Keto diet is high fat and low carbohydrates diet with all the essential proteins. With fitness and strict diet regime gaining more popularity, the concept of keto diet has gained a broader reach among a lot of people. Off late many people are having discussions about keto diet because of the effects that it has on the human body. The diet actually alters the body functioning by making it burn the fats instead of carbohydrates. Before getting into keto diet it important to know that there is going to drastic changes in your diet and cooking methods. Jeremy Stone’s favorite cookbooks offer some amazing delicacies for people who follow keto diet. Here are some of the interesting facts about keto diet.

Triggers the body to burn fat

The transformation of the body condition from burning carbs to burning fat for the energy source is called Ketosis. The primary source of energy for our body is the carbs which are converted into simple sugar or glucose. When there is a complete elimination of fat from the diet, it forces the body to burn fat to provide the energy. As a result, the ketone is produced in the bloodstream and is eliminated by urine.

The Keto Flu is real

Many have this misconception that keto flu is a myth. But the fact is that it is real. Many people who get into keto diet experience keto flu in the first week. Some of the symptoms of Keto flu are dizziness, high sugar levels, carb craving, finding it difficult to focus, nausea, lack of sleep and general irritability. This can be avoided by drinking a lot of water and increasing the diet intensity step by step.

 Long Hours of fasting

This is one practice that people who follow keto diet indulge in. This actually can increase the effects of keot dieting. For example, someone might take their dinner at 8:00 PM and then have their breakfast at 10:00 AM. So that is fourteen hours of fasting, which helps them to achieve the state of Ketosis easily.


Conventionally healthy foods are banned in Keto diet

Many fruits and vegetables that are considered as healthy are healthy are banned in Keto diet. Some vegetables and fruits which have more amounts of starch and sugar and a lot of grains are banned from keto diet.


Increase in energy and brain power

There will be a lot of evident changes in your body after the change in your diet. Apart from weight loss, there is a drastic increase in the functioning of the brain. You can witness an increase in the overall performance of your body. Some people state that it has also cured some chronic conditions like migraines. It also lowers the cholesterol, balances the hormones and improves the sleep.

Keto diet was for treatment not for fitness

Keto diet was originally designed to treat children who are suffering from epilepsy. It is because of the impact that it had on the human body which made it a fitness regime.

Long term is still a question mark

Many studies state that even though the keto diet has some very positive effects on one’s health and body, they are sure about the long-term effects. It is better to avoid this type of diet after a certain age.