I told y'all about how anytime I saw a "hashtag" I read it in my head as "pound"... confession, 
I totally still do it. 
If saying "Pound" before every hashtag is wrong, I don't wanna be right, mmkay?
I'm a moron.

So I posted this the other day on Instagram...
yes, I realize there's a typo. suck it iphone.
On the same day I went cold turkey with no social media past 5pm. (Actually The Hubs and I changed it to 6pm).

It wasn't that hard. twss

But honestly, let's think about it guys... how much time do YOU spend on social media?
Facebook, Tweeter (ew), Instagram, emailing, Keek, whatever!
I can tell you right now, I spend way too much.

My family needs my attention.

I have hundreds of emails in my inbox. Up until a few months ago I was somehow keeping up with them all. I find that damn near impossible these days.
I am very sorry, y'all, but my family comes first. ALWAYS.
And I've found myself too wrapped up in social media lately.
It's causing problems.
And I'm putting an end to it.
What happened to the days where we used to have dinner with our spouses and we both weren't on our phones at the same time and we actually TALKED!?!?
I want that back.
So I'm stepping back for a bit.

I'll still be here.
And on Instagram.
And Keek.
And I'll try to email as much as possible.
But only during the hours of 6am-6pm. 
After that, I'm out.
Stick a fork in me. 

So I'm making this a challenge.
And it starts on Monday, April 1st.
And no, this is not an April Fools prank.

Let's step back, put down our damn iphones, and BE PRESENT!
Or as I've moronically named it, #PoundBePresent
Present in the moment. 
Present with our families.
Present with our friends.
And not scrolling through our phones so obsessed with what others are doing.

I hope you guys take this challenge with me.
Do what you can, adjust the hours if you need to, twerk it (yeah, I said it), just make it work for YOU.

Who's up for #PoundBePresent?

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Lisa said...

Yes, please. It's so weird eating dinner with my husband at our dinner table and no TV or phones. It's also wonderful.

Danielle said...

Jumping on the #poundbepresent bandwagon! Great idea! Any ideas how to convince the hubbs to join me?

Little Miss Bootyful said...

Great idea!!! Great inspiration- sadly I feel like I should have done this without motivation by someone else. I am totally joining the #PBP train and cam't wait to see the results!! You rock!

joan said...

I'm in! I'm closing the laptop and putting the iPhone away at 6pm. =)

Meredith said...

I have to say, I commend you for doing this. You are a big time blogger, and I know sometimes that also means being tied to the social media outlet constantly. So for you to want to take a step back and say, I want to spend time with my family more- really speaks volumes of you. That's awesome girl!! I'm not even a BIG blogger, and somehow I totally feel like my phone is constantly in my hand. I have been trying to make an effort to put it down more, so I think this'll be a good push. If a big time blogger can do it- so can a small time blogger. :) thanks girl!

Bren Adams said...

I'm totally in!!!! Definitely need this & proud of you for starting the movement!!!!

Brooke Hilgenberg said...

I love this but damn is it gonna be hard!
Brooklyn- browneyedgem.com

Crissy Smothers said...

Love this idea! I'm in! Now, I just need to encourage my husband to do the same :) Even though he's not on social media, but some race car game app instead...LOL!

Jenn Ryberg said...

If I were still married I would totally do this. Maybe if both my ex and I *had* done this, we'd have been more connected and still be married. *sigh* I am going to make an effort to turn off the electronics, after work, while my kids are still awake. I will more than likely get back online after they're in bed because, otherwise, I tend to get lonely. I'm a single mama and sometimes, at night, the online world is nice companionship for me. :(

Katie J said...

It still makes me laugh about the "pound" instead of "hashtag" but it makes sense why you'd think that because we do call "#" the pound sign on phones. But, the rest of the world, to my knowledge, doesn't because the pound symbol to most other countries is the symbol for British currency. Ok, lol sorry for a mini lesson, I think it is great you are turning off the social media if you are finding that it is interfering. Family is always first priority.

Beth said...

I went cold turkey from facebook, instagram, and pinterest for lent - I'm actually a little nervous about getting back on tomorrow. It's eye-opening for sure! I think you'll love it!

JanaC said...

You hit the nail on the head with this one. I have noticed not only myself, but my daughter as well getting way to caught up in all the social media and technology. We're changing things in our household as well. :)

Kirstie E said...

I'm all in for #PBP .. An amazing idea! I think I'm going to make my 13 year old son do it too!

Stasia D said...

I was thinking the same thing! I actually wrote in my blog yesterday that I feel like Facebook is wasting my time. I'm always complaining I have no time, yet I'm constantly online checking out other people's pics and statuses. Reading your post was the push I needed. Thanks! This is going to be difficult but worth it!

Sana@cc&t said...

Honestly, I love the idea..
love love love!!!

Sparklin One said...

Amen sista! This is so true! Live in the moment and be present while doing it! Love on them boys and that man, you won't ever get this day back!

Unknown said...

Love this and will defintely be implementing this at social gatherings and such, big pet peeve when we are all together and everyone (including myself #guilty) is on the dang mobiles. Wise mama!

Shesabigstar said...

I hope this sticks with everyone as a lifestyle change, not just for some social media challenge. I changed immediately one night when I asked my daughter a question and her response was "Mom, I told you that two days ago." Yeah, she had told me, but I didn't hear her because I was too busy looking at my phone while she was talking to me! Never again. Family dinners, phones off, computers off until bedtime. I even leave my phone in the car now when I run in the grocery store and things like that... sounds so simple, but it's something I never would've considered six months ago. Family first... you won't regret it!

Amanda Elaine said...

I'm totally in. The other half hates social networking so that's been the rule in our house for some time now. We are not allowed to have the cellphones, laptops, tablets or any other electronic device out between the hours of dinner and the next morning. While social media is great it really does start to take away from real life. Love this post!

Amanda Elaine said...

I'm totally in. This has been the rule in our house for about a year now because the other half absolutely hates social media. I love this post! While social media is great it definitely takes away from real life.

Elizabeth said...

My main question is that I'm sure you get a crap ton of emails from readers as well as potential sponsors, etc. How do you respond to all of that? Are you able to have that much down time at work? There is no way I'd be able to do that if I had the email traffic you get.

Beth said...

Yes, yes, yes! Our society is out of control with always being plugged in and it can't be a good thing. It's terrible on relationships and what kind of example is this for our kids? A bad one! I like your plan!

Simply Evani said...

I love this movement. I need to spend more time being present too. #poundyouareagenius

LindseyMae said...

I've been doing that (after 6) for about a month now. It's amazing how much I get done! Plus, I realized I was always checking my phone at the dinner table. NOT OK!! So now it sits in my purse from 6 until 10 pm..and i do not touch it!

Nikole E! said...

awesome idea!!

seriously you just saved your marriage.