Pump Up the Volume

Dance! Dance!
I digress.

Yesterday I had a photoshoot for a magazine cover.
It's so weird to say that. I kiiiinda feel like a douche.
Well, what's new, right!?!

Let's face it, I AM A DOUCHE.
I flex in every mirror. All the time.
I take too many selfies. And I love the feeling of "the pump".

It is what it is, bro.
I'm cool with it.
I can make fun of myself.

I've actually got two more photoshoots coming up in May.

What a douchebag.

A mere 8 and 9 weeks away.
Time to dial in the nutrition.
Look, when starting this whole process of "prepping for a bikini competition", I knew I was going to have the most trouble with the nutrition aspect of it.
It's my weakness. Food.
It always has been, and I honestly suspect it always will be.
And here's the thing:
It's just the DOING IT part that's the hard part.

I have no problem putting in the work at the gym. Getting my workouts in is not an issue.

Anyone can hit the gym for an hour a day. It's controlling what goes in your mouth the other 23 that's the hard part.

Well no shit, Sherlock.

Is she talking to herself? 

The Hubs brought me home a king sized Reese's yesterday because "he thought of me when he saw it."

Yes, it's a super sweet gesture, but I CAN'T EAT IT!
"One won't hurt you". True.
In non-prep mode, it won't.
But in a straight leaning phase, which is what I'm entering, IT WILL.
Because it's that one bite that will lead to 6 more. And before you know it I've inhaled the entire king sized Reese's.

I promised not to bitch about this. And I'm not.
What I'm doing is letting you know this will be hard for me. I will struggle. I already do.
That going 8 weeks straight with only ONE cheat meal a week miiiiight kill me.
And when I say "cheat meal" I don't mean a Big Mac from McDonald's.
I mean eating out, at a restaurant, once a week. ONE MEAL. No chips and salsa, no margaritas.
I'm talking a meal out at Chili's (or wherever) consisting of a piece of grilled fish and some veggies.
THAT will be a cheat meal.

I preach the importance of clean eating. What clean eating I've done THUS FAR, has already done wonders for my body. But I don't eat clean 100% of the time. I try my best, and that's what matters.

But in leaning phases, your nutrition WILL make or break you.

And the truth is, these photoshoots are a big deal. They will be great promotional tools and will allow me to see what I can accomplish when I put my mind to something.
They'll give an idea of what I need to work on and what I need to do to step on stage in the future.

My biggest challenges will be these:
1. Not finishing off the boys plates at dinner time.
I do great during the day and at breakfast. But when dinner time rolls around, I end up having to make 2, sometimes 3 meals for everyone. That shit's exhausting. And I nibble.
That's gotta stop.

2. Getting in all my calories.
I hate tracking my food. I mean... HATE. I did it for so long that it just became this huge pain in my ass and I loathe doing it.
I've just got to suck it up and DO IT. It's a must. It sucks and it's tedious, but I have to. That's all there is to it.

3. Limiting my carb intake.
Good carbs= okay. Bad carbs= the only ones I want.
Soooo... that's awesome.

4. Not thinking in short term goals.
Like "This Reese's will be the last one ever made, I better eat it NOW!"
I WILL eat Reese's again. I WILL have a Sonic cherry vanilla coke again.
Just not for the next 8 weeks.

5. Remembering that I'm eating to fuel my body right now, not for pleasure.
That sucks. Food is fun. It's something you do at social gatherings, etc. 
It's very enjoyable, and I believe it's supposed to be. Typically. IN MODERATION. 
But for now, food is fuel.
That will be the hardest part for me, taking all emotions out of eating.
Feeding my body for performance, not pleasure.
Does that sound incredibly boring and lame?? Yeah, it does.

I can do anything for 8 weeks, right!?!?

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Amy Strickland said...

I'd put that damned Reese's egg on the shelf in front of the scale and make it my GOAL to earn that egg come the end of May. Great job, ML! Keep it up!

Mrs. T said...

You can do anything for 8 weeks, and you will. You haven't come this far to screw it up now. :)

Leslie G said...

Love your douche-ness!

Jasmine @ FleurtyandFit said...

Girl you look great! I don't even know why you doubt yourself--look what you've accomplished so far??? You rock my face off! xoxo

Barbara Lanning said...

You've worked so hard for so long to accomplish your goals (and you have!!!), eight weeks is nothing! I'm sure the first week or so will be the hardest, but you're no stranger to a challenge! One day at a time. Thanks for all the motivation ML!!

