Did you know your nagging headache, frequent insomnia or decreased productivity at work can be a consequence of stress? Indeed stress symptoms can be manifest themselves in your thoughts, body, feelings and even your behavior. Mastering how to recognize prevalent stress sings is crucial to successfully manage them. Many people do not know is stress can affect their health even without them realizing it. If you are opting for remedies like Kratom make sure that buy kratom from verified kratom vendors. So, precisely how does stress affect your health? Besides answering this question, this article seeks to equip you with all the information you need to know about the effects of stress on your body. Read on.  How stress affects your health.


 Upsets digestive system

When stressed your liver is compelled to generate excessive blood sugars so as to give your body energy boots. If the stress continues for an extended duration, your body finds it difficult to keep up with the continued glucose surge, leading to the occurrence of type 2 diabetes. The hormonal rush coupled with increased heart rate and rapid breathing, in turn, upsets your digestive system. Consequently, you have increased chances of developing acid reflux and heartburns resulting from an increase in heart stomach.


Ruins Sexual Health 

Stress drains both your body and mind. You, therefore, tend to lose your desire for sex when you are constantly under stress. Even the fact temporary stress may lead to an increased production of male hormones (in men) fades in significance because the effect does not last a considerable period of time. When stress goes on for an extended duration, a man’s testosterone levels drops substantially, effectively interfering with the production sperm and causing ED or impotence.


Heart Attacks 

Studies on the effects of stress on human health have shown that sudden emotional stresses are capable of triggering fatal conditions like arrhythmias and heart attacