A water filter is very important because it reduces the contamination present in water and

removes all impurities that can be harmful. Filtering of water can be done through a physical,

chemical or even a biological process. Filtered water is necessary for various uses such as

drinking and domestic use, for agricultural irrigation, for ponds and also for swimming pools.

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Why you need a water filter:

Removal of Harmful Substances

A water filter removes harmful substances that can bring about an outbreak of waterborne

diseases such as cholera. These impurities are present in water sources and if the water is not

treated, its consumption can be extremely harmful. Water borne diseases are mostly a menace

that affects third world countries, leading to a number of deaths. Filtration of water is

therefore, a prevention measure that saves numerous lives annually.

Removal of Chlorine and Bacterial Contaminants

A water filter removes chlorine and bacterial contaminants that can have water tasting and

smelling bad. Have you ever taken water whose taste or smell you did not like? This can be

very uncomfortable, making you to even avoid taking the water. When you filter your water,

you can easily take care of this problem and hence encouraging you and the people around

you to stay hydrated.


Purchasing a water filter is less costly in the long run compared to buying bottled water

every so often. Since there is a need to use purified water, some people buy bottled water. We

are never assured that bottled water is indeed purified to begin with. If you are looking for a

long-term solution, it is advisable to invest in a water filter, which will eventually save you


Removal of Toxins

There are toxins present in water that are said to bring about several types of cancer. Cancer

is one of those diseases that are so costly to treat. If by any chance, there is a risk of getting it

via the water we drink and use, it is better to simply purchase a water filter which will save

you the physical, mental and financial drainage.

Physical and Mental Development

Water that is clean and healthy is important for a child’s physical and mental development.

When you buy a water filter for your home, you will be sure that the water your children are

taking is helping them grow and develop in a healthy manner. Research shows that lead that

is present in drinking water plays a big role in 480,000 cases of learning disorders in children

present in the United States only. It would be such a huge risk to ignore these facts.

Prevention of Birth Defects

Contaminated water also plays a big role in severe birth defects in pregnant women.

Children are born with defects that have them suffer for the rest of their lives, which is quite

unfortunate. To avoid this, you need a water filter in your home.


With the variety of water filters in the market today, it is easy to get one to suit your needs

depending on what its purpose is, whether you are purifying water for drinking, irrigation

farming or to refill you swimming pool. They can easily be installed by your seller at an

affordable fee and have you can  enjoy the filtered water.