First and foremost, this is a NO NEGATIVE space.
This blog is where I document my weight loss, try to help and inspire others to get healthy and talk about whatever I want.
It is MY blog and if you don't like it, simply don't read.
All it does is rally up the other readers and this is not the place for drama.
Save it fo' yo' mama.
But not THIS Mama.

If you have a problem with something I say, please email me and voice your opinions in a respectful manner and we can hash it out.

I am a smart ass. I cuss sometimes and I make inappropriate jokes.
If you can't handle that, you are in the wrong place.
I quote movies and I like to laugh... ALOT.
Again, if you don't have a sense of humor, this would not be a good blog for you to read.

I post a lot of pictures of myself.
It IS my blog. Duh.
And I've worked hard to get to a place where I actually LIKE what I see in the mirror.

when you see a "twss" on the blog- that means "That's What She Said."
I love a good TWSS joke.

I talk about poop, my kids, fashion, food, how I love food, how I used to eat a lot of it, my former fat ass, my current fat ass, what beauty products I love, what beauty products I hate, my veneers, my fake boobs, spray tanning, my hair, my nails, how I run, when I run, where I run, what I think about when I run, when I cry, when I laugh, when I sweat, when I smile, my husband's blonde hair, my husband's redneck tendencies, my husband's blue eyes, how we don't have a perfect marriage, how I don't think that exists, how losing weight has changed me in all different aspects, sex, music, my fat fingers, my cute feet, how I'm broke, how I want to write a book, how I love spin class, how I love body pump, how I pump iron, when I pump iron, all the things associated with pumping iron, and everything in between.

Basically I like to have fun and keep this blog light and airy.
You won't hear me discussing politics or religion.
Probably not gun control or healthcare either.
I figure there are already enough serious opinions out there, let's laugh a little, shall we??


Carpe TheSangria said...

Preach it, sister! I'm still pissed I can't find NexGen nails in my area...guess I'll have to stick to regular gels.

Megan Desormeaux said...

I can't find a salon that does NexGen nails either! SOOOOO disappointing!

Busy Becka said...

i love you. hahahah asshole.

Sparklin One said...

New blog design is super chic!

Kirstie E said...

I am Columbus Ohio and no one has heard of NexGen nails :( but I am sure they will get here eventually..

dddoutt said...

Just found this blog. I will certainly be reading it on a regular basis! Hilarious. Oh, and inspirational. Duh, can't forget that!

Karyn said...

Aww well said! you've come too far and built your "brand" so well that you shouldnt have to put up with other peoples probably mostly jealousy issues. Why don't people understand if they don't like something they don't HAVE to read it and they definately dont need to be starting drama over it! Keep on keepin on Mama L!

Lynn Vann Slyke said...

Like I said earlier, you rock! Your comments crack me up! Hope you don't mind this older lady keeping tabs on your progress.

Conch Gal said...

My friend told me about your blog and I'm loving it!! Sending some Florida Keys love your way-you rock!!

karen ogard said...

I'm an old lady too ...with a fat your blog is very inspiring and I will continue to follow you if you don't mind. I have two in the last tri of pregnancy and I know she will Love your blog too so I'll be sharin your blog with her. My other sweet daughter is always trying to eat healthy and stay fit...both are thank you for sharing with us and stay sassy girl!

Margarita Vailas said...

I think you're hilarious and I love this! :-)

Lana Dagen said...

Oh how I LOVE this!!!! :)

Lana Dagen said...

Oh how I LOVE this!!!

Lauren Burns said...

I love your blog, and look forward to it to brighten my day. Thank you for being brave enough to document your journey. I do have some weight issues, but your blog also helps give me that extra push I sometimes need to realize that "this too shall pass". Thanks from a fellow (North) Texan.

Kristen Flynn said...

Lady after my own heart! I think we could be best friends! Stay true to you.

Kristen Flynn said...

Lady after my own heart! I think we could be best friends. Stay true to you!!

Natalie O'Leary said...

Have you found a salon that offers GenNex nails yet? Just got from Texas where I had a set done. Love them and now I need a balance.