AdvoCare Results & Updates

About a month ago I did the AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse.
Now when most people think about a cleanse, they automatically think of no food and water with lemons and cayenne pepper.  
What? Y'all have never done that?
I digress.
The AdvoCare Cleanse is NOT like that at all.
And me even having TALKED ABOUT the cleanse turned a lot of people off of my blog because to them it seemed like a weight loss fad or easy way out.
Look, that's fine. I don't expect everyone to agree with everything I do. But this is MY journey, and MY life and if you no longer find inspiration here, then I urge you to go find it elsewhere.
Now that THAT is out of the way, let's talk a little about the cleanse, which is probably not what you think it is.
It was NOT a weight loss attempt for me. I said from that very beginning I could have cared less if I lost weight or not.
I did, but that wasn't the goal for me.

Basically what I did was drink an herbal supplement (I got the citrus flavor and mixed it with 4 oz. of Tropicana 50 and 4 oz. of water) for 10 days, take some all natural probiotic and herbal supplements and eat clean for 10 days.

What does "eat clean" mean?
Basically eating clean means eating all natural foods like veggies, fruits, lean meats, no white flour, no sugar, healthy fats, etc.
So no processed foods.

Have you ever thought about how much processed crap we feed our bodies?
It's insane.

But it's sooo good!!! Mmmm.... Reeses!!!

Shutup Fat Brandi. She takes over sometimes, sorry y'all.

So the whole reason for me doing the cleanse was to get off the slippery slope of bad eating I'd been doing.
Sometimes in my journey I go through phases when I'll let the reigns loose a bit and indulge a little more than I should.
I don't know why I do this... I just love food dammit.
So I wanted to do the cleanse to refocus and cut out my bad habits again.
I was to the point where I was addicted to Honey Roasted Peanut Butter and Nilla Wafers.
Like ate it every.single.day. And NOT in moderation.

Since having done the cleanse, I haven't had a single bite of either of those.
I replaced my PB addiction with Justin's Almond Butter and I freakin' LOVE it.
I won't ever go back to regular PB.

I did REALLY good on the cleanse. I ate clean, took my supplements and I lost weight.
Which was NOT my focus in the first place, but was an added bonus.
My starting weight on the cleanse was 147.
That's high for me. I am more comfortable around 140 lbs.
At the end of the 10 days (on day 9) I had started my period.
With starting my period always brings bloating and weight gain for me. So I didn't weigh myself on day 10.
But on day 7 I'd already lost 5 lbs. and was down to 142 lbs.
When the cleanse was over I decided to continue on with the 24 day challenge.
It's basically the same thing as the cleanse, but a little more lenient on the food, yet still eating clean, and no more fiber drinks.
On day 17 I weighed myself and I was 140 lbs.
This was after my period and a few days into the 24 day challenge.

And then came Megan's birthday.
And drinks.
And food.
And things just kind of took a turn for the worse there.

So I didn't get the best results from the 24 day challenge because I didn't stick to it like I should have.
Had I done it to the 'T' I can guarantee you I'd be in the 130's right now.
But life happens and you have certain things come up, and well, I wasn't doing it for weight loss anyway, so no biggie.
On day 17 I also took my measurements again.

Waist: 28" (-2")
Bust: 35" (-1")
Hips: 38." (-1.5")
Thigh: 19" (-1")
Arm: 11" (-.5)

That's a total loss of 6 inches. And 7 lbs.
I'm more happy with inch loss than weight loss ANY day!

I did take "after" pictures but it was on day 10 (bloating and weight gain) so you can't tell much of a difference at all.
Like I said, You can't really tell much of a difference.
I WILL do the cleanse again, and probably the 24 day challenge as well, but I'll be sure to schedule it around my period next time.

And yes, those are stretch marks around my belly button. Awesome, huh?
Childbirth is fun y'all!
Actually I was a moron in my late teens, early 20's and got my belly button pierced on top and on bottom, so that's where that hole stretched from when I was pregnant.
Fun times.
I'll be getting that and the extra skin cut off as soon as I can save up enough doll hairs.
Those plastic surgeons sure are proud of their shit!!

Okay, so after Megan's birthday came Easter and Reeses and blah blah...
needless to say all my hard work went out the window after my cleanse.
I officially suck.

