8 Week Challenge FAQ

I've have some questions about the 8 Week Challenge, so I'll post those answers here.

I'm gonna be real honest...I took 2 Benadryl Allergy's aboouuuttt an hour ago, so if I start trailing off or not making sense, you know why. :)

Do we send you before pictures now or wait until after the 8 weeks?
Wait until the 8 weeks is up, please! :)

How do you measure your body fat percentage?
I bought these fat calipers that I use. I also measure the same spot every time, which is my low belly.
Measure the area where you carry the most fat. And make sure you are measuring the same area every time!

What does your typical day of eating look like?
I'd say I eat about 90% clean every day, the 10% being my Advocare Spark, Rehydrate, Arginine Extreme (pre-workout) and my protein shakes.
I am currently eating (as of today) 1800-1850 calories a day (decreased already from 1900 a day last week).
That is FOR ME, decided by my trainer.
Not everyone should do that!
I eat lean meats, whole grains, healthy fats, fruits and veggies.
Such a cliche answer, right!? #douchey
But it's the truth.
I do sniff Nutella on occasion though... soooo there's that.
My calories will also slowly decrease weekly for me (in 50-100 calorie increments).
I'm guessing I'll END UP eating around 1600 calories a day in any specific leaning phase.

How are you measuring your thigh and quad? Aren't they the same?
When I measure my thigh, I am measuring high up on the leg. My quad measurements are above my knee. I know my right leg is stronger than my left (more so in the lower quad), so this just helps me keep a better track of progress on my legs.

How many times a week are you working out?
I work out 5-6 times a week. With my trainer three times a week and on my own 2-3 times a week.
I am only doing cardio twice a week. And when I say that, I mean I am doing 20 minutes of cardio in sprint intervals. Sprint 20 secs, rest 40 secs. If on a treadmill, speed is 9.5 and incline is at 4+.

Does this mean no alcohol?
Yep. It's just 8 weeks. You can do it!

Are you going to be picking a winner based on weight loss or by body fat %?
Body fat %, and overall best before/after pictures. Don't pull my chain here either... I'm before and after picture queen... I'll know if you've fudged up. :)
It would be AWESOMESAUCE if you could take before/afters in the same outfit, etc.

Are you serious when you say you need to diet? If you lose any more weight you'll look anorexic.
Scouts honor, someone said that.
NO, I don't think I need to lose weight. YES, I have FAT to lose. Most people do.
And NO, I don't "diet". When I say "my diet" I mean my way of eating. IT DOESN'T MEAN CALORIE RESTRICTION. If you will see above, I'm eating a crapton of food, uhthankyouverymuch.
Moving on. ;)

You look a lot leaner than the before pictures you shared, what's the deal?
Those bikini shots were taken last week, before I started. So I've already had time to flush all the trash out of my system, etc. with my diet being on point.
And honestly, clothes hide things well, folks. My limbs are very thin and lean. I tend to hold most of my fat in my stomach and hips.
And in workout gear, compression pants, etc., that shit is sucked in.
In a bikini, much different.
You wanna post a picture in a bikini for everyone to judge you?
Damned if you do and damned if you don't.
It is what it is. Only moving forward from here.
And it's sure a lot better than it once was. :)
This picture was taken after a full week of my diet being on point. My abs started to peek through. I'm also flexing like a mother in this picture for the sole purpose of showing those muscles off. They're there, dammit. There was just some trash and a few layers of fat on top of them.
The bikini pics are non-flexing pictures.
They were also taken on a non-leg day, so there is no "booty pump" going on.
Basically, when we work out our muscles, the blood flow to those specific muscles causes that area to "swell", often referred to as a "pump".
Have you ever gotten that feeling after working out that your muscles are going to bust out of your skin? THAT'S a pump.
Booty progress pictures are ALWAYS taken with a booty pump, bro.
When the booty is swollen. It's science. Or some shit. I don't know. I just know my ass looks better after I've deadlifted, lunged, and squatted that thing to the max. So I'm all "YES! PROGRESS PICTURE TIME!" And then I wake up the next morning and I'm all like "awww... I'm sad when my booty pump is gone."  
Thus the reason some pics look different than others.
Stop being such a skeptic. I've never claimed to have a Kim Kardashian ass.
Just that I don't have a Miley one anymore.
I call that a slow win.
Progress, not perfection.

Here is a great article (albeit a little old) explaining all about "the pump".
And here is an interesting video about "the pump".

