Getting to Vegas

I need a vacation from my vacation, y'all!
I had such a blast in Vegas, but it is DRAINING!
I'm officially too old for this junk.
Let's start off with the insane time we had GETTING there.

On Thursday morning I woke up at my normal time of 4:30am and went to the gym to sweat it out for my last gym session before getting in a bikini in Vegas.
If you've read this blog for a while you know that that has been one of my biggest goals with my weight loss- to wear a bikini in Vegas and FEEL good in it.
I didn't care about a certain size, or my weight, or the fact that I have loose skin and stretch marks. I just wanted to FEEL good and confident in that bikini. Despite all my imperfections.
I'll get to that in a minute.
But first let's talk flying.

The Hubs and I flew standby.
We were so very fortunate and thankful to have been given the tickets to do so, but it did NOT work out in our favor well.
Apparently everyone and their mom's dog was trying to get to Vegas on Thursday.
We got to Love Field (Dallas airport) at 10:30am on Thursday morning.
Got my luggage checked and right through security, no problem.
We met another couple that was going with us in the terminal and we ate some lunch and hung out until our flight left around 2pm.
skinny margaritas and chicken fajitas
I'm  doing very well eating at this point, FYI. Sometimes it's hard for me to stay on track during vacation. I had one corn tortilla and picked at the chicken and veggies after that.
It's becoming easier and easier for me to deal with eating out. I used to seriously DIIIIIE if I couldn't have queso and sour cream at a mexican restaurant. Now? No biggie.

and this is the last of the 'me smiling' pictures on Thursday
So we get on the plane and connect in Midland/Odessa and are waiting for the plane to take off and hear our names called over the speaker.
We got pulled off the plane.
Chance you take when flying standby.

Get off the plane and are looking for the next flight when we hear that there are only 2 flights left out of Midland/Odessa and they are booked solid with a crapton of people on the wait list.
Our best bet would be to rent a car and dive 4 hours to El Paso, Tx. and TRY to get on one of the two remaining flights out of El Paso that night.
We hopped in our Impala and booked it to El Paso.
Midland/Odessa to El Paso is, hands down, THE MOST BORING DRIVE EVER.
There is nothing.
I saw a few tumbleweeds.
I saw a dirt tornado.
And a crapload of 18 wheelers.
And that's it.
Flat, desert and cacti, no gas stations, nothing.

We get to El Paso and race up to our gate and wait to be called on the first flight.
Then wait to be called on the second flight.
So we ended up buying tickets out to Vegas first thing in the morning.
I didn't care how much the tickets cost at that point, I was NOT going to stay all day in the airport for another day. Our flight was leaving at 9:20am the next morning.
top is from Dillards (gift from SkinnyMeg for my bday), shorts from Old Navy, bag from Charming Charlies
We walked over to the nearest, cheapest hotel room with no bags (they were already in Vegas), in a sand storm.
Seriously, El Paso is DRY.
We ate dinner at Applebees and went back to the hotel and to bed.
I bought a $7 toothbrush at the airport and had to wear the clothes from the day before.
We woke up, on our 5 year anniversary, in a Microtel in El Paso, Tx. with another couple staying in the room with us.
But honestly? Nowhere else I'd rather be.

We got to the airport and I needed a drink STAT.

We got on the plane and got to Vegas around noon.
We took a cab to our hotel, The Venetian.
 And immediately changed into our suits and hit up the pool.
bathing suit from Everything But Water
I have had 2 kids.
I've lost a significant amount of weight.
I have stretch marks and loose skin.

And I rocked a bikini in Vegas.

And I felt AMAZING!

(Part 2 coming tomorrow)


Kiki said...

I am so proud of you girl!! you rocked that bikini in Vegas!!! I loved getting all your fun Instagram updates over the weekend!! im glad that even though you had a stressful Thursday you had a wonderful anniversary weekend!!

Have a great week!

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

You look amazing!!!

Amy {Write this Down} said...

You look fabulous!!

Sarah Kopf said...

You look great! Hope you had a great time the rest of the weekend!

morethanjustdessert said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your swimsuit cover up!

Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

Girl, you ROCKED that bikini... And you looked freaking fantabulous doing it. :) I'm so glad y'all had a great time even though you had to deal with some mishaps!!!!!

Jackie said...

You looked great! For not having any of your bags, you also looked wonderful the morning after!

Lindsay@cowboybootsandanapron said...

I feel like your trip is the story of my life with my fiance..if it can go wrong...IT WILL!..But the key is to have the best person possible to share it with...you clearly have that, and I am so thankful I do too! I loved your IG pic that said sometimes the craziest adventures are the best...so true!!

PS you look smokin in your bikini!! Hard work well worth it!!

