Little People Make Me Nervous.

I am the WORLD'S WORST at putting my foot in my mouth.If you tell me not to say something, I'll probably get drunk and say it.
Or hell, I'll probably say it sober!
I don't know what's wrong with me, I have diahrreah of the mouth.
Speaking of diarrehaala.a.sd... how the EFF do you spell that Godforsaken word??
I ALWAYS misspell it and end up asking Siri... who is a complete and utter dumbass by the way.

Back to little people.
I went to Midget Wrestling (that's what it was called y'all) one time at a bar and sat like in the front row and had clam hands and a nervous smile on my face all night.

I don't know why I felt the need to tell you that backstory. Maybe just so you can understand why the hell I'm cheesing like a friggin' lunatic in this picture.
shirts from Ruffles With Love
He was the coolest little dude and it was over in a quick hurry.
See what I mean!?!?! Why's he gotta be a little dude!?!?!
It totally slipped out.... twss.

Blah blah, I ran a 5K with a jacked up ankle on Saturday.
Sub 30 minutes, which is good for this former fatty.
There is a killer hill on that course... and I don't do hills. Ew.
So I had to stop for about 20 seconds after that bad boy. The Hubs kept right up with me though and we both finished at 29:52. Not bad.
Very proud as this was The Hubs first race EVER and he hung like a champ.
I tried my best to keep up with Megan, but lost her at about a mile in.
She runs like a 9:00 mile... I run like a 9:30 minute mile. I'm gonna need to pick up the pace so we can run our full marathon this year together.
I just had a mini heart attack.

5K's are so weird to me. I remember training HARD to be able to get to that 3.1 miles. I did the Couch to 5K after having both kids, and it was TOUGH. I never thought I'd get to a point where 3 miles was attainable... or even EASY.
Okay, that's a lie, it's never EASY, but it's doable. And now it's kind of like a warm up run for me.
Definitely progress from where I started.

After the race we stayed to watch the St. Paddy's Day Parade on Greenville Aveune.
This is like a HUGE ordeal. It's CRAZY packed and people just get schmammed at like 9am.
There was over 100,000 people at the parade. Megan and I hadn't eaten after our run, yet began drinking anyway.

You'd think HER old ass would know better. Haha.
Speaking of OLD, Megan will be turning another year older (than me) on Saturday!!!
Y'all have to come to her Birthday Party! Kiki La'Rue and I are throwing her a partay and we want y'all to come kick it with us!

Back to the parade...
Long story short, I'm old, drank too much and took a 5 hour nap.
Which was freaking AMAZEBALLS by the way.
Here are some pics from the parade.
And a video from after the parade.

Yeah, I had that cheeseburger.
From Burger King.
Seriously. I was disappointed.
Note to self: when you hype up a cheeseburger next time, get a freakin' good one Laughlin!

And a video from yesterday... STILL recovering...

If you follow me on Keek then you've already seen these (plus a few more that didn't make it to the blog for apparent reasons).

Yesterday I didn't brush my hair all day.
I did brush my teeth, so there's that.
And then I went to the grocery store and this little guy literally JUMPED in my cart!
It was the darndest thing!
So I had to eat him.
He was glorious.
All 170 calories of him.

Then I hung out with these cuties all day.
I love them more than Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.
That's a RIDICULOUS amount.

And today I'm just ASKING for attention....
SOMEBODY'S ready for Spring!!
Pants- JEG Boutique
Top- Kiki La'Rue
Necklace & Earrings- Stella & Dot
Shoes- Charlotte Russe

Happy MILF Monday Errrbody.


Captain Nerk said...

"Hung like a champ" is also what she said. hahahaha

Great job running and boozing. I'm sad I didn't see you, but let's be honest, I may have been too wasted to recognize you anyway. Getting drunk in the street, ftw.

So Totally Life said...

Mmmmmmmm peanut butter eggs!!! I ♥ those things!!! :)

Amanda Mashaw said...

Love love love!!! Your amazing<3

Laura Love said...

I may have gotten drunk and yelled at my hubs.. "let's go find mamalaughlin and skinny meg!!!" Lol then got distracted ;(

Melissa said...

I look forward to reading because you seriously crack me up! And, thanks for eating one... now I am going to go buy a Reese's egg! I didn't eat a tree at Christmas and dangit I want one of those little suckers!! Can't deprive yourself of everything! :)

Shelly@Shelly No Belly said...

Looks like y'all had fun!! I'll be there Saturday night. Can't wait to meet everyone!

kc said...

Try seeing a midget stripper, (just wanted to claw your eyes out didn't you..you're welcome) Apparently a lot of us thought this would be hilarious and a great idea, a really good drunk idea..I still can't get the image out of my head. It makes for really good stories and Sassy Cassie was her name.

Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

Bahahaha, oh Brandi. YOU KILL ME.

Love your outfit today and hope you're feeling better!! ;) xo.

Trista said...

I normally HATE flowery pants, but those are CA-UTE!

MinneMomma said...

You are hilarous girl! I know what you mean about the drinking. You get that liquid courage back and drink and drink and drink.....Oh and next time you get a burger not sure if you have this in Dallas but Five Guys Burgers and Fries is the BEST!!! Holla!!!! YOu have to get the fat girl sandwich though, that's what I get Bacon cheese burger with two burger patties, lettuce, tomato, raw onions, mayo, mustard, pickles and ketchup sooo good but bad for you. Thanks for being your awesome self! I laughed my ass off at all your Keeks posts the day of the race. Keep them coming.

