Hair & Cleanse Updates

Okay, before I get into how the cleanse is going, I first want to show you all my friggin' amazing hair!
When I tell you I have THE BEST stylist, I seriously mean it.
We have lightened and lightened my hair and she always gets it the exact color I want, and it's still in AMAZING shape. No damage or breakage.
She knows her shit, y'all.
If you're in the Dallas area and need a kickass stylist, email me and I'll hook you up with her info.

I came to her with an inspiration pic yesterday. I wanted to add in kind of an "ombre" effect.
Basically, I wanted the underneath to be blonde. like really friggin blonde. So that when my hair lays down, the underneath blonde pieces would pop and you could really see them.
Like {this pic} I snagged off of Pinterest.

And of course Holly freakin' nailed it!
Like hit that sucker out of the ballpark.
It turned out so ridiculously amazing.
I just need a few more inches! TWSS

I've got to come up with a name for it... it's like ombre with a highlight still... OmbreLight? Hombre?
It rocks.

So now on to the cleanse.
Okie dokie...
I only pictured my tongue licking the inside of the peanut butter jar for a total of like 6 hours yesterday, so I call that a win.
A win because I just THOUGHT about it. I didn't DO it.
A win because I was STILL full all day, but had no carbs, sugar, flour, etc.
For breakfast I had a banana and an egg muffin.
Snack was blackberries and cantaloupe.
Lunch was grilled tilapia, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, and some nuts.
Snack was a banana and almonds.
Dinner was spaghetti squash, zuchini, turkey sausage, and scrimps.

It was SOOO good.
I seasoned it with lemon juice and lemon pepper.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
I'm a moron.
The Hubs was not a fan, however.
This is how that conversation went down:
The Hubs: how long is this stupid cleanse?
me: 10 days
The Hubs: we have to eat like this for 10 days?
me: you don't like it?
The Hubs: does this look like something a 30 year old man would eat?
me: (says nothing. burns fire holes into his face with my eyes)

So yeah, he can suck it.

Dessert (DUH you know I have to have some) was grilled banana slices (yeah, I had 3 damn bananas all day) and strawberry slices sauteed in 1 Tbs of sugar free chocolate syrup.
I tried to use it without the chocolate syrup, but it NEEDED it.
And it was AMAZING.
Seriously, try it. You'll thank me.

So I was full all day yesterday. I drank 150+ ounces of water, and I peed every 30 minutes.
This is not new for me, since I tend to drink at least 100 ounces of water a day anyway.

The fiber drink was disgusting. I gagged a few times, but I chugged it like a champ.
Down the hatch suckaaaaaasssss.
This morning I mixed the fiber drink with 4 ounces of Tropicana 50/50 and 4 ounces of water.
It was MUCH better like that.
Tasted like orange juice with pulp.
PS- I HATE pulp.
But you know what I hate more?
Chunky water. yep.

I didn't work out yesterday, but did hit the gym up this morning for some arms (duh) and a Kickboxing class.
Which I LOVE by the way.
No lightheadedness, nothing.
Like I said, I'm still eating a crapton of food and I'm eating every 2 hours or so, so I'm not really hungry.

I did remember to take my official before measurements this morning.
Waist: 30"
Bust: 36"
Hips: 39.5"
Thigh: 20"
Arm: 11.5"

Bathroom deets:
If you don't want to hear about doodoo, stop reading.
However, if you already know my WalMart story then this is not new to you. (And if you don't, totally disregard)
Soooo I DID notice a difference in my movements yesterday.
As in bowel movements.
Yes, movementS.
... like 4....
But it wasn't like a "OMG GET ME TO A BATHROOM RIGHT NOW!" kinda thing.
When they say "gentle cleanse", they mean it.
There was nothing violent about it.

Annnnd that's all the turd talk for today.

Here's my outfit of the day. Because I love taking pictures of myself, ya know.
top- Fash Forward Boutique
mint bracelet- Kiki La'Rue

Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday! 


Gina Horkey said...

That's a really cute top. All your hair talk made me schedule my long overdue appointment! It'll be nice to cover up the grey's (ps: I'm not even 30!!).

Brandi said...

I started the cleanse yesterday too. I didn't have a potty movement yesterday....is that normal? What should I do to get it going???? I did pee all day long though. Love your hair!!!

Kerri Stoeger said...

You seriously crack me up with your hubs because mine said the same thing to me when I did the cleanse. Keep up the great work!!

Courtney @ Journey of a Dreamer said...

LOVE that hair. I may need to make a special trip to Dallas just to get my hair done.

elisha_run_run_run said...

bahahaha love the turd talk! I think all the husbands feel the same mine is the same on extra healthy meal nights! Love the top! and you hair looks gorgeous!!! Did you watch Bachelor last night?! Ashely copied your hair ha! I love my ombre hair only THE best of THE best hairsylist's can pull it off!!!! Happy Tuesday MILF


Kay said...

So totally obsessed and in love with your hair! I'm talking major hair envy! I wish I lived in Texas so I could have Holly do mine! And I love the top you're wearing. And I can't wait to hear how the cleanse goes, from start to finish before I attempt it!

Hannah Ess said...

Happy that your movements are gentle. ;) That is serious important for me... You are doing great and I LOVE YOUR HAIR. <3

Melissa said...

I will be doing the cleanse, but later on. I gave up weighing and measuring myself, calorie counting, and my HRM for lent... like an idiot! So, I want to be able to actually measure and record the difference... so I will be waiting until after Easter...whomp whomp. Sounds like it's going well for you- :)

Lori Filipiak said...

OMG the peeing is crazy!! I am in there every 30 minutes too! People at work MUST think I have the shits! Speaking of that, I have not gone....is this strange or what???
You hair looks AMAZING. You look like a super model! :)

So Totally Life said...

1. Your hair looks superfantabulous!!!
2. I can't wait to do this cleanse after I finish my current program
3. We are the same height & our measurements are almost identical (except for your baby making hips - HA!!! We all know they're NOT since you posted the deets! lol) anyway, I ❤ to see those cause it puts it all in perspective!
Thank you!

(Sorry if you get this 2x's... my connection flickered....)

Kay said...

I did the cleanse a while ago and the fiber drink about killed me. What I ended up doing was mixing it with HALF the water they said and making sure it was ICE COLD. I downed it like a big a** shot then chased it with glass or two of water after. That way it was done before I knew it. Good luck!! You're going great.
Fantastic hair btw. You guys make me wish I lived in the Dallas area!

Bellie Blue said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday but I don't think it worked. Anyway... The Peaches & Cream drink is WAAAY better than the citrus. I don't know why Advocare doesn't give that as an option on the 24 day challenge. If you would like me to send you a sample of the Peaches and Cream, let me know and I'll mail it out today. Just email me at jen.bowers@att.net. Also, I'd love to sponsor a Cleanse giveaway if you are interested (we'll do Peaches and Cream! :-)). Seems like lots of people are interested in trying it after following you along. I know you have another Advocare distributor so if that is a conflict of interest I totally understand. Anyway, good luck, it sounds like you are doing amazing and you will feel so much better when you are finished. My skin was amazing after I did mine.


Heather said...

Love the hair :)

Elle Noel said...

My husband thinks this cleanse is going to ruin his life. He revolted and ate Pizza Rolls last night. You win some you lose some. Can't wait to hear about your results! It's gonna be sooo worth it!

undomestic mama said...

I mentioned on Instagram already but I LOVE your hair. I couldn't pull off the blonde, but I'm thinking about trying something similar when my hair gets longer. I wish Dallas was closer to Seattle 'cause I like my hair girl, I just don't love her, ya know?

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

Love your hair!! Looks great!! And love the top!!!
Proud of you for completing day 1 of the cleanse


Jill said...

I started the cleanse today! Thank you for mentioning the half Trop50 on Instagram because that helped SOOO much! Still wasn't delicious by any means, but tricked me into thinking it was pulp, lol. And PS. I hate pulp too :p ...but still so much better.

Jessica said...

Your hair looks amazeballs!!! & jealous an egg mcmuffin... I thought couldn't eat those on the cleanse because of the flour in the muffins.. Am I wrong?

Brooke Hilgenberg said...

Love the hair! I had a crazy moment, well several while I was pregnant & chopped my beautiful locks off. :( sad. My husband thinks we're all crazy. He's like really... A fb page for this cleanse! Lol

Dee said...

You carack me up, and your hair ROCKS. That is all.

Karie said...

I love your hair!! Looks awesome!!

Stephanie Suire said...

Love you hair! This post reminded me that I really need to call Holly about eyelash extensions (I emailed you a few weeks ago for her contact info). Good luck with the cleanse, I know it is SUPER HARD to stick to such clean eating but it makes such a huge difference. You are going to look even more stunning in your bikini this summer.

Laid Back Sal said...

Love love love your hair if only I lived in the Dallas area :-/

Jennifer said...

That fiber drink is GROSS. The faster you drink it, the better it is. The longer it sits, the thicker it gets.

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Me said...

I'm an Advocare Distributor and I recommend (and personally do the fiber drink like this) mixing the fiber drink with SPARK (specifically the mandarine orange) and it's like orange juice! Way easier!

Gilt said...

I think you should call the hair "Peekaboo Streaks". Because it is, and it kind of sounds naughty lol.

Bloggerina said...

Your hair really turned out great. But why have you not committed to total blonde? It seems like it would look really good on you.

Maegan Clark said...

I love good hair and spaghetti squash. Good Monday for you!

Sarah Kopf said...

Hair looks awesome! Like, LOVE!


Kristen said...

Glad to see that all is going well with your cleanse so far!

I want to reassure everyone that everyone's body processes at different rates, so everyone's experience will be different. This cleanse is very gentle and you shouldn't be running to the bathroom... on the other hand, it's totally okay if you haven't gone yet.

