Last Day of the Cleanse... what's next?

Today is the last day of the 10 day Advocare cleanse.

This has been an EASY 10 days. This statement is:
A) False
B) Ludacris
C) RIDONKULOUS! but still doable
D) All of the above.

The answer is D.

I ate within plan (clean) 98% of the time. Which I'm happy with.
And you know what?


That deserved lots of colors and large text, dammit.

To say I feel amazing is truly an understatement.
It's amazing what ridding your body of processed foods, sugars, and crap food will do..
Not only do I generally feel great, my skin is clearer, I am sleeping better, and I have more energy.
I didn't have bad skin before, but now it just kind of glows. (It's all the damn water I'm drinking I tell ya).
Before, I would toss and turn in my sleep. Now? I may wake up once in the middle of the night (probably due to one of my kids needing to go potty or screaming because his teeth hurt. *sigh*)
I used to sweat like a whore in church when I slept.
I've been like that ever since I had kids. I suspected it was some hormonal imbalance from having kids... that is gone.
The boob sweat is now only happening during workouts.
Can I get a HELL YES!?!!?

Who is she talking to?

Seems to be a theme lately.

The whole reason for me doing this cleanse was to jumpstart my healthy eating habits again.
I didn't do it for weight loss purposes, but to just FEEL better and challenge myself.
That's what it's all about right, continuing to challenge ourselves??
I did that. And I'm happy with the outcome.

I have broken my addition to Honey Roasted Peanut Butter.
I won't even be buying it anymore and will be buying Justin's Almond Butter instead.
And my Nutella and Nilla Wafer addiction?
I will no longer buy either of those products either.

I know you are all curious about results. And YES, I have weighed myself. And YES, I have lost weight.
However, I'm not going to tell you how much... yet....ps, it's quite a bit. :)
Because I'm not done yet.

I know, such a tease, right?
You love it.

Just hang with me, I promise it's worth it. :)

So while chatting with Megan yesterday she was all "let's just do the 24 day challenge".
She always has these crazy ideas.. and I'm always like "ummm... okay!" Haha. Peer pressure.

Okay, the AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse is part of the 24 Day Challenge.
I had originally just planned on doing the 10 Day Cleanse.
I thought "well I can do anything for 10 days"... and I did.
And now, while I'm on a roll, why stop here??
Let's finish this thing strong!
So, I'll be continuing with the 24 Day Challenge.
Essentially what that means is eating clean for 14 more days (to be honest, I'll probably continue doing this indefinitely... at least 90% of the time.. more on that to come) and taking an additional supplement for the duration of the 14 days.
Before I even decided on continuing with the 24 Day Challenge I had already decided I would continue eating clean after the cleanse, so I might as well!

Are you doing the 10 Day Cleanse with Megan and I?
We want you to continue on with us and the 24 Day Challenge.
All you need is MNS Max3.
That is what Megan and I will be taking moving forward with the last 14 days.
Come on y'all! What's 2 more weeks!?!?! You've already come this far!

Again, this is not about weight loss for me. It's about challenging myself and feeling better.
I don't care if I don't lose another pound. I am currently FEELING amazing, working hard, sculpting my body, and it's showing...
I'm happy with that!


Kiki said...

You look fantastic!! i think at some points in life we just need to stop focusing on weight loss for a little bit and focus on being and feeling healthy!! You look so cue in you last outfit love it!!


Cheesecake and a treadmill said...

Your dedication to it was inspiring.. and I love that chevron top!
Awesome job mama! <3


Mary said...

Congratulations! I just started following you a couple of weeks ago and am seriously impressed with your can-do spirit! It got me motivated -- as a non-veggie, meat-and-potatoes kind of girl, I started with cleaning up my diet, adding in plenty of veggies and fruit and knocking back on the sugar (I'm not quite brave enough to go full-cleanse...YET). There's a green smoothie filled with kale and stuff by my right hand as I type!

Keep up the inspiring work!

mommytothree said...

That's awesome. Now I'm excited to start it after easter

tracy said...

Are you and Megan not doing the meal replacement shake part of the 24 day challenge? I was just looking at Advocare's website.

Miranda said...

How do I get started doing this? Is there a plan you follow? How do you know what to eat? I work out a lot, but I need to get my eating under control. I have been following you and Meg on your blog and instagram, and I think I could totally do this!

Janet Vaught said...

I've been noticing how tiny your waist is getting girlie! Super jealous. Not yet jealous enough to give up beer but I AM contemplating more running and adding sculpting. You look great sista!

Samantha @ 24 to 30 said...

That top is so cute and you look gorgeous as always!

Maegan Morgan said...

