Product Love & My Arm Workout

I get A LOT of questions about what products I love/use, etc.
So I bugged HubbyJack again and he added a "Product Love" tab to my page. HOLLA!
So now you can just click right on over and find out all the things I love and use.
What kind of sports bra I wear, what running watch I use, where I get my workout tanks, etc.
Makeup from the makeup tutorial I did Tuesday is in there, too.
Go check it out {HERE}.

Now, on to my arm workout.
"I have little time to go to the gym so I have to sculpt my guns at the office. I don't know if you heard me counting, but I did over a thousand."

....if you don't know what movie that is from we can no longer be friends.
Google that shit.
Then come back.
I'll wait....

Alright! Y'all have asked how I'm getting Jillian Michaels arms for summer.
Here is how I've gotten definition in 3 months.
I even added in video tutorials for y'all. Disregard how homely I look in some of them. Mmmkay, thanks!

Okay, first some disclaimers.
I am NOT a personal trainer.... yet.
This is just what I am doing, and obviously it has been working for me.
I work my arms at least 5 days a week. Even if it's just some hammer curls. I like them to burn a little and then come home and flex in front of The Hubs and make him feel inadequate. Sue me.
I started out with smaller weights than what are listed.
With Hammer Curls I started out using 10's. When that got too easy I moved up to 12's. Then 15's. Those are currently getting a little too easy, too. So I'll be moving up to 20's soon.
Do whatever weight you can handle. You don't have to use the weight I do. It's taken some time for me to build up to those.
It's ALWAYS better to go heavier and do less reps than to go lighter and do them all without struggling.
You can do most of these moves at home with a set of weights, so no need to own a gym membership.
Okay, let's get started.

Set 1
Hammer Curls
I use 15 lb. weights
8 reps
This video was back when I was still using 12's and doing more reps, as I state in the video.

Should Press
I use 10 lb. weights
8 reps

I use 8 lb. weights
8 reps

(Repeat Set 1 3xs)

Set 2
Bicep Curl w/ 30 lb. bar
8 reps

Walking Push-Ups
4 push-up
If these are too hard, try them on your knees.

(Repeat Set 2 3xs)

Tricep Press
I use 10 lb. weights - make sure you are using TWO weights, not just one.
8 reps

Chest Fly
I use 5 lb. weights, but I'm pretty sure this hottie is using like 10's or heavier.
No, that is not me. Yes, I would make out with him though. No, you don't have to have a bench to do this, you can also do it laying on the ground.
8 reps

Tricep Pulse
I use 5 lb. weights
Do this timed for 30 seconds

(Repeat Set 3 4xs)

Easy peasy! You can do that entire workout in about 30 minutes.


Elle Noel said...

Burn baby burn! You arms are going to be bangin' come summer time!!

Lisa said...

Wow! Go girl with those 20 pound weights. I still use 5 pounds, haha.

jhamiltn said...

I'm excited to try this! I have several sets of hand weights at home! Lookin' for some sexy arms for my wedding! Work those guns girl!

The Rose Family said...

I'm definitely going to try this workout as soon as I get "un-sore". I'm a dolt and forgot that they use Kg here in England, so I WAAAAY over-weighted my Body Pump class on Monday. Still sore on Thursday. But I'm excited to try this!!

Meagan said...

Your arms look amazing!! Did HubbyJack approve of all that flexing?

I've been hating my arms lately, this looks like exactly what I need!

theheidebrechts said...

Thanks for sharing...I just added strength training to my running, and I've been looking for an arm workout. I'll definitely be using yours, because it's working wonders for you! You look amazing!

Jacy Vergara said...

This is great! Thanks for the instructional videos!

sunshine! said...

I'm going to incorporate your arm workout into mine! Thanks for posting the video.

Denise said...

Do you do all those exercises in one session??? Or do you do like set one 3 times one day and set 2 3 times the next??

Chris Dodaj said...

I've been reading your blog since I found it maybe three weeks ago. I have about 70 pounds to lose and I have been so inspired by you. I went and joined a gym yesterday, got everything ready so I could wake up and slip out of the house. At like 3:00 my little one woke me up (not unusual) but I did what she asked, hopped in bed with her and started hearing those negative self hatred thoughts (ie: you are too fat, everyone will stare at you, etc) I remembered what I read on your blog and I kept telling myself go and give it a try. you can do this, if mama laughlin can so can I. well, I did it, burnt 425 calories and left with a smile on my face a mile wide and soaked clothes. I haven't felt that happy in so long. SO, thank you. And thank you for the videos I'm showing my hubby tonight so when we go I can start sculpting asap! xo Chris in CT

Hollie said...

Goodness! I know you have 100s tell you how amazing you are but I seriously am having trouble staying at work and not running out to go workout after reading your posts! Thank you soo much! I didn't cleanse with you guys. To be honest I was afraid to but I'm emailing Megan today to get the cleanse and start it next week!!!

Honeybee GB said...

Thanks for sharing this video, i'm looking for a workout that use dumbbells. This is just in time.


Laid Back Sal said...

Get it Momma!!!

Erin Murray said...

You go girlfriend! No testimonial when you have pictures like that. I followed your workout today - it was tough but I love the "how-to" videos. Thank you! #jillianarmsbysummer #thankstomamainspiration

Mari Lynn said...

