Our Love Story: Part 2

I may have started writing this without thinking of all the bad that will have to be rehashed in this story.
I have told y'all before that The Hubs and I have had our ups and downs.
Yet, we are still here and going strong. Some days/weeks/months are better than others.
But I can't write our love story without all the details.
That would just be all rainbows and sunshine, and y'all know most love stories are NOT like that.
Ours is no exception.

If you haven't read Part 1, you can do that HERE.

The days went on as I continued to be the girlfriend of a baseball player, yet spend my extra time with the blonde guy from History class.
I treated the baseball player pretty badly, quite honestly.
I'd go visit the blonde at work, bring him lunch and hang out with him all the time.
My boyfriend would call and I'd dance around the truth as to where I was, etc.
The blonde was a bad boy and for some odd reason I liked that.
I'd never been attracted to a bad boy before. I wasn't used to it. I was used to types like the baseball player, so very sweet, would do anything for me, and generally just a "good guy".
The blonde wasn't like that.
He was funny, a smart ass, and he liked to party.
He reminded me of Stiffler from American Pie. He cussed a lot and he was very outgoing.
I was 18 years old and I didn't know how to party really, so keeping up with him was tough.
I finally broke up with the baseball player and devoted all of my time to the blonde.
Sean was his name. And I was crazy about him.
We spent a lot of time together.
Going out to bars, drinking when I could get away with using my sister's ID.
We were young and dumb.... him more so than me.
He was 2 years older than me, so he wasn't even 21 yet.
Looking back I'm not even sure how we got into some places or how we were able to drink, etc.
We had fun together though.
I was the sweet one, would do anything for him, and he was the "shrug it off and don't act like you care too much" kind.
I was intrigued.
And he knew it.

I was working as a bartender and cocktail waitress and he worked at a tanning salon where he let me tan for free.
Yes, I know, bad stuff. I am a former tanning bed addict.
Sean was white as could be, but he could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves. I'm not ever really sure how he was able to get all these women to buy all these tanning products, but I was in awe when I'd see him work his magic.
He was a sweet talker.
I'm sure his ice blue eyes helped him out a tad, too.
I fell hard for him.

He began to go out more and more after he turned 21. I was still underage, so I ended up more times than not waiting at his house for him to get home.
He had some kind of spell over me. He took me under his wing and always acted like a father figure to me. I liked the protection and power he had over me.
And he took advantage of that.
I was young and in love. But I was NOT going to be the first to say it. I knew the kind of guy he was. I knew I was in love with him, but I also knew that my chances of getting my heart broken were bigger if I said it first and he didn't feel the same.
So I loved him in silence.

One night we went out with another couple to Deep Ellum. It's a very artsy kind of area here, that back then, was actually pretty cool. Lots of bars and tattoo shops. It was summer and nice out at night.
We had been drinking and some guys started to make a few comments about me and the other girl and Sean and his friend were trying to defend us. Telling the guys to leave us alone, stop making gestures, etc.
One thing lead to another and the next thing I know Sean is being thrown into the back of a cop car.
I was crying, scared, and just watched as he was hauled off to jail.
The rest of that night is much of a blur. I drove Sean's Tahoe home and walked in my apartment at about 3am.
Upon walking in the door my roommate said "what the hell happened? Sean called from jail!" I said  
I'd gone up to the jail to try to bail him out that night to no avail.
They said he hadn't even been booked yet, so it'd be awhile before I could post bail.
My roommate said "he told me to tell you he loves you."

Tears swelled in my eyes.
My boyfriend, the bad boy, who I was so in love with, loved me back!!!

Yes, the first time he said it, it was to my roommate, when he was drunk, and behind bars...

But he loved me, dammit!
And that's all I cared about.


momFITtingitallin said...

Ok I am very intrigued for part 3. Because I swear I read your blog ALL the time and did I miss your hubs name because I swear that looks like your hubs but I don't recall Sean. But then again I always refer to you as Mama Laughlin not your given name :)

Ashley West said...