I got back up to 145 and am currently sitting at 143 trying to work my way back down.
Again, not so much a weight issue as it is a "me feeling good about myself and not busting out of my skinny jeans" issue.

The thing I try to remember to always tell myself is
You can't out train a bad diet!

I am so guilty of this. I work out hard 5-6 days a week, so I need to be feeding my body with the right foods to really see my efforts pay off!

I still try to stick to a mostly clean diet, but again, I'm only human and I screw up sometimes.
And sometimes I just want a margarita and chips and queso! Ole!
That's okay. Because I just get right back up and fix it with the next meal. Or the next workout.
Fall down 8 times, get up 9.

My absolute FAVORITE AdvoCare product is Spark.
It is a sugar free, low calorie energy drink and I can't live without it.
It saved me on the cleanse! I wasn't tired and had zero lack of energy or anything!
I have one every morning. I don't drink coffee regularly, maybe once every 2 weeks.
And I'll be the first to tell you that I HATE energy drinks.
I can't stand the jittery feeling that Red Bull and Monster and all those other ones give you.
Spark doesn't do that at all.
My favorite flavor is Mango Strawberry. Mandarin Orange is good, too.
You just mix one scoop with water, shake and drink. One scoop is 45 calories.
If you get one thing out of this post, I hope it's you trying out some Spark.
Seriously LOVE it. You can also try a variety pack so you can see which flavor is your favorite.

I'm actually drinking some right now as I type.

Do I recommend the cleanse
Absolutely! It was a great way for me to refocus on my eating and I think it is perfect if you're trying to bust out of a plateau or just want to challenge yourself a little. The weight loss and inch loss is an added bonus, too!

Do I recommend the 24 Day Challenge?
Yes. However, I'm going to have to do it again to really give you guys accurate feedback after having followed it 100%. I don't feel comfortable raving about it when I, myself, didn't follow it exactly.

Do I recommend Spark?
Do bears shit in the woods!?!?!

Now excuse me while I go try and shimmy into my skinny jeans.

If you have questions about AdvoCare, email us and we'll get you taken care of!


BREI said...

Love this! You are the reason I am going to do the 10 day and maybe the whole thing starting in May. :)

Stephanie O. said...

Oh my gosh!! You crack me up and I adore you!! Such an inspiration!!!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

You don't suck. You are human. But funnier than most. Keep it up!!

Beth K. said...

Man, Fat Beth gets in my way alllll the damn time.

I LOOOOOOVE spark! I'm on day 3 of the cleanse and was so skeptical because I literally drink 3 cups of coffee on a normal day, but I haven't felt tired for a second. I may be a convert.

Thanks for the idea of mixing the fiber drink... it's a little rough on its own!

Sara said...

I LOVE SPARK. period. end of story.

BTW, I can tell a difference in your pics on the side view. GREAT JOB! I didn't stick with it 100% either but plan to try the challenge again after I work out some health issues.

Stephanie O. said...

You crack me up and I just adore your stories!!

Rebekkah P. said...

I'm glad you keep posting about the Advocare cleanse because I am planning to start the 10-day cleanse ASAP! I already bought the supplement, just wish I could buy the motivation:) Your blog helps so much!

Candis said...

I keep hearing about Spark and totally want to try it. Do you know if its safe to drink while breastfeeding?

Liz Casasanta said...

I started following your blog the day you started advocare... funny thing is I was starting advocare the next day! I have loved reading your blog and have found you to be an inspiration! I blogged my way through the challenge and found the challenge awesome! Though my blog is just beginning and was really started as a journal for myself and family to keep me accountable, I think I might keep at it and continue to build upon it. Try the cleanse again in 90 days and do the full challenge. I lost 8lbs but even more interesting - 20.5 inches! ecass07.blogspot.com

ilikebeerandbabies.com said...

Dude! See my belly button for the same reason. Damn belly rings!


meredith said...

I'm doing the 10 day cleanse...I'm on day 3 and doing pretty good so I'm excited! Thanks for getting my butt in shape.

jami lynn said...

A couple of my friends are AdvoCare reps and SWEAR by their products. I've been wanting to try it myself, and have been saving my doll hairs. Great non-biased review!

Rachel Johnson said...