"Stop calling your arms Guns"...Ha!!! I friggin love that movie.

You can call your arms guns all you want ;-) Thanks for the vids.

undomestic mama said...

I saw that "yet!" Are you going to become a personal trainer? That would be awesome!

AllysonB said...

I'd been waiting for this post on the arms workout! :D And then I picked up some 8 pound dumbbells and clicked play on the first video. Then I sat a dumbbell down on the ottoman and was reaching for the mouse to click play on the second one when the dumbbell rolled off the ottoman onto my right pinky toe!!! B R O K E N!!! Now I have crutches and no more couch to 5k. I'd FINALLY managed after umpteen tries to get all the way thru from January 14! I AM SO EFFIN PISSEDDDDDDDDDDDDD. I can't even think straight from these pain pills. All I know is I'm scared to effin death that I can't work out like before and I'd already cut my carbs down so much and I do NOT want any regain. I just wanted to have nicer looking arms by June or July. : ( #itsuckstobesuchafreakinklutz

Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing! I am at my goal weight but my arms could use a lot of work, so I am going to be trying out your plan. Can't wait to see some guns like yours!

sarah bouchard said...

Is there anyway you would consider sharing your weekly workout schedule? Or do you just make it up as you go. I am running my first half in Vegas in Nov and want to add strength training in with my running. Except, I have NO idea what to do when! I already have some slight knee problems and want to strengthen as much as possible. Do i do arms on opposite days of running? If so, when do I do core or spin? HELP! Like you I have a jam packed schedule and am trying to figure out how to fit it all in. (twss) Btw, you are offing amazing and I love this blog. Alright, I'm out like a boner in sweatpants. ;)

sarah bouchard said...

oh my dear god. I just saw that the comment had to be approved! WTF??? I am estupido. I just sent this comment like 50 effing times because I thought i was doing it wrong. I am SO sorry!!

Samantha @ 24 to 30 said...

I did this tonight using 3 lbs weights and did knee push-ups and my arms feel like jello. Thanks for this! How do you know when you are ready to move on to heavier weights? I'm guessing you move on to heavier weights when the ones you're using feel easy?

Andrea Partekel said...

Definitely my motivation to get to the gym tonight and do some arms!!! You rock! A little confused on your sets. You say 8 reps each, but then say repeat 4x at the bottom. So, you do 8 reps each, then repeat starting over. Or repeat the 8 reps 4 times then go to the next move?

RaeOfSunshine said...

You are such an inspiration! Thanks for helping me stay motivated!

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh, your arms are looking AMAZING!

Just a little note for the general public from a group fitness instructor--it is recommended to alternate muscle groups each day to allow for sufficient muscle recovery and reduce injury risk. For example, do upper body one day, lower the next. I like to throw abs in whenever and do them again when they stop being sore.

Using higher weight and lower reps definitely builds muscle, but if you're happy with the amount of muscle and want to tone what you have already, use weights that will get your muscles fatigued in about 24 reps. (Right now I'm all about building muscle! Go, Mama!)

Both are great strategies depending on desired outcomes!

Lori said...

This is an awesome arm workout. I'm definitely going to give it a try. What do you do for abs? I've been messing around with a few different things but have yet to find something I really like.

Liam Rubel said...

The weight trainings is quiet tough task. But i a guess to build up muscles you have to do some hardwork.

Nichole said...

You Rock Girl! I printed your arm workout and will definetly be incorporting this into my weekly workouts. Your arms before and after looks awesome!

Keep up the great work Hottie!!!

Melissa Hudson said...

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing you are. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. Pretty sure I'm girl crushing right now! YOU ROCK!!!!!! <3

Lauren said...

I hope you don't mind, but I have shared your blog and how much of an inspiration you are to me on my blog at http://laurensahm.blogspot.co.nz/2013/03/my-fitness-inspiration.html as I am going to try your arm workout this week. Thanks for being so awesome!

Kelli said...

Loved this arm workout! Thanks for helping me switch up my arm workouts...those tricep pulses are the devil!

Prayers and Apples said...

wahoo look @ you with those ripped arms! go 'head girl ;)

Isaac Dakota said...

I have the same question Denise asked earlier, do you do all three sets in one day's workout?

*Shabby LOCO!* said...

Skinny Bitch :(~ pppplllrrrrrrrrrr...(*Raspberries)
Luv/Hate u....
That. Is. All.

Lauren said...

Way to go, girl!! I can see a huge difference! Thank you for the explanation and motivation that you can make significant changes in a short time. Have a great day!

Spicy Frost said...

Oh my goodness! Your arms look amazing! NICE progress in two months! I tried to do your arm workout, ouch! I did all with 10 pound weights except the butterflies, have to do those with 5's due to a shoulder injury. Can't wait to see the results your seeing! I'll definitely keep this workout close by ;) THANKS!

Michele said...

You don't need a bench (Mr. Hottie), you can do it on the floor . . .

joey said...

I need this workout because I already have sagging arms. my website

Bewitching Tales said...

Great work out! I have zero upper body strength. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

adrienne... said...

Ooooh mama! Did your arms workout today and I can tell I'm going to be sooooore tomorrow! Those walking push ups almost did me in. Guns, here I come!