Teresa Henning said...

I heard at a weight watchers meeting once: "I have eaten it before, I will eat it again, but I choose not to eat it now." I use that as my mantra.

KayLynn said...

I feel bad I read this while eating Girl Scout cookies... dang it

tracylunoff said...

I've done it, doing it now and it's hard. It sucks. It's so worth it though. I'm glad you're blogging about it. I don't think many realize what "eating clean" and "leaning out" for a show really entails. It's hard, but can be done, and will be done. It'll be so worth it in the end, but for the next 8 weeks, you'll gain motivation from the sometime subtle and sometimes amazing body transformations that will happen. I found along the way that I didn't crave the junk food or the Reese's cups anymore, that I only wanted to eat clean. Maybe because I knew how extra hard I had to work to make up for that one (or six) bites of Reese's cup. Good luck, you got this!

Angelina Medina said...

I just think it's really rude to schedule photo shoots and bikini competitions during Lent. Everyone knows easter candy is the best candy.

You're gonna do great!

undomestic mama said...

When you figure out how to keep the emotion out of food, let me know. You got this.

Stacy said...

Lick the Reese's then throw them away or let your kids eat them. As far as not finishing off your kids' plates, try letting them squirt something nasty all over their plates when they're full (syrup, ketchup, gobs of salt...). Then you won't want to eat it.

Nikki @ Nikki Rae Ink said...

Most things are just temporary. That's what I always tell pregnant women and new moms. It's all temporary and once you start to see things from that perspective, it makes it easier to focus on the end.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

You can totally do anything for 8 weeks. Especially when working toward a rad goal.

Now i will have that song stuck in my head all day, and that's awesome, I ADORE IT!

Morgan said...

I know you're just joking about the whole douche thing. But you are far from one. You lost weight the old fashioned hard way; diet and exercise and you definitely deserve the opportunities that you are now facing. Way to be a great example of what hard work and dedication can get you.

Brittany said...

My hardest time is at night when Ive already fixed everyones meals and I start fixing my own... Ill start to pick at their plates! I hate hate hate it!!!!

Jenn Gecawicz said...

Love!!!! And don't you just hate it when your guy is thoughtful and gets you something... but doesn't think about how bad it is for you. It's like a negative positive.

Sarah Kopf said...

Douchiness is watching reruns of the Bachelor Finale *gag*- not your epicness. Shut it. You're awesome!



Not so evil Shenanigans said...

Please know that I am definitely a supporter. You helped me lose about 32 pounds last year - unfortunately, I've gained back about 12 and am currently trying to get back on the bandwagon so I appreciate you and how real you are.

I do not mean this in a bitchy tone so I really hope it doesn't come off that way but this is exactly what I struggle with. I don't want to be the girl that turns down the Reese's cup my husband gave me because he was thinking of me. I get that you shouldn't indulge in the entire KING SIZE candy bar but I just don't get having one and sharing the rest with the family or throwing it out - whatever. Maybe that's why I'll never have the body I truly want or the body that is in bikini competitions because I just don't have the willpower that you do.

Did it hurt your hubby's feelings when you didn't immediately swallow the candy bar whole? (Sorry, I had to take a minute to laugh at the visual I just gave myself:)) I think it might bother my husband but then again, the jerkwad would probably bring me candy to sabotage me if he thought I was getting "too good" of a body:)

Again, I really appreciate the realness you bring to people (I missed the old you and I'm so glad you're unrestricted again!) but I just don't know how to come to terms with this kind of stuff on my own and I'm telling myself that I don't want to come to terms like that. Maybe I just know I can't so I tell myself I don't want to?

Sorry I"m using your comments section to philosophize to myself - maybe I should get myself a good psychiatrist or maybe I should just get my ass to the damned gym!!

Diane Schaben Photography said...

Hell yes you can do it! Look how far you have come! You inspire so many. i love reading your posts, instagram, facebook etc and seeing your videos. Flex away!!! i will too when i hit my goals.

Jennifer-Mommy Life After Ph.D. said...

That's what I always say, "I can do anything for X amount of time." And it always works out. Hard as crap, but it works out. I'm with you (kind of) cause we're taking our 10 year anny soon and I want the last of the baby weight gone. 10 lbs to go...

Lara said...

I need your willpower!!!! I have go to check myself before this goes any farther out of control. My problem is that I just don't know what to eat that isn't too expensive. UGH

Heidi Wray said...

