Favorite Things

Here is my personal AdvoCare regimen:
-Spark (Strawberry Mango, Grape and Fruit Punch are my faves)
-Rehydrate (I mix Spark and Rehydrate together and sip on this during workouts)
-Muscle Fuel (pre workout)
-O2 Gold (I don't do cardio without this!!)
-Catalyst (BCAAs to fuel muscles)
-Crave Check (helps keep me in control of my appetite)
-Nighttime Recovery (for those heavy workout days when I know I'll be sore!)
-SleepWorks (best.sleep.ever.)
-Oasis (relaxing herbal drink)
-Clear Mood


www.mommamayhave.blogspot.com said...

This tab is great!!! Throwing stuff into my amazon basket right now!

Chris Dodaj said...

a.w.e.s.o.m.e!!! Ytb!!
thanks for this!!

Heather H. said...

OMG! Almond butter is $45.00! Wowza!! Hope it's good! Sure that's not a miss print?

Conch Gal said...

What about fitness gloves/grips.....do you use them? If so, what kind?

Kristen said...

Heather H...the $45.00 price is for 3 jars on Amazon. You can find it singly here
Hope this helps.

Kiki said...

I just found this tab and i love it thanks for putting this info down!!

AMCallahan said...

Wondering what kind of running belt you use??? Thanks!

Chelsie.Swanson said...

Came here to check out the non-slip headbands and ordered from the brady bands link on this page...but then I searched your blog and realized the ones you usually talk about are the bic bands. What's the difference? Which do you like more?

Brittney said...

Just letting you know, I was at a blog conference and they were talking about FCC guidelines about affiliate links...and they used your blog as a "what not to do" example. I am a reader...and wanted you to know that you are putting yourself at risk by not disclosing these are affiliate links. This post is helpful about disclosing affiliate links: http://www.webteacher.ws/2013/01/23/rethinking-transparent-affiliate-link-disclosure-as-required-by-the-fcc/

Lacey Weller said...

Mama L you used to have a list of all the products you loved/used for hair, tanners, make up, the whole SHEBANG. What happened? :( I noticed a lot of your stuff isn't up like it used to be. Hope you are doing well.