First of all that whole, lemon, cayenne pepper thing you speak... Yea this girl has done it and hated it. Just want to say congrats on completing the challenge and sharing your results. The part that really stuck out in this post was your comment "That's okay. Because I just get right back up and fix it with the next meal. Or the next workout.Fall down 8 times, get up 9." Basically I don't need to freak out when I fudge up (like I typically do!!) Thanks again!

sunshine! said...

Absolutely adore your blog and the "say it like you mean it" approach!

Funny, I was just updating my blog with a post about the cleanse I'm half-way through doing (similar to what you did, I think) when I saw yours.

Thanks for sharing yourself with us here in blogland!

Britney Mills said...

Haha...look at you being all healthy while there is a small mound of M&Ms sitting on my desk! Thanks for the knowledge on the cleanse...I've always thought of them as the you-can't-eat-anything-for-days type of thing so it's nice to hear there are different ones out there.

Be proud of those itty bitty stretch marks girl! They are probably worth it to have your cute kids around!

jami lynn said...

I have two friends that are AdvoCare reps and swear by their products, but I've been wanting to hear a non-biased review. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and giving me the push I needed. After I have all my doll hairs saved up I'll be giving the 24 Day Challenge a go myself!

mommy23newtons said...

Your teeth. Tell me about your fantastic arctic white teeth. Spark is my lifeline. Love it and could not raise my kids without it. Love your writings. You should hit up the BCS marathon in college station in December--it rocks like none other!! Will do the 1/2 again.

Courtney Kotulak said...

Great post! Please try to remember that for every person who has a negative comment or stops reading because of a post, there is another who is motivated and inspired by it. I had been stuck on a plateau when I read about your trying Advocare. So I researched it myself (something I recommend everyone do before gettin' all negative) and decided it was something I wanted to try. Post-cleanse, I have broken my plateau by 7lbs and have continued to eat cleanly and follow the Challenge. So I, for one, thank you for posting about it. I am off to enjoy my Fruit Punch Spark (my fav flavor). My baby was up all night with a 103 fever, so Spark is pretty much the only reason I haven't fallen asleep at my desk.

Not so evil Shenanigans said...

I love that you are honest about the struggle doesn't magically end when you reach your goal, that life goes on, and that it's OK to indulge now and then as long as you don't stray too much and get right back to routine with the next meal or workout! You rock!

Amy Sonak said...

I love Advocare products!! I did the 24 day challenge 2 years ago and lost 12 lbs and a total of 15 inches! And I agree with you about Spark. It is amazing!! My favorites are pink lemonaide and grape.

undomestic mama said...

You got your belly button pierced on the top AND bottom? I did the top and that was enough pain for me. We weigh the exact same but you look so much more thin, I need to hit the weights again. I've actually always liked weights more than cardio but have fallen in love with Zumba and now do way more cardio.

Mama of Two Princes said...

I loves this post, you crack me up! I had the SAME ISSUE with my belly ring too. I saved up moolah and got me a new belly button. Purdy. :-) You're the best, enjoy your posts!

Chris Dodaj said...

This post made me laugh out loud!! You absolutely do not suck. love ya!! I had a three pound loss today myself, so that was huge!!!

Courtsbrooke said...

Every day you literally make me lol!


End of story....

Sarah Van Pelt said...

Did the 10 day cleanse and love it! Advocare was a great way to launch eating healthy and I felt ahmazing afterwards...Still losing weight and feel so much better not eating crap food...I'm not a total clean eater...I'm a farm girl at heart so taters & gravy will never be gone :)

Nicki said...

Awesome and thanks for the truth because really everything sounds great in ads/commercials but I want the deets. LOL...

Lucky in Love said...

I'm struggling big time with my weight loss. Between my horrid work schedule and mommy guilt (yes, i suffer big time!)because I barely see my kids 2 hours a day as it is, I just feel stuck! Maybe a cleanse is what I need to kick my ass in gear! I lost 30 lbs last year and it is slowly but surely creaping back on. I was so proud of myself and this just sucks!!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

So someone on the fit camp said that the spark has splenda in it? Is that correct?

I've thought about doing something like this to get off my plateau but then I think I can just stop eating nachos and donuts and that might help too ;)

Denise G said...

I can't believe people gave you shit about doing a cleanse as an easy way out? You were not drinking only lemon water with cayenne pepper, you took healthy supplements and ate real food. People are so stupid. This cleanse that you did sounds a lot similar to the NORMAL eating plan my nutritionist gives me, supplements and all. Just irritates me how stupid people are. Rock on.

