I'm in a Reeses Coma

WHYYYYYY are Reeses eggs the best candy EVER??
I felt like White Goodman in Dodgeball yesterday.
Seriously. I have issues.
There was so much foooooooood. And it was delicious.

So today, I'm feeling like a busted can of biscuits.
Which is why I opted for this awesome dress to hide my muffin top.
Mmmmmm muffinnnss....
dress from Kiki La'Rue
It hugs in all the right places and doesn't in all the wrong ones.
I'm in a medium. And I need a tan.

Friday the boys had an Easter egg hunt at school.
Okay, can we please talk about them for a minute??
I mean, I just don't think they could be ANY cuter.
I know all moms think that about their kids... but c'mon.... SERIOUSLY!
They are the most handsome little dudes.
Even MJ, who I'm preeeeetttyyy sure is the Devil incarnate.
I am just so ridiculously blessed to be their mom.
Okay, enough with the sentimental crap.
It's so not my forte.


Big T has jumped on the "Flex break" bandwagon. And it's quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

Yes, I realize what a ridiculous tool I am.
I even make fun of myself.

Because, really, I'm totally aware how lame I am.

Saturday night The Hubs and I had a date night.
top from Kiki La'Rue. shorts from LOFT
Pete's Piano Bar
so handsome
2 of the 3 couples out for date night
We always have a good time at Pete's. I don't think it's possible to have a bad time there.
Unless you drink too much. In which case, anywhere would suck.
I digress.

Yesterday we went to family's houses and had more food, candy, and easter egg hunts.
sweet babies
 And then we came home and snuggled our babies. I could not love these boys more.

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Hope you all had a great Easter weekend! We sure did!
OH, and The Hubs told me he planned a surprise trip to Vegas in June for my birthday and our 5 year anniversary!
So yeahhh... no more Reeses eggs for this gal.... I gotta get in a bikini!
(insert panic attack here)


Gina Horkey said...

You look gorg! Love the clothes. My IRL friend Shannon is one of your new sponsors and makes the best hand made baby hats; awesome for new baby gifts/showers:-) Little Buttercup Baby is her shop name.

karly from [kar[+]wade] said...


that video is freaking amazing.
then it led right into the happy birthday to skinny meg.

and that was freaking amazing too.

i love your life.

Crystal Ocegueda said...

I'm lovin' the dress! And your boys are absolutely adorable!

Lara said...

I swear they put something extra in those Reese's eggs. They are the devil for sure!!!

Jennjilla said...

That video you made of yourself is hi-larious!

Happy Monday! :)

Amy Carta said...

I'll totally come meet you in Vegas!!!!

Emmy said...

I'm feeling not-so-great today, too. I've been so darn healthy lately that just ONE semi-unhealthy meal and a couple of jelly beans can totally make me feel like poop. Ugh.

Dorothy Chlup said...

you're so inspiring...not just in the weight loss arena, but in the..how to enjoy life arena (thank you, thank you! I need to loosen up a bit!), how to dress well and look pretty-i.e., you make me want to look good when I kinda don't care about looking bad, and just...you are refreshing. You're real and fun and you make me wanna be a better person!

Melissa Folz said...

you are not incorrect in thinking your sons are beyond adorable... those guys and Miss M are beyond precious and I love their keeks! :)

I somehow avoided all Reeses this weekend, it was an Easter miracle, cause had I seem any, they would be IN MY BELLY!!!! :)

Joanne said...

Ok--Love the videos...Big T's flex break is ADORABLE I die.

Your video...LOVE
Fake boobs= who gives a rats ass it's your body you do what you want!
Veneers= Again....did you ask anyone their opinion?!? They can suck it!
Daily outfit pic = Don't stop that shit...I love your cute clothes :)
Screw the haters....thats what I say!

Lisa said...

The video of Big T is so cute!!! Both of your boys are adorable!

NerkyMeg said...

You are welcome to stand next to me any time you think you need a tan.

Um, that flex break video with Big T was the cutest thing I've seen, maybe ever.

Morgan Dixon said...

I'm a Sponsor! Whoop Whoop! I was just gonna say after all the boys pics how freakin cute they are! I have 3 kiddos, 2 girls & 1 boy...boys are sooo cute, girls...well, they're rotten ;)

Check out my link ladies!

Sarah Wisecarver said...

Love this post! Def made me smile!! :)
Yall's boys are so darn cute! blonde headed like my baby girls! about the same ages too!

btw, I was sneaky last night after they went to bed and at 2 of their Reeses eggs! was going for just one but I figured they'd see the difference so I had to make it even and sneak one from both baskets! haha!
Good to hear you all had a nice Easter holiday!
VEGAS BAYBAY!! ;) I'll be in Vegas in June too!!

BREI said...

Love the dress and how adorable your kids are! I think they put crack in those eggs because I love them so much. I am not allowed within 10 feet of a bad because I will consume the whole thing.

Amanda Z said...

If you can't laugh at yourself, then life is just not worth living. :) Your boys are extremely adorable and you even caught MJ smiling! Go hubs on the surprise trip! I've never been, but I've heard that Vegas is awesome.

momFITtingitallin said...

U and ur hubby do make cute babies!!

I love Reese - this year I didn't do too bad just about 12 Canbury eggs :)

Looking good in those red shorts!

Catie @ Catie's Corner said...

