8 Week Challenge

With these photoshoots coming up in May, I've decided to make this 8 week challenge one that I'll keep y'all in the loop with on a weekly basis.
It's been a long time since I had to "report back to y'all" on my success/failures, but I find it holds me accountable.
Last time I did that was when I was actively trying to lose weight.
I'm not so much trying to lose weight anymore as I am trying to drop my body fat and lean out.

Get this...
I measured my body fat the other day and I'm between 25-26%.
I was NOT expecting that. I was really thinking I was around 22-23%. But it is what it is and it can only get better from here.

I am eating 1900 calories a day right now. That will drop over the course of the next few weeks, however, and I'll keep you updated as to what/how much I'm eating.
Right now getting in 1900 calories of clean food has proven to be difficult.
But hey, it's not a bad problem to have.... Sure beats the hell out of "I'm STARVING and I can't have anything else to eat today!"

I will update y'all weekly on my progress and show you how my body is changing.

First update will be on Monday.

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JRO said...

So darling and badass at the same time! Almost looks like you're standing the tub! :) Get it girl...you've got this!

Lauren said...

You got this! I can't wait to see your results!

Jennifer-Mommy Life After Ph.D. said...

RESIST THE REESE'S!!!! You and me both:) I had carrots with pb, tuna, eggs, and pecans for lunch. I don't even WANT a reese's. I'll just keep saying that to myself...:)

J-Berg said...

You got this Mama!!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

You know resisting those damn eggs wouldn't be so hard if they just kept them off the shelf until April 1st... am I right?

Can't wait to read about your progress - please share meals you're taking in to keep you 1900 a day tally going. That's the hardest thing - it's tough to eat that much clean food but you're SO right... it's better than starving because you blew your calories all at lunch!

Ebony Robinson said...

I love the leggings! Every picture shows that you're looking leaner than the last. Great job!

Ebony Robinson said...

I love the leggings! Every picture shows that you're continuing to progress. I appreciate all of the inspiration you provide!

A Momma in Training said...

Can't wait to read along, I am trying to lose my baby weight so I am looking forward to the inspiration!

Lily said...

Really brilliant idea doing this. besides your photo shoot, it will be just in time for summer. I want to do it with you! btw, reeses eggs are my favorite. This time of year is so hard :/

Lauren Hendrix said...

How do you measure your body fat percentage? I haven't done it since high school gym class with one of the things that looks like a video game controller, what would you recommend?