Samantha @ 24 to 30 said...

I LOVE that you are so good at telling people to F off politely. And that you don't seem to let it get to you. I've never tried Advocare and I'm not sure that I will but when I eat clean I can tell a difference in my body in a day's time.

Catie @ Catie's Corner said...

You're hilarious Brandi! You always crack me up. I don't know if I could do a cleanse. The thought of not having sugar - OMG! And I'm not a sugar addict or anything, but there's sugar is in milk. I have to have me giant mug of tea in the morning and it HAS to have milk. Do you know if natural sugars count? If they don't, then yeah, I could swing a cleanse. =) Have a great afternoon Girl!

~ Catie

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

my friend is an advocare distributor and LOVES the spark. i was going to start it, but i miserably failed on my 30 day isagenix system. sucks to suck!
HOWEVER. i pierced my belly button on the top and bottom too! ahahaha. funny times. when this baby comes out though, im going to be following your weight loss journey minute by minute! and copy!

Missy said...

I did the cleanse and loved it! I intended to finish the 24-day challenge as well, but life got in the way. Monday starts the 14 days for me!

Rusks said...

i Loved when i did the 10 cleanse i lost 6lbs in the first week. Spark is by far my favorite product i use it everyday right after lunch when i am usually the most tired :)

Rob and Amber said...

I did the 10-day cleanse and had great results... even though I wasn't sure what kind of "results" I was looking for. I'm training for my first (sprint) triathlon and just wanted to clean up my diet because I've been trying to lose this last stubborn 5lbs of baby weight. And my child is 19 months old, so what is the excuse. ANYWAY, I decided to do the 24 day challenge a bit late and was on a roll... until I went on vacation. Who the hell wants to eat clean on vacation? Ok, so I started off well... and then after the kiddos went to bed, the wine came out. And we raided the only grocery store in town for all their on sale Easter candy. End of story. Your journey is inspirational! I've run 3 half-marathons, and one full marathon (never again!!), and lots of little races. And am hoping to add a triathlon to the mix next month.

Bottom line, I am so happy you wrote this post because it's REAL and I kinda felt like a failure for not being able to "complete" the challenge. But you have a great attitude and I needed to read this. Aloha!

~Shelly~ said...

I did the cleanse- just the 10 days. I lost 7lbs and got down to 145 (goal weight is 130). I was so excited. And then my period also came and Easter. UGH. I gained 6lbs of that back but am now back to 147 at least. Have lost 27lbs in about 8 months so its def a slow process with its ups and downs. Going on a cruise in 2 weeks so Im sure Ill come back weighing 160 LOL! Thanks for the motivation Mama!

Jenna Rae said...

I can never get enough of your blog! I literally laugh out loud at most of your posts because you are so up front and honest and I love that! You are truly an inspiration to me and between you and Skinny Meg, you guys gave me the push to start my own blog this past week! I wanted to share my story of losing 50 lbs and to throw in my everyday life happenings as well...so thank you for that! Keep up the amazing work!!

tweetsweet said...

I am on Day 11 of the 24 day challenge right now. I did it this time last year and it "sparked" (haha) the best year of my health since hitting my 40's. I lost 13 pounds last year on the Challenge, then went on to lose 35 lb over the rest of the year when I added running AND did my first half-marathon. I have, so far, lost 5 lb on this Challenge - but haven't weighed in a few days so it is probably more. I have added a weight lifting "boot camp" class twice a week, Insanity workout and continue to run as well. Spark really is the best stuff ever...and MSN 3 packets - make ya feel good folks!

Isaac Dakota said...

I totally get you! I exercise but my diet gets me into trouble. I either gotta be happy with who I am or make some drastic changes that I stick with. I like food too much. :)

Stephanie Collins said...

So glad you tried the challenge! My husband and I love AdvoCare. We've been using the products for about a year now. I'm with you on the weight loss part. I did it to get my eating habits clean and back on track and to gain more energy. The weight loss was an added bonus! We LOVE Spark. I so wish I'd had it right after my daughter was born. The hub's fave is Mango Strawberry and I'm a Mandarin Orange girl. Love your blog! You're a great inspiration to others :)

Anni S said...


I just found you while browsing through Pinterest and girl, you are really motivating me!!