I looked like a hobit! Seriously hilarious! You had me laughing out loud. That's for the giggle and the cute little boy pix! =)

~ Catie

KaceFace said...

Big T is such a lil ham, you definitely have the right to be one of those mammas who thinks their kids are adorbs because they are!

Elle Noel said...

You are lookin great as always! Vegas betta watch out!

keepingupwithkate said...

I've read your blog for quite awhile but I don't normally comment. However, I just wanted to tell you, I really appreciate how sincere you are. There are WAY too many out there who are afraid to be who they really are. And I love that you're not. You're genuine. Silly. A loving Mom (and BTW, your boys ARE flipping adorable). Somehow you manage to do so much and inspire so many, and I think one of the main reasons for that is because you're not afraid to put it out there. And that's not always easy on the internet - people are mean sometimes. Anyway, thanks for being you!

Justine said...

I have an entire package of Reeses Eggs at my house that I bought (dumb)but haven't opened yet because my girls don't even like them. If I open it, I will eat the entire package (there is definitely something in them)!

Thanks for being an inspiration to me - I love reading your blog and I follow you and Skinny Meg every day!

La Gal said...

OMG...Reese's anything. In the shape of an egg, a christmas tree, a cup...hell, it could be shaped like poop and it would still be delicious :o)

Candice said...

Love the kid flex pics! After eating all her broccoli and/or exercising with mommy, she'll stand up and kiss her muscles and say "I so strong!" - it is THE.CUTEST.THING.EVER! I have to get it on video and post it on my blog - it's greatness #poundkidsarefunny ;)

Britney Mills said...

It's always nice to know there are people out there that feel the same way I do. I don't know what it is about the Reese's eggs but they are so addicting....Love them!

Your kids are definitely adorable. Glad you had a great weekend!

Kate said...

Your kids are so stinkin' cute! I always told my hubby that I wanted a girl, but your boys are making me change my mind!

That's awesome your man gave you a heads up for Vegas, though! You can do a lot of damage in two months!

Patty B said...

This cracked me up because my boys are the same ages as yours and I feel like I could have written that paragraph... that my kids are the cutest in the world, and my youngest is "satan's little helper."

REBrown said...

I'm so jealous that you can wear shorts where you live!

Rachel said...

So I've been reading your blog for a while now and I figured I'd comment.

Reeses Eggs are reallly amazing though.. gahhh

oh and thanks for inspiring me to work out :)

Lynette said...

You totally have to stay at the Cosmopolitan if you go to Vegas!! We stayed at the Bellagio like next door, but I will def. stay at Cosmo next time. In my opinion, it was the most young and fun with the best atmosphere and is right in the center of the strip. The Bellagio was a little stuffy for me.

Lacey at Sunny + Turquoise said...

what??? How do you know you get made fun of? I take outfit pics in the mirror and post them on Wednesday aha maybe I should investigate to see if the haterade is pouring on me too. Forget 'eeem. Pleaase do a hair/makeup tutorial??

Heather Langston said...

You look absolutely gourgeous and they are so freakin cute!!!

Melissa said...

I am right there with ya chick... I ate so many reese's eggs yesterday I probably shoulda puked.. but it was so worth it! Started the Advocare cleanse today- perfect timing! LOL!
P.S. your kids are adorable!

Kat D said...

HAHAHA "yes I have vaneers....shoulda seen that shit before.." OMG i died. Hilarious.

-Kat D at itsthewholecaboodle.blogspot.com

Carolyn said...

Can you pretty please do a tutorial on how you get your hair so cute with the headbands?! Like the picture from the Easter egg hunt?

Thanks, love you :-) (is that creepy? I don't even know you)

Kim Pannell said...

after reading this, i immediately dug through my girls' baskets of candy they got from g-parents. ONE Reese's egg. only ONE! what the what?!?

needless to say, I devoured that egg.
I tried to savor it slowly, but it was just so good i ate in about .0159 seconds.

Emily said...


Bren said...

Um, your boys make me want to die of cuteness overload!!! Makes me look forward to watching my little guy grow (except not, cause really...he needs to stay small)

Leah @ The Blondie Tells All said...

Reese Eggs are the shit! I ate way too many of those things! Thank God they are gone now! Love the leopard and coral mix up!!

Janet Vaught said...

I just realized that all the comments read "Lisa said" and "Jill said" and I realized someone needs to have a user name of "thats what she"


Tanvee said...

your boys are so cute <3 (touchwood)

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

You look great :) YOur boys are ADORABLE!! Happy Easter


Ashley H said...

I make that's what she said jokes. :) They're my favorite. Also, your mom jokes. Those are great too.

meg-pie said...

AHAHA 'seriously, like a hobbits'

I near spittled my water on that HAAHAH LOVE IT!

Seriously though, you're fantastical and I'm ready to start kickin butt at the gym once this baby is out in 16 days or less. <3 you mama.

Megan C. said...

that video=amazballs!

Nikole E! said...

you are SO RIGHT about the damn Reeses eggs. why are they so good?!?

RadiantKristen said...

I went cold turkey on Reese's eggs this year, because when I don't, bad things happen.

Also, I'm newer around your parts, but why in the world do people make fun of you??? That's dumb shit. There are plenty of other blogs in the sea, no reason to make fun of people and be rude. LOVE your response!