You can definitely tell a difference in your pictures! Your so much more toned now than before and have motivated my ass to hit the gym in the AM before the mister leaves for work! My entire life I've wanted so bad to be a runner, but at a young age I had asthma and awful allergies and outside West Texas crap messes me up, then I got pregnant and can't run without feeling like I'm gonna pee on myself... Say whaaat? I got tired of the excuses of why I can't run, and this year I WILL run a 5K! Keep up the good work you hot mama! Barefootbabydoll.blogspot.com

Kari said...

I am interested to see how much you lost - when I follow "clean" eating I feel like I can conquer the world - so the question is - why do I go back to my "bad" habits - if clean eating makes me feel so good?!?!?!

thisfairytalelife said...

I started the cleanse with you guys. I had some weak moments over the weekend and ate. I don't have great skin and I have noticed a huge difference. I'm moving forward with the challenge as well. I figure that making better food choices is what it's about. Thanks for all the great motivation. I can't believe how much your body has changed. You should be so proud of yourself.

Megan @ Grimm Tales said...

No booze for 24 days?? You are stronger than I!

Meredith Sundbye said...

I'm on day 20 of the challenge. It has been a great experience. I have my mom on board to do it soon. Now, I have to talk my diabetic father into it!
I have sooo much more energy to keep up with my boys, 2 & 4.
Keep up the awesome work!!

Meredith =)

Karyn Busch said...

I've been doing the 10 day cleanse and I agree its been totally do and very easy... Im going to get with my disstributor and see if she can get me the mns max 3 by tonight :) Cant wait to hear how much you lost! Hopefully your close to your goal weight! That's be nice, huh!?

lisa price said...

Love that shirt! Can't wait to do this after I have this baby :)

Brandi said...

You look fab!! I'm on day 10 of the cleanse and tomorrow I am continuing with the 24 day challenge!! Go us!!

Karie said...

You rock! Great job! Can't wait to hear the end results!

Bellie Blue said...

So awesome! The glowing skin was one of the amazing things I noticed too when I did it. You will breeze through the next 14 days. And that is where most people see crazy results because you are eating to fuel and burn, fuel and burn.... Can't wait to read about your results. If anyone wants more info or tips on the 10 day cleanse or the 24 day challenge, check out my site or email me at jen.bowers@att.net. I have tons of helpful info (recipes, snack ideas, etc.)



Melissa said...

I am jumping on the bandwagon also, after Easter. I gave up the scale until then, so I want to be able to weigh myself. I am excited though. I already eat pretty clean, but I think it will do for me what it did for you, encourage me to eat clean more and get back on track 90% of the time! :) Great job Mama L!

Alicia said...

Great job mama! I love that top from Fash Forward. So cute on you!

Kim said...

You look awesome !! I had a question do you think this is do able while breastfeeding? I tried looking up info and couldn't find any. If possibly you don't know the answer can you point me to who may. Thanks so much!! Baby #3 is three months old and I am ready for change :)

Amy Cunningham said...

I'm so glad you are doing the 14 day portion of the 24 day challenge. I take MNS3 every day and I love them.

Best of luck to you!

Meredith Sundbye said...

Before I started, I googled like crazy! There are a lot of things to avoid in the first 10 days in order to rid the toxins.
Www.advomere.com and click on the 24 day challenge page. Or any distributor website for that matter!

Susan Bergman said...

Good for you! I love the challenge to get back on track. People like to think it is some big weight loss thing, but really it is a lifestyle!

jengalietti said...

Just wanted to tell you that I'm new to your blog...and I like you very much! Intrigued by the whole cleanse thing -- I am a recovering "veggie hater" and trying to teach myself to like veggies by cooking them in different ways. I'm also a new mama to a beautiful 5 month old son and want to mirror good eating habits for his sake as well as mine. I lost 25 lbs a few years ago and have kept it off, but its time to tackle the rest of the weight (about 20 lbs more) and tone up -- especially as I'm living in my post pregnancy body. Anyways...I find you a great, refreshing, real inspiration. Thanks for the motivation!!

Morgan Dixon said...

Very Impressive! I am excited to see your end result. I am starting my own 24 day challenge in the next day or so. 1st 7 days are a cleanse then the rest. I actually threw my scale out this am. I don't want to concentrate on that # anymore. Read a great quote the other day:

An inatimate object that spends it's life on the bathroom floor next to the toliet should not be given the power to break your heart.

Not anymore ladies....would love a shout out!


~Shelly~ said...

I just ordered the 10 day cleanse from my friend today! I couldnt afford to do the 24 day challenge but I can do the 10 day. Ive heard so many ppl lose at least 8-10 lbs on it. Best of luck to you, but we already know you will do great! Cant wait to hear how much you lost/will lose!

Decor & Harmony said...

Sizzle, sizzle Mama you look fantastic good for you :) love your blog!!!

Sarah said...

Good for you!!

