A car’s average age is considered to be 10 to 15 years but we still see many 90s’ and 80s’ cars moving around us that bring a feeling of surprise to us that how the owners of these cars managed to keep them maintained for such a long time. Well, these are the car owners that actually love their car and take a lot of care about them.

In general, we see the drivers that are not serious enough about their cars because they know that they can buy another one if it gets damaged or even destroyed. But the people that love their cars have their feelings attached to their cars and they never think of replacing their car. The reason why many car owners are careless about their cars is that they now have access to different kinds of car insurance plans.

And they know that the insurance company would take care of the expenses on their behalf if anything happens to the car. If they carefully take a look, they’d realize that the car insurance plans aren’t supposed to make them careless but these plans are supposed to protect their cars for a longer time.

However, only the intelligent people can understand the real meaning of purchasing a car insurance plan. Let’s take a look at the tips that can help in keeping your car running longer than it should.

Regular maintenance

The regular maintenance of the car is really important. The engine oil needs to be changed after every 2500 or 3000 miles. Make sure that you regularly check the coolant so that the car may keep running smoothly. If a part of the car is making some noise, you should immediately get it checked because it may cause you some trouble.

No more stunts

Usually, the youngsters try to imitate the movies that they watch daily. So, the car lovers watch movies according to their passion. So, after watching these movies, they love to try those stunts on their own vehicle. These stunts do not only reduce the age of your car but they also put your life at risk. Therefore, you should avoid attempting these stunts.

Don’t accelerate too much

The acceleration pedal should be pressed at an average pace because your accelerating style puts an impact on your car’s age. So, if you want to spend more time with your vehicle, you should be very careful about pressing the acceleration pedal.

Defensive driving classes

The defensive driving classes are very important for drivers that want to keep their car running longer than it should. These classes show you different ways of staying safe while you are on the roads and they also help you understand different features of the car. Here are some other tips for keeping your car running longer than it should.