When does the 8 weeks start for us?
I've already started this process, I am 7 weeks out now. You will start NOW. Today. Not tomorrow. Not Monday. NOW. And you'll go the full 8 weeks, so you'll just finish after my challenge is already over.
No big deal because I have 2 photoshoots that are May 17th and May 25th, so technically 8 & 9 week challenges for me, so I won't be "stopping" after the 8 weeks.

Hope that clears some stuff up!
Let's rock this 8 weeks, ladies!

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Carla Bruns said...

Thanks for answering the questions! I'll get some pics together. I just have to figure out what to do that my body can take right now. I have a hiatal hernia and I have to see the surgeon on Thursday. Not that stuff like that has ever stopped me before. (No worries, I won't do anything not authorized by the doc) LOL!

Melissa said...

Yay for starting NOW! :)

I want to do Whole 30 and this week I am going to start by eating clean and then switching to Whole 30 next week, because going straight to that I may go crazy! :)

I know a lot of shitty women pick you apart on here, but I hope you realize its because they are miserable people and misery loves company. You are looking AMAZING and you are such an inspiration to so many, I know its hard, but block those bitches out! I saw a quote the other day and it made me think of you and all the crap that some women say to other women to make themselves feel better which is totally lame, but it is what happens a lot and the quote really rang true to me and I hope it does to you too " A lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of a sheep".

So proud of you and excited for you and all us ladies about to do this 8 week challenge!!!!

Jasmine @ FleurtyandFit said...

I love that you are always real. And you don't sugar coat anything. Authentic. Thanks for that:)

Fit and Frugal Mama said...

I love this and you!! I have been reading your blog for a long time, and your inspiration has helped me lose over 100lbs. I have gained about 20lbs back and have been struggling to get it off again. This challenge is def. going to help me!!
Thank you!!! <3

Mamabird Finch said...

I find myself getting angry in your defense, when people make ugly/stupid/self-righteous/lookatmyheadshovedsolidlyupmyass comments. I think you are awesome, inspirational, tough, dedicated and an all around badass.

Paris Keith said...

Awesome sauce! I wish I could start this right away but I have a shit ton of stuff to get done this week. Open house for selling our house finals to get into my student teaching program and work. And clinical at school. II'm so going to start it after my deadline for school though I know I'll be behind you guys!

Lisa said...

I just wish you'd be more honest. I don't agree with the people who say you are "real." I was once VERY inspired by you - working mom, getting it done, etc. - but lately you only seem to crave drama and adoration for pictures that you're admitting aren't anything more than a "pump." You didn't just start this journey - you've been eating clean and lifting all the heavy things for months now. I follow A LOT of healthy living/weight lifting bloggers/IG's, and none of them have the drama you do - because none of them lead people on like you do. It's clear you're having a problem with your progress - and I'm not knocking that - I am too. That's why I wish you'd be more open and SAY - this is hard, it's not happening as fast as I wanted it to - instead of making us think you just started this because you're 8 weeks from your photo shoot. I'm not a mean girl, I'm not a jealous hater, I'm a working mom who loved seeing your journey before you became so unrelatable. And as for no negativity - maybe you should tell your adoring fans that that goes for them, as well.

Me said...

I want to say something heartfelt to you. I wanted to say it yesterday on your IG but some of the ladies there are are terrifying when someone isn't 100% complimentary. I consider myself to be a fan of yours. Today, writing this, I am a fan of the Mama Laughlin I found in 2011 when I was struggling to lose my postpartum pounds. I thought it was amazing how you started from scratch without much knowledge on how to transform your body and did just that. One thing I always admired about you was how you owned your mistakes. When you didn't work out as often as you felt you should or ate the wrong things a few times too many, you would admit it and recommit yourself, coming back that much stronger. So why aren't you doing that now? You say you just started your 8 week challenge last week and I can believe that. But you've been claiming that you've been on this journey for months. You posted a blog entry back when you were still working that said your clothes were falling off, yet that bikini in the pictures from last week fits the same way it did in January. I am not knocking you because I think you look great. I actually shocked-and saddened-that you don't seem to feel that way because if you did you wouldn't feel the need to lie about your progress. Maybe your clothes were looser and you indulged in some comfort foods lately-but why not say that? Why all the smoke and mirrors and the half truths? Why do you let these insane women bully your real fans on your social media sites-those people are not your fans if they aren't paying attention or are choosing to ignore what's really going on here. I am concerned for you. I'm not writing this because I want you to answer me but I hope you read this and before you dismiss me as jealous and mean , please think about what I'm really saying to you. I have only a small hope that you will do so before you delete this comment. But if it makes you think for even a second, about addressing these issues you're obviously struggling with, it will be worth it.