Its always fun to love a bad boy! Even better when they love you and settle down with ya, always adventure :)

undomestic mama said...

Love this story, can't wait for the next parts!

Kari said...

Can't wait for the next installment!

Kristin said...

I wonder how many other people went searching through your blog to try to find out if your husband's name is Sean :)

I'm married to a bad boy, too. Shhh, don't tell anyone how sweet they can be behind closed doors. They have to maintain, ya know.

Jenna Stamas said...

So sweet! I love hearing people's love story.

karly from [kar[+]wade] said...

hahah just finish the rest of the dang story, woman! not cool!! ;)

Sharonereid said...

Oh I love this! I have a former bad boy myself...gotta love them! Keep'em coming Mama!

Carie said...

Love this so far! Ready for Part 3!!!!

KaceFace said...

I need mooooreee!! such a cute beginning, reminds me and looks exactly like the guy I thought was the one, still could be, who knows. but I cant wait to hear the rest of the story!

Alyson said...

Okay... officially addicted!

Mandi Severing said...

I can not wait for part 3!
I read all the time (subscribed about 5 months ago), and realized we don't know much about "Hubs" :)

Shelli said...

Dang girl! This is like some hot ass fifty shades book! Love it!

Lizziegirl said...

OMG...I AM LOVING THIS STORY!!! I love the ending "Yes, the first time he said it, it was to my roommate, when he was drunk, and behind bars..." THAT IS CLASSIC!!!

Trista said...

Such a great picture of you two!

Crystal Ocegueda said...

Can't wait for part 3!

Sarah Belle said...

I am sort of dying for part 3...

Girl, you should write a book! You have the cliffhanger thing down.

Shelia Benedict said...

Awww I cant wait for the rest of the story dang it! LOL

Melissa Folz said...

dont get me wrong, I LOVE two posts in one day, but I am on edge here!! I am so excited to hear the whole story unfold! and I cant believe you met your hubs freshman year! :)

Samantha @ 24 to 30 said...

Love this! I'm also married to a former bad boy and our stories sound pretty similar...you are taking me back to the good old days with this! LOL. Keep it coming!

Madison Morgan said...

I can't wait for more! :) You're killing me!

Candice said...

Arg! The suspense!

Little Miss Bootyful said...

Ermagherd!!! Now I'm hooked to this damn story like Holly Stanfield and her House of Hell. And now I know even MORE why I lurv you so much.

Candy said...

Damn I love a good Love story!! Come on with it mama! I wanna hear the rest now!! ;)

Sarah Wisecarver said...

Sooo sweet, we sweet southern gal sure do love bad boys! haha
Love that pic of you two!

Alea said...

Ahhh, I love it! I found your blog a few weeks ago and I went back to the very first post and read everything in order to the most current!

Morgan Dixon said...

Love it....been with my husband about the same time frame and he is my polar opposite....love this, can't wait to read the rest!

If you haven't clicked my sponsor pic to the left, please check me out!


nortiz03 said...

Can we get Part 3 today, Pleeese?:)

Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

Y'all are precious!!!!! I'm not getting married if I don't have a love story like this one day :) I'll be a cat lady before I marry a man who doesn't love me in that protective/powerful kinda way. :)

The Martens said...

I am loving this!!! I decided to do the same!

Its fun to look back and remeber your feelings at that time in your life. Yall are so cute together! Marriage is definitely a struggle - but worth every bit of it!


jlee said...

Nooo....I want more! Good story can't wait until the next one!

Catie @ Catie's Corner said...

Looking forward to part 3! Especially after you mentioned on fb that you were crying while you wrote it. Thanks for sharing! I love posts like these. =)

~ Catie

Alicia McKee said...

Love it!

Alicia McKee said...

Lovin' this!!!!

Britney Snyder said...

i am loving this!!
Great idea to post..and you are such a talented writer.

Tarah Brenny said...

Can't wait for part 3!!!!