Melissa Folz said...

I could eat a MILLION Reses eggs! I love those things... and I cant just have one, so I avoid...

Congrats on the 5k with your hurt foot! :)

-Melissa @mylifeasafolz.blogspot.com

*Shabby LOCO!* said...

O.k... note to self send brandy midget porn for Christmas..
Your welcome. Wish I was in Texas for your par-tay... get sLoched for your West Coast minion!

Amanda Schuller said...

Love the videos made me laugh.

Britney Mills said...

Nice job on the 5k! I totally hear you on the fact that they aren't easy but doable....good way to put it.
I love Easter for those Reese's Eggs...always worth it! Keep it up!

renae.nichole said...

You look like you had tonssss of fun. And we all know what the day after feels like.

jenny collier said...

I am loving your pants!


Sara Turner said...

Love those pants! I'm not brave enough to rock the floral trend pants that are showing up everywhere lately! Looks like you had a great st. pats, I celebrated mine by running 10km in a snow storm!

Lori Filipiak said...

Love this post!! And hello, you are SO NOT OLD! My dear, I am OLD! :) And I agree, Siri is a twat! She is useless and has started to talk back to me..bitch!
You look fantastic in your springy outfit! I just LOVE you in yellow!

Yolanda Arroyo said...

Hello I just started reading your blogs, and look foward to find out what you will say next, you keep me laughing at work. I also love peanutbutter eggs too much.

Bevin Bryna said...

Hey Mama!

I am your 12,000th follower! Holla!
I have actually been following your blog for over a year now as I had a blog of my own that I kept up with during my pregnancy and my son's first year of life. I have since retired that blog but haven't stopped blogging completely.

I have teamed up with my fabulous sister to blog about our journey to find our inner fitness freaks (just like you and SkinnyMeg have done for so many).

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to keep us all motivated and entertained. I hope I can inspire just one person in the ways that you have inspired me.

-Bevin Lewis
(come check us out sometime...we're just getting started but excited to see where we can go).

Bevin Bryna said...

sorry if i just left you a shit ton of the same comment...i'm an idiot and didn't see that you have to approve the comments. oops!

-Bevin Lewis

Amber said...

Great job on the run, girl! I was at the parade too, and enjoyed myself entirely too much. I was sunburnt and hungover all effing day yesterday.

CortlandMB said...

You are too freakin funny. I hope that one day the 5K will be easy for me! I do my first 5K on April 20th and am nervous/excited/anxious. Reese PB anything is my weakness.
I bought melon colored pants for work today after reading your blog today! SO READY FOR SPRING TOO!


Erin Shell ~ Living A Love Song said...

You've gotta watch those Reese Eggs jumpin in your cart and stuff. They're like that!

Great job on the race!

Brandi said...

I ran my first 5k this weekend!!!

Recap: http://californiagrownblog.blogspot.com/2013/03/run-or-dye.html

SUCH an amazing experience and DEFINITELY has motivated me to keep jogging...

My friend and I definitely celebrated with beers after :)

Thank you for being such an inspiration I had you in the back of my mind reminding me to push through it and mind over matter :)


Little Miss Bootyful said...

Bahahahha! I seriously laughed out loud multiple times while reading this. You freakin crack me up!!!! Wish I was gonna be there to celebrate with y'all this weekend!!! Have a great one!!

Jess Volpe said...

Those dang Reese's eggs were buy 2 get 1 free at my grocery store this weekend and I had to buy them. I only ate one though! For some reason the egg shaped ones just taste better.

Janet Watson said...

You are sooo funny! So irreverent! There is a place for that in society -ya know! The diarrhea of the mouth thing? After 40, as my girlfriends say, "you just lose the filter!" I have no filter. My husband is constantly concerned over what I will say or do. So you're not forty? Relax, honey, you will get there! So, I have lost 30 with WW, got remarried and regained 10. Ran. Got hurt. Started running again. No Boundaries program at Fleet Feet in Savannah, GA. Missed a whole week last week with cold, allergies, and honestly, one of the saddest weeks of my life. Went to hold one of my best friends hands while she passed away from breast cancer in NC. We have a girl group, a band of sisters. Known each other for 20+ years..... so ran again Monday morning. It sucked totally. What I do is barely running! Hope I get to where you are one day. Have 50 lbs to go. I will be old, skinny, and to nutty to care about anything! 8) 8) Keep doin' it!

Erika C said...

Its diarrhea......and u dont want that shit comin out of any of yo orifices!!!

HANNHUNG said...

I wish people wouldn't use the word midget. It's like saying the "N" word to them. Please refer to them as LP's or Little People. I have a dear friend who is a LP and she is an amazing person, beautiful, funny, smart and with the healthiest self esteem I know. Just wanted to put that out there.

Good job Mama. I ate a whole 6 pack of those f*cking eggs last week! xoxo

Maria S said...

Thank You for sharing about how a 5k was unimaginable when you first started. I am doing the couch to 5k and can run 2 miles so far. I would be interested if you could do a post on how it gets easier and at what point it gets easier!