Megan C. said...

I love your explanation not differences in your pics. People are just looking for any reason to chime in. Be proud of your hard work and post what you want when u want! Most people just comment like that because they don't look like you and that makes your posts all the more helpful To them. They will see that they need to make changes to look as good as u! You have a thick skin I don't think most women could handle all you take!

Cathy Reynolds said...

How do I send you a before picture and officially claim myself as having started this? I am ready!! Any specific measurements that you want?

Megan C said...

Hey there :) I've been following you for about 2 or so years now, read every single post you've written and I am amazed by your progress. One thing I have noticed in your recent posts, since the training for the bikini/fitness comp has started, you've been a bit more defensive in representing yourself. While I can imagine that putting before and after pictures on the blog would give anyone major anxiety, I hope that you know deep down you don't have to prove shit to anyone but yourself. I see some of the posts on GOMI and they are crude and hard to ignore, i'm sure, but feeding into that only fuels the fire of those negative individuals. Look at far you have come, aint a damn thing to justify! You are putting in the work for YOU and you are kind enough to share that with everyone else who can relate to you- don't let the hell bent people get to you. If you want to post an ass shot right after you've done leg day because it looks better, then do it! If you want to flex your balls off in an after picture, do it! With NO explanation. This is YOUR journey and your journey alone. You have worked your ass off to get this far- no justification needed! Just wanted to remind you that for every crude comment trying to break you down, you have about 100 wanting to build you up. Keep on shinin'!

Bama Girl in AZ said...

Love this post! Love your answers! I totally went off on someone a week or so ago because they posted about your blog and how the "tone" has changed since you stopped working outside of the home. Basically they didn't like your language. I went off on her in blogland. lol

hfbarr said...

aren't clothes amazing? I have the same problem...lean limbs, but cursed with a short torso that holds most of my fat. So I'm definitely happier with my bod in clothes. You are looking great though...keep it up!!

Pretty Healthy Most of the Time said...

So your explanation of the booty pump was pretty much awesome. Keep up the good work!

Kelly said...

I'm starting today. Best advice ever. :)

Jenni said...

I finally have my fitness levels raised, I'm biking 35-40 miles a week and enjoying it, but I can't seem to get my eating under control, so frustrated with myself!! Are there any tricks or thoughts you used to make that change?? I am truly my own worst enemy in that area.

Angela Gaither said...

I started yesterday and was wondering if Sriracha sauce is ok?

Angela Gaither said...

I started yesterday and was wondering if Sriracha sauce ok? Thx!

MarĂ­a Castillo said...

Hi Mama! I'm thinking in this aloooooooooooot... but I`m in!!!! I NEED to start my journey again! Hope to see a better version of me in 8 weeks! Cheers from Costa Rica!

Mel said...

Coming out of lurkdom to say that you do not need to "justify" yourself to anyone. Keep doin' what you are doin'! This is afterall YOUR blog! Never mind the jealous hateful posts...don't give them any power. Oh and coming from a Mom who has been a Working Mom, work at home Mom, Stay at home Mom and everything in between let me just tell you that is a whole separate issue. People will turn on you so fast if you are doing something different than what they are. Welcome to the ring of fire. We as women should be holding each other up not dragging each other down. No two children are alike, no two bodies are alike, no two families are alike, and no two Moms parent or workout, or run their households in the same way. You and ONLY YOU know what is best for you and yours. Keep your eye on the prize. You are doing great! Hatas gonna hate and motivatas gonna motivate!!

N Scheese said...

You look amazing. Those abs are coming in girl. Nice work. Feeling inspired.

Elizabeth Podany said...

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Thank you for opening the door into your life. I appreciate that you are who you are and that you feel comfortable sharing so much. I appreciate that you answer relevant worthwhile questions and recognize those that are not. I admire the fact that your journey has been a roller coaster (successful at that). You've had the postpartum and the weightloss and the runners life and the newby lifter and the clean eating on and off and the new job life changing stuff and the marriage maintenance and now a tougher challenge that does require a different approach and a focus unlike before. I don't think that means you aren't being "honest" or "real" I believe it means a new learning experience and a new phase. No, I am far from a bikini competition (probably not in my cards sister) but if for some reason I do, I'll appreciate your mentorship.
I personally check the website daily because I can't wait for the day you can share your day in and day out diet and wko routine bc I want to try. You've given many a great benchmark for success (unlike many who are willing to share so much). I am excited for the next phase of your life and will continue to follow no matter what it may be.