GURRRLLL!! Your legs are looking AMAZE-BALLS!!! Just saying... Gotta start doing squats, lunges, etc

Meg said...

Do you see that?! Your quad, looking all toned and awesome! You're such an inspiration!

Meghan Detlefson said...

Holy craptard dude!! Look at those rocks of thighs that you have!! AMAAZING!!!

ALG, Uninterrupted said...

You got this, girl. These 8 weeks will be over lickity split.

But I died a little inside when you said that fish and veggies were your cheat meal. Like, I want to give you a hug.

When do we get to see yesterday's shoot???

Aubrey Leigh

Niki - Heavy Cupcake said...

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the whole good carb/bad carb thing. I just see high amounts of carbs and I try to avoid it at all.costs. and I'm so. Tired. Of. Chicken.

Finding a skinnier me said...

THANK YOU! I needed to read this blog because right now I am struggling with cleaning up my diet again when I realized that it was the reason my weight loss had stalled a bit. It is good to know that others struggle with it too, even people like you that have lost a huge amount of weight!!

You got this :)

Finding a skinnier me said...

THANK YOU! I needed to read this blog because right now I am struggling with cleaning up my diet again when I realized that it was the reason my weight loss had stalled a bit. It is good to know that others struggle with it too, even people like you that have lost a huge amount of weight!!

You got this :)

Anne Harris said...

I can sooooo relate to this post. Especially the part about not nibbling off my kids plates. This is the time my entire day goes down the toilet! If you figure out how to successfully get through dinner, please share!!

Patti Holsenback said...

Nice Quads!

JenniferJGourmet said...

I would love to hear more about your clean meals for the next 8 weeks-- as boring or plain as they might be- I'm at a leaning out phase too & although it's not for a competition/photo shoot it's something I need to do for where I'm at in my Post-Partum stage 2 babies later

JenniferJGourmet said...

I would love for you to post more about your training & clean meal regimen- although I'm not training for a competition or photo shoot i am giving myself a strict 12 weeks to get back to 'pre-baby body' after my last baby 8 months ago

Ashlee Thomas said...

My trick to not eating leftovers from the kids plates is giving it to the dog...I put that plate down on the floor so damn fast, Coda is RIGHT there and eats up everything before I have a second to consider it. Or I hurry up and dump it down the disposal before I have the urge to eat it. Hahahaha! Good luck!

You have inspired me to start my own blog - DEFINITELY a work in progress. But anyone can check it out! I'm starting at the beginning - trying to get healthy and lose weight!

Nikki said...

GIRLLLL look at the definition in your legs already!!!!! You CAN do this!!! :) xoxo

Susan said...

Hang in there. Your leaning out like a boss now and what's that line 90% in the kitchen 10% in the gym. Or whatever. You got this.

E-beth R said...

I am a Choco-holic and especially this time of year with Reese eggs! They are soo friggin addicting BUT I haven't let one enter my mouth yet this year. And if it makes you feel better, I won't eat one for the next 8 weeks (or actually till next Easter) just for you! Every time I think of picking one up at the grocery I will think of you and keep on walkin'. I know you can do this! Good luck lady!!!

Ashley said...

You're looking fabulous!! Will you send me some examples of what you'll be/you've been eating? I've been lifting, a lot, at the gym... doing minimal cardio. I'm not planning on doing any kind of competition (your balls are WAY bigger than mine!)... but I want to be happy with what I see this summer. I've been cleaning up my eating, but I'm not perfect. Thanks, Brandi!!

NorthThirty-Fourth said...

You should totes make this into a challenge with weekly check-ins. The Mama Laughlin Eight Week No Cheat Challenge. That's it. I'm in.

antosdoeslife said...

Have your or your trainer ever heard of "If It Fits Your Macros?"

You should definitely check it out. Clean eating is not the only way. IIFYMer's have cookies. In moderation.

Jennifer said...

I so needed this after eating WAY to many chocolate donuts this morning! I have lost 40 pounds and I know what I need to eat, but my willpower is just not there the majority of the time. I...LOVE...FOOD.

Thank you for being a great motivator for me though! I'm gonna go drink some water. :)

Gina said...

Would you be willing to post an ideal day or week for the leaning phase? I'm curious what that looks like for you. Thanks!

meredithlkelley said...

This post is spot on!! I'm heading to Vegas in 7 weeks and while I'm good weight wise, I could use some toning up. Definitely all about clean eating the next 7 weeks. But we can do it!