New follower right here!

xoxo from Germany,

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I need to give spark another try. I've had it before and it made me crazy jittery, BUT I blame that on the fact that I tried it, after having 2 cups of Coffee that AM!!! STUPIDDDDD!

I think it would be a great - wake me up, item that doesn't have all the calories of my coffee (I'm a cream and sugar kind of girl). Now that it's summer it's a great thing to try especially since hot coffee loses it's luster in the hot months in Alabama!!!!

Brittany said...

You have inspired me to do a 24 day challenge and to try this SPARK drink you are raving about!


Lydia - Running Wild(er) said...

I love Advocare and have done the 24 day challenge twice. We take SPARK daily in my house! And if you have never tried Catalyst - do it! My favorite for working out! So true about "You can't out train a bad diet!" - have to tell myself that ALL THE TIME. I got down to 152 last year and am right back to 167 - sucks that is all from poor eating choices!

Kaitlin Goodey said...

I tried advocare.... I cracked! the 10 day cleanse was fine but once into the 24 day challenge I couldn't take it anymore. I was following it to the T and seriously I apparently can't live without my dairy! Most of the clean eating stuff was easy, going gluten free was pretty easy but fighting the whole sugar things is hard enough so to fight against the dairy craving drove me bonkers! I did loose 3 pounds before I cracked though. Great for people who can commit to it but if you follow it strickly it is kind of hardcore in my opinion! Good luck trying it again!

miranda pierson said...

Can you buy the herbal cleanse at any store or can you only order it online? I have never tired anything like this before and I really want to try it.

Krystal said...

Love love LOVE Spark!!! The grape is my favorite!!!

BREI said...

I totally forgot. You should try wild Friends Nut Butters. They have a vanilla, almond, espresso one that is amazing! I have to hide it from myself!

Unknown said...

This seriously made me LOL. I also did the 24 day challenge, and stuck to it pretty well. Still didn't lose much weight, but lost a few inches. But seriously people, you HAVE to drink Spark. I'm totally addicted. My fave is fruit punch..but right now i'm finishing off a box of Mango Strawberry. It sort of tastes like a Pina Colada..minus the good stuff. You could always add the good stuff..but..not while on the 24 day challenge. :D Anyways, you're hilarious..loved reading this post.

Vicky said...

I really want to try this, but can't get it shipped to Canada. Grr

Bry Mireles said...

Has anyone gained all their weight back after stopping the 24 day challenge?

Melissa Schemenauer said...

As soon as I start working, I want to start getting the Advo-Care stuff. I've heard wonderful things about it (and seen the amazing results it can give!) I've also heard a lot of people talking about clean eating. I'd really like to try it, but I worry about the cost. Right now we're on a pretty rigid food budget. Is clean eating that much more expensive?

Bree Soncrant said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. I started the cleanse 10 days ago and have lost no weight and only 2 inches, but on day 3 I started my period....so I'm hoping that that has something to do with it. I haven't cheated once so that's the only thing that makes sense. Thanks for posting :)

Flecia Marie said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! Realness is hard to find these days. I am 6 days into the 10 day cleanse. I have gained about 3 pounds!!!! I have been eating as advised. I also am on the verge of starting my period. Hoping for some change when it's over. Thanks for such a great blog!

Erin Shannon said...

Hey girl! You're awesome and so inspiring to others! I read the past though, about you getting a tummy tuck/skin cut off and I just want you to know there are better ways! Have you heard of the It Works body wraps? We also have herbal supplements and detoxing greens, everything is 100% all natural! The wraps tighten, tone and firm loose skin. Even people that have gastric bypass use them! If you want more info shoot me an email (erin7707@hotmail.com) but it's a lot less expensive ($59 for 4 wraps) and no pain, no mess! Check them out, I promise they'll be worth it!

Michelle Garcia said...

ok i have a question. im doing the 24day challange and with the 10day cleanse i lost 9 pounds. well got on the scale three days later and it said i gained 4lbs.. i ve been doing good onthis diet so dont understand..please help feeling helpless..:(but let me put in there i have been working out more since i have been doing the 24 day challang.

Frazer loveman said...

Probably water

Ruth Belmont said...

Thank you for inspiring us, I wanted to follow Advocare herbal cleanse recipes for 10 day cleanse, found your content very useful. Now I am determined to change my body to a whole new one


Thank you once again