During your DIY home repairs, how many times do you hear, “I need a hammer and I don’t see it anywhere”, or maybe, “Does anybody see the screwdriver?” It seems that there is nothing to be found whenever you need a particular tool. For this reason, it’s advisable to have a good collection of the toolkit that has the basic and functional supplies. Below is a recommended list of some must-have tools that you should include in your DIT home repairs:

Utility knife
A sharp and sturdy utility knife is an important part of your home tool kit as many DIY tasks require slicing, dicing, or trimming. Which means you’re going to need a good amount of diy tools (uk) if you want the job done right.  It is advisable to choose a tool that is durable enough to withstand heavy pressure and comes with easy-to-change blades. This can be useful for sparing wear and tear with your kitchen scissors and knives.
No matter if you are putting up a picture or hanging a shelf on the wall, it is necessary to have a hammer with suitable weight and size. You don’t need to choose a graded hammer for construction, just a tool that can work for some minor home decor or repairs tasks.

Cordless bits and drill
Cordless bits and drill are amongst the indispensable tools in any home toolbox as they can make your home repairs projects much quicker and more effective. Make sure to go for a model that is reversible, comfortable to use and comes with multiple speeds.
To make sure there is no dust in your house, a good set of screwdrivers is important. At least, you should have a screwdriver with a Phillips head and one with a flat head, both of these handgrips in medium size. If you often perform a lot of tasks on glasses or audio equipment, consider using small-sized screwdrivers.
Tape measure
Whenever you need to measure your room for a carpet or a window for blinds, a tape measure would be helpful. Keep in mind to go for a tiny 6 to 12-foot tape for minor jobs and a durable tape measure, which would reach to 25 feets for other tasks.
Last but not least, a good level should have a place in your home toolkit. No matter how you hang your picture onto the wall, it will never straight as you think. A technical approach with the level can help you save a lot of time and effort on this annoying task.
These are essential tools that you need to have for every DIY home repairs project in your house. With a small investment, you can get these tasks done much quicker and more effective.