My husband and I started eating clean/paleo March 1st and have plans to continue it through the end of the month. Before we were eating pretty clean but not 100% or 100% of the time. I had a girls weekend last weekend and sorta cheated and definitely paid for it later. I think we will continue on as well...at least 80/20. Its crazy how fast your body changes and adapts!

Ps we are loving your grilled bananas with almond butter, perfect treat after dinner!

Kari said...

Kudos for sticking to it, adding on the extra time, AND planning ahead for after that 24 day window! I've been in such a rut lately, that seeing this is quite motivating! Keep up the good work!

LC said...

*two thumbs down* to you not posting your weight results, since you did say you would, just saying...

W said...

Mama, you look awesome!! You have inspired me to start using my husband's free weights.

Bren said...

When you DO post your weight results (which I gather will be in another two weeks) can you please let us know how much you lost after the first 10 days as well as how much you lost overall? Please and thanks :)

John & Robyn said...

By the way....Boob Sweat = Swoobs. Thank you for motivating me, I can't wait to hear your end results after the challenge!

jenny collier said...

Way to go with choosing to do the whole challenge. I did it in August and was so shocked at how great I felt also!

I felt like Advocare was the hidden secret that I needed to clean up my diet. Wishing you luck with the rest of the challenge. Can't wait to see your results!

Elle said...

I looked up the 24-day challenge and my jaw dropped when I saw the price! This broke law student definitely cannot afford that, BUT you inspired me to start eating clean! I mean, hello? Your waist looks so tiny & awesome! Now, if I could only give up cheese...lol.

p.s. So proud of all the hard work you've accomplished! It's motivated me to get back to working out :)so THANK YOU!

Honeybee GB said...

Inspiring. How you stay committed throughout the plan? Any tips?


Paula Blalock said...

You look AWESOME --- but OWW!! that cleanse is sooooo expensive =(
I can't afford that..

sunshine! said...

I have just rediscovered your blog - love your energy :)

Meredith said...

I am wondering this too! I'm on day 3 of the 10 day, but I did not get Spark or anything either!

Libby said...

Good for you! I wanted to do the cleanse but my husband and I are trying to conceive and the doctor said I need to up up up the calcium/dairy..wouldnt work for this cleanse :( Have you thought about kicking the sugar free products(same question for Megan too!)? I used to be a SF whore but after reading so much about splenda and all the artificial things it made me run the other direction! Now I never touch the stuff and only use Stevia or Truvia (Truvia tastes better)!

Katherine said...

I LOVE that freaking outfit. I can't wait til my calves are smaller and I can buy allllll the boots!!

{Tami} said...

Super cute shirt! Perhaps fashion should be my new gym motivator!

Christina M said...

I have to say, I recently found your blog through Pinterest, and I literally laugh my ass off every time I read it! I'm actually starting the 24 day challenge this Monday, so it's nice to hear someone getting great results..I've been working hard over the past year and 3 months trying to get off extra weight after having my 2nd child. I'm about 20 pounds away from my goal weight. You inspire me! Thank you for your honesty & humor - it helps me get through my day! :)

Holly Hankins said...

Silly Question - Was going to start the 24 day challenge - wondering what shake to get? Do you or Megan have any suggestions? And do you get the MNS Max 3? C? or E?

Meredith said...

Holly, If you're unsure of a flavor, go with vanilla. You can always change the flavor with sugar free pudding powder. It doesn't take much pudding powder to alter the flavor. I hope that helps! I drink the chocolate and take MNS3. =)

Little Miss Bootyful said...

Yay you!!!! You look so amazing!!! I am finally working towards my fitness thanks to you! And yesterday, I bought lots of healthy stuff in place of junk when I went grocery shopping. Even though I'm not doing the cleanse I am losing weight and feeling great!! Thanks Dollface!!

Sarah Nunya said...

Hi...I just wanted to let you know I have been following you (and SkinnyMeg) for some time now. I have never commented because I've just never known what to say. I must say you are hilarious, motivational, and inspirational! I don't know too many people in my life who are so positive. I am a 32 SAHM who has never liked to exercise...I have just recently lost 20 lbs because I stopped eating so many sweets. You make me want to get moving now! Thanks for being such a positive role model!!-I love how you can just be yourself--TWSS is what I used to say years ago-it's too funny. Thanks again for being so open and honest. Now that I've commented I don't feel like such a stalker.

*Shabby LOCO!* said...

Damn momma your lookin' gooder' than hell...(squidbillies reference) hehehehe go gurl...keep it up!
<3 Mel

Lauren Augustine said...

Mama! I love your blog and have introduced it to a few of my friends...were a little fan club!! We are starting our advocare 24 day challenge today and started a blog! Were all teachers and figure it might encourage others like yours does!! =) Can't wait to hear about your results from the challenge- you're awesome!