Pretty Muddy = Pretty Awesome

Saturday was the Pretty Muddy Run in Dallas.
Oh my gosh, we had a blast, y'all!
We got to Skyline Ranch and started off the day with some Zumba. I forgot how much I love Zumba! I used to take it when I was pregnant with Mushy and haven't since then.
Well Mama's starting up again!
After Zumba we hung around and met all of the girls from our team, taped our shoes, talked and had fun before the Old Navy fashion show started.
We then got changed into our Old Navy gear and walked up on stage and said a few things we love about the Active line from Old Navy.
I only flexbroke (??) that shit because Megan went ahead of me and flexbroke first. I believe her exact words were "Oh, and my guns are amazing!" in the microphone in front of everyone.
I mean, THEY ARE!

Don't you love how we can say that to each other and we know we're not being conceited?
Oh, I know. No, we're just being honest.
For real, I'm not just saying this because Old Navy paid me (they really didn't), but I am LOVING their Active line!
I've always loved their compression pants, but I just recently tried their shorts and tops and I'm sold on those bad boys, too!
Bonus- it's all 40% off right now! Go grab you some!
After the fashion show we hung around some more and waited for our wave to start.
We were in the last wave of the day, 12:00 so we just kinda hung out, which was nice!
They had live music, drinks, games, and booths set up. It was really nicely put together!
The obstacles were easy and the course was good. We ran through a creek at one point and stopped for pics and to wash off a bit.
It was really a lot of fun and the girls all did a kickass job!

We all waited before crossing the finish line so we could cross together as a team.
And while we waited we busted out some squats, burpees, and drills.
We got muddy. We got wet. We sweated. And we laughed a lot. Then we had some skinny margaritas and chicken fajitas.
It was a lot of fun!

If you're doing a mud run here are some tips I picked up:
-use duct tape to tape your shoes to  your ankles, so they don't get stuck in the mud.
-put your phone in a ziplock baggie in your sports bra. you'll really only be muddy from chest/waist down.
-bring towels!
-bring loose fitting clothes to change into- you'll be sticky and sweaty.
-tight compression pants are the way to go! shorts= mud in places you don't want mud.
-get a big group of fabulous women together and HAVE FUN!

Thank you to everyone who came out, who stopped and said hi, and who made it out to support us!
I met some amazing ladies and have a whole bunch of awesome new friends! 
I highly recommend getting your girlfriends together and doing a mud run!
I will definitely be doing another!
Check out a Pretty Muddy event near you! You won't regret it!

Do you plan on doing a Pretty Muddy Run near you?? If so, which one??


Mandi Wolfswinkel said...

I'll add a tip!! Don't go through muddy water and then try to slide down a fire pole during a Mud Run. It may result in a shattered ankle, 2 surgeries, 2 plates, and 13 screws! :) Glad you had a good time!

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

AWW what a fun day!! so happy you had such a great time!! and with so many fun friends to join you xoxo

Heather Nelson said...

I am doing the Dirty Girl 5K here in Iowa and I am SO Excited!! It is July 20th and I have never done anything like it before! Thanks for the tips and I will be sure to take lots of pics! We are trying to get a great group together....you should come up and join us! :)

Ashley Witt said...

Wow that looks like so much fun I'm not doing a mud run but I am doing a color run at the end of this month

wood0327 said...

That looks like so much fun!! There is one in Richmond, VA in September and I think I may just sign up after looking at all your pics!!

Reese said...

Love it! Looks like you guys had a blast. My next run is the Electric Run in July. Super excited for this one!

melissa maik said...

i wish i had one coming close to me, all we have are tuff mudder & warrier dash. fun stuff but i would much rather do one that was filled only other kick ass chicks!

smilinjo said...

Love the Romy and Michelle quote. Also love the fact that another person inserts movie quoted into their day to day life as often as I do! ;)

Chris Dodaj said...

That looks like so much fun!! I have to look into that in my area!!
What do compression pants actually do? I have seen them but wondered the purpose!

Amy said...

LOVE it.
I am doing this one in October:

Can not wiat!!

Jennifer Harter said...

Thanks for the tips! Doing the Columbus Ohio Pretty Muddy in Sept!

Jennifer Harter said...

Thanks so much for the tips! Doing the Columbus Ohio Pretty Muddy in Sept and after seeing your pics - I cant wait!!!

Amanda @ Life in bloom said...

Looks so fun, ya'll are crazy!

CortlandMB said...

This looks amazing. I may have to sign up for one!
I am obsessed with Zumba I literally don't even realize I am working out. The instructor makes all the difference.

Sarah Kopf said...

That looks like a total blast!

Morgan Dixon said...

Watched all the action on Instgram! You ladies looked like you were having soo much fun! Looked online and they have 1 in Tampa, FL...about 2hrs from me in Dec. Now I gotta see who wants to come with!


Jmarlins said...

It's all UP TO 40% off.

Not everything is 40 off.

Bitch on a Diet said...

That sure looks like fun! And I agree about the Old Navy activewear line!

Mash Elle said...

Good for your girl! Your summer bod will be thanking you :)

New follower here darling!

I'm having a Zoya & Sephora Giveaway, would love for you to enter!




Crazy Mama said...

That looks like so much fun! I checked and it doesn't look like they are coming to Portland BUT there is one here in September called Kiss Me Dirty and I'm totally gonna register now!!

Sara Turner said...

I actually picked up four of old navy's active wear tops this weekend... although I'm a slave to lulu, sometimes I just want to spend 9 bucks on a work out tank not 60. And so far a love them! will definitely consider some of their other stuff.

Also pretty muddy looks pretty fun! I did the spartan sprint last summer, and am signed up again for August! can't wait!!

Angela Bedgood said...

You are such an awesome person! I love reading your blog, you motivate me to complete my own fitness goals. The mud run looks like a blast! Ill have to keep a lookout for one here in Florida <3

Brian and Jenn said...

Awesome! I'm doing Pretty Muddy in Sacramento, CA at the end of the month to celebrate my 40th birthday with some girlfriends....cant wait!

Valerie Tynes said...

I am doing the Pretty Muddy in Richmond, VA this September!