If you have purchased the cleanse through me and/or are doing the cleanse and have not yet joined the Facebook group, please email me and I'll get you connected! There are lots of great discussions going on in there and lots of problem-solving. There are several fellow advisors and a personal trainer in there to help!

If you have a concern/question you'd like answered privately, PLEASE email me! I want to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience on this cleanse! :)


Brittany Brisbay said...

I have your same measurments... but i'm 5'2. whomp whoooomp...

So my conclusion is that i dont actually need to lose weight, I just need to GAIN height. ... right? HA!

Laurie Hoffman said...

Super fab top! Glad to hear the cleanse is going well.... except for the nasty fiber.

Danielle said...

If I could only keep one talent it would be this : "burns fire holes into his face with my eyes." Boom! Super bitch has landed! Lol you're pretty much amazing

RebaJohn said...

I love that you went to AdvoCare! Love the products!!

Charity said...

Mama, I know this is a little off topic but I was wondering on your thoughts about green smotthies? Should they be used as "meal replacements" (I hate that term) or just in addition to eating healthy. Are they a good way to jump start clean(er) eating? Sorry for all the questions.. Thanks for always being awesomesauce! You're doing awesome on the cleanse and on those Jillian arms.. Bam!

Melissa said...

I'm wondering how you cook your fish and veggies? I want to try the cleanse but I am clueless on how to make healthy food taste good.

Beth said...

New to the blog. Where do you live that you can already rock sleeveless tops? It's still cold here...and I'm in Alabama! So looking forward to spring weather and cute tops.

Kathleen said...

High five to you and the clean eating! I just noticed you were talking about no carbs and such and didn't know if that is part of the cleanse? Just be careful with the tasty bananas :) They are one of the worst fruits on the glycemic index AKA CARBS. Lots of carbs. I was always excited about bananas until I made some eating habit changes based on sugar/glycemic index...and learned that bananas are no bueno for that. boo. Just thought I would share since I was totally uninformed LOL. Anyhoo, rock on friend :) Your highlights are fabulous.

Chris Dodaj said...

I.love.you! you crack me up so much and I love the advice you give. You are so real. This is my favorite.blog. like..ever........

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I think you and your stylist just invented the next trend! Highlights AND Ombre for SPRING/SUMMER 2013.

I love the idea because sometimes I think the ombre looks TOO harsh for most people's faces but yours brightens up your face and gives a HUGE surprise to the ends!!!

Matthew Green said...

Your hair is just gorgeous! I wish you a wonderful week! :)

Brandi said...

I have had that hair pic pinned for dayssss and I LOVE IT. Holly did an AMAZING job and your hair is fabulous. I about spit wine on my keyboard when you called it "Hombre" though, bahaha! <3

Christie Garcia said...

Love your hair!!!

I was just turned on to your blog (thank you, Pinterest). I love it! I am also a Mama of two small kiddos and trying to lose *my* baby fat. I'm excited to follow you now!

JoyRising said...

Love love love your blog! My husband hates my meals also so I can relate - I think he is counting the minutes until Saturday when my 5 day is over. You'd think he is going to die eating a freaking spinach salad for dinner! Yeah - for 3 whole days...Wussbag!

Nicole D said...

I love the hair. I went lighter this past time maybe I'll give this a try next time. Just wante to say you've been an inspiration to me. I was 207 when I delivered my daughter. I started out at 137. In down almost 60lbs and follow your blog daily for motivation. I don't want to be skinny like before I want to be strong! Also bicbands are amazing I'm glad you talk about them. I ordered my first three and now I want more!

ShanMajors said...

I am a big fan (no pun intended) of you and Skinny Meg. I have been following your experiences with the cleanse on your blog, IG, FB and even Keek. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do it to. But I have one lingering question/concern. What exactly do you eat. Could you share the menu or guidelines? I'd really appreciate it.

Shannon from http://myafter.blogspot.com/

Keep up the AMAZING job! You and Meg are funny as heck, you two crack me up!

meg-pie said...


If my hubby gets me a flat iron that works with Houston humidity on medium textured hair... I'm chopping off several inches and pretty much going to do a side swept version of you hair.

Already warming up my blog I started last year for my weight loss after this baby is born in a month... I might kick start this with a mini-makeover ;)

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! <3

Jan said...

Your hair is gorgeous! I love it. It's fun to hear about your cleanse. I can't to see your after pics and hear about how great you feel!

Cheesecake and a treadmill said...

OMG you look FAB! and that hair looks amazing!
I've been following your blog for about 6 months now and have been inspired to start my own. I love your outlook on life and its just been a breath of fresh air. Hope to see you my page someday too! I've even linked up to your scentsy giveaway as a thanks :)

Lynn Vann Slyke said...

LOL, You are a trip! I just found your blog via pinterest and I'm glad I clicked through. Thanks for the inspiration and keep on keeping it real!