knew they treated someone like this!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

hahaha. Reading the past few days about blissdom makes me really think you went to the wrong blogger conference. I think maybe you guys need to go to athlete or runner type conference and all that jazz. Anyways Singing Bon Jovi at the top of your lungs we would be BFF's forever.

Sarah at Midwest PIllowtalk said...

your attitude rocks my socks. its totally me!

Katherine said...

Y'all's keeks were crackin me up all weekend!

ty said...

I don't want to sound like a white knight or anything, but even if people made an assumption about you prior to meeting you, how in the hell would it be a bad one? Everything I've read from you has been great,and I think we could definitely chug cocktails together.

Lara said...

I would have loved to hang out at y'alls party. Such a fun bunch of gals.

Katie J said...

Looks like it was a great party! I'm glad the weekend ended well!

Holly said...

Your videos are awesome...totes proves you had a great time despite the bitches and hoes :) #poundyourock

Samantha Ciaccio said...

I love it. Love you, SkinnyMeg, Holly and Becca. I loved following you all on Instagram and learning about your experiences. Thank you! : )

Melissa said...

Someone hates you??! What? That's completely cray cray. They clearly have major issues! Anyway, I think you are FANTABULOUS and I'm so glad I find your blog! :)

BREI said...

Seriously giggling at my desk from our post today. And I wish I had been there to hula hoop with you guys. So fun! And seriously you guys are the best for making your own fun.

Elle Sea said...

hi there! I am anxiously awaiting your cleanse results, will you be posting? I'd love to know your 10 day weight loss

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

Glad you ended up having a blast and meeting people!!! whoo hoo

Tracy said...

whew! Just finished reading your blog from the beginning. Girl - what an inspiration you are! I have recently lost 90 pounds but need some motivation to get toned up. Thanks for all you have done for all of the former (and current) fat girls out there. It's nice to see someone so devoted - a remain such a great mom and wife!!

Holly Hankins said...

Funniest freakin' post yet! Laughed out loud in my office when I clicked on the last video. F'in hilarious! Love you girls. Glad you had an amazing weekend even if the bitches tried to hate a little. #poundlame is right! Thank you for the Dre song, I'll be singing along to my ipod on my way home.

Mrs.Clower said...

I was totes just about to email you about Fitbloggin'! I've been following Roni's blog for years.

Myranda said...

Love this post, and I love Bold Butter Baby. There is nothing wrong with being honest about your experience :)
If you come to Fitbloggin' I so want to meet you! I live in Portland and I would love to meet you :)

Paula Blalock said...

girls are dumb. I know this because I'm a girl (ha!) and have dealt with maaany times before! Glad you didn't let a bum conference and some snooty biatches ruin your weekend! can't wait to meet you one day--- you're definitely my inspiration!!! www.paulaspouds.blogspot.com

Erin Branscom said...

aww, you have a picture of me! :) I was super thrilled to finally see you at the glass cactus and meet you! I have loved reading your blog for years and love how you are real and funny as shit! haha And you totally took the time from eating with your peeps at the glass cactus to stand and take a pic with me! :) You made my night! I love your weightloss journey and it has inspired me so much on my own! :) Keep on doing what you're doing girl. "People throw rocks at things that shine.." :) They just wish they were shiny bitches! haha

Tamara Tasse said...

You had me cracking up at the hashtag comments! It reminded me of that woman who actually named her kid "Hashtag"! I figure the parents want to be hip but they are seriously setting that kid up for a career as a stripper. Just call her "Pound"! Love the blog! You rock!