Haydee said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys. My husband and I also celebrated our anniversary saturday. We live in El Paso, Tx. You are right it is dry and hot. Im so excited you were here. I been following you for about 8 months. Im glad you guys made it to Vegas!!!!

Elle Noel said...

Eeeek traveling night mare! Glad ya'll were able to make the most of it! I saw your swim pic on IG and thought HOT DAMN look at her! You should feel amazing in that swim suit cause you look it! Two kids or no kids girl that hard work has paid off!

Michelle said...

Happy Annivetsary!!! You look amazing, such an inspiration!!! :)

Bunch of Something said...

that is my next big goal...to feel confident in a bikini bc Ive told myself after 2 c sections and stretch marks Id never be able to wear one agian

Life's Tails said...

You look so great!

Kate said...

UGH, what a nightmare. But at least you made it! And you do look really great in that bikini--shows that hard work pays off. AND, you're staying in my favorite hotel! We visited the Venetian almost every day we were in Vegas because it was just so dang pretty! How was their pool?

Christy said...

You look AWESOME! So proud of you.

Kit Stadig said...

You look amazing & rocked that bikini! You have inspired me since I found your blog and I am working out harder than before! :) Thank you...

Lila Frank said...

IN LOVE with your suit and you look AMAZING.

Bitch on a Diet said...

love that suit! too bad the experience getting there sucked but at least you have a good story.

Catie @ Catie's Corner said...

You look great Brandi!! What a terrible time getting to Vegas. At least you made it there and had a good time, I'm assuming. ;) What are the rooms like at the Venetian? I lived in Vegas years ago and worked at the Mirage, but the Venetian is soo beautiful, I always wanted to stay there. lol Looking forward to part 2! =)

Samantha Townsend said...

You look great!!!! :)

I understand what you mean about that drive from Midland to El Paso...I'm from Odessa originally. Such a...long....boring...drive! Glad ya'll had fun!

hfbarr said...

You look hot! Glad y'all had fun, but that sucks you had to waste an entire day traveling!

Megan said...

Good for you on rocking that bikini. I lost all of the weight after my first, but def had loose skin and stretch marks, and refused to wear a bikini. I am now pregnant with #2, due in November. I'm hoping that after this one, I will lose it all again, tone up, and feel confident enough to wear a bikini and not feel self conscious the whole time! You look great. And I don't see your flaws, even though you might. I just need to realize that my flaws that are SO HUGE in my eyes, are probably not all that noticeable to everyone else! We are our own worst critic.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Hellish beginnings like that are the stories you will tell whenever anyone ever mentions flying again.

You rocked that suit!

Marcia Ginger said...

You look AMAZEBALLS! Hope your trip was fantastic - Happy Anniversary!

Enriquez Family said...

Uhmmm freaking Hott!!!

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

i loved following along via ig!
cant wait to read how your trip went when you finally got there!! AND I AM SO GLAD that you felt as good as you looked!!! xxo

Erica Alferez said...

you look absolutely amazing :)
I love Charming Charlie's! !! got my crossbody there!

Mrs. T said...

You looked great! I'm so jealous of your trip! (Not the El Paso detour part) I love LasVegas. My hubby and I have gone several times and always have a blast! I was following along on IG and Keek and was so wishing I was poolside! I can't wait to hear about part 2!

Jen said...

TOTALLY HOT!! What an inspiration!!!! I just love your blog and it gives me such hope that I can get there too!

Transformation said...

So Very proud of you. I am so glad I came across your blog today. I needed the boost. My goal is to where a bathing suit, I haven't worn one in about 14 years. I can't wait.

APrather said...

You look absolutely beautiful Mama! I hope to one day get to the point you've finally made it to. The tan looks great too btw...have you ever tried to talk Sean into a spray tan? haha :)

Raven said...

two things: yes, you look effing amazing. no need to add in the "2 kids and lost a significant amount of weight." YOU LOOK AMAZING. Period.

my husband played pro ball in El Paso for a while. He is very.....fond? of the area! Yeah that. So he relates. :)

Kimberly Kalmanir said...

Happy Anniversary! You totally rocked that bikini. You're such an inspiration!

Melissa F said...

you look amazing in it too!! I cant wait to be at that point where I am confident in a bikini as well!!!!! one day at a time!

Dee said...

You are amazing Bandi!!! & you definitely rocked that bikini!!! I am down 65 lbs after my second (& last) baby was born in November of 2011. I'm hoping to get back into my own bikini this summer. I feel like I am a constantly evolving into a better, healthier, stronger version of myself - always a work in progress :) Thanks so much for inspiring me to keep with it!!!

Z said...

You look really hawt mama.
I loveee vegas stayed in teh venetian as well.
You look ubrer cool. I have been trying to lose weight but it has been the longest ride ever. It just wont come off.
You rock ina bikni. xo