Favorite Things

I get asked all the time what products I use and love.
Here is where you will find all of that!
Affiliate links included.

Moving Comfort Juno Sports Bra (for larger chested girls)

Glyder Apparel for workout pants that DON'T show sweat and DON'T move!
Use coupon code "MamaLaughlin" to get 15% off your order!
Foam Roller

Nike Frees

Nathan Minimist Hydration Vest (for staying hydrated on long runs)

MAC Select Cover-up NW25

Sorme Perfect Brows Kit- Medium Brown

Lorac Powder

L'Oreal True Match Natural Beige (fave cheap brand)

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation (fave expensive brand)

Lorac Tantilizer Body Bronzing Luminizer

St. Tropez Self Tanning Dark Bronzing Mousse

Urban Decay Naked Pallet

Laura Mercier Bronzer- Dune Bronze

L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara (best mascara EVER- don't get the waterproof!)

L'Oreal BB Cream - Medium

Tan Towels - a great, non smelly, gradual self tanner


Unite 7 Seconds Leave in Conditioner (AMAZING and leaves my hair SUUUPER soft!)

Big Sexy Root Pump Plus 

Big Sexy Spray and Stay Hairspray

Moroccan Oil (keeps my hair from drying out with all the coloring I do to it)

Suave Dry Shampoo

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle (best conditioner EVER)


Quest Nutrition Bars

AdvoCare Spark- Mango Strawberry -the best energy drink EVER!


www.mommamayhave.blogspot.com said...

This tab is great!!! Throwing stuff into my amazon basket right now!

Chris Dodaj said...

a.w.e.s.o.m.e!!! Ytb!!
thanks for this!!

Heather H. said...

OMG! Almond butter is $45.00! Wowza!! Hope it's good! Sure that's not a miss print?

Conch Gal said...

What about fitness gloves/grips.....do you use them? If so, what kind?

Kristen said...

Heather H...the $45.00 price is for 3 jars on Amazon. You can find it singly here
Hope this helps.

Kiki said...

I just found this tab and i love it thanks for putting this info down!!

AMCallahan said...

Wondering what kind of running belt you use??? Thanks!

Chelsie.Swanson said...

Came here to check out the non-slip headbands and ordered from the brady bands link on this page...but then I searched your blog and realized the ones you usually talk about are the bic bands. What's the difference? Which do you like more?

Brittney said...

Just letting you know, I was at a blog conference and they were talking about FCC guidelines about affiliate links...and they used your blog as a "what not to do" example. I am a reader...and wanted you to know that you are putting yourself at risk by not disclosing these are affiliate links. This post is helpful about disclosing affiliate links: http://www.webteacher.ws/2013/01/23/rethinking-transparent-affiliate-link-disclosure-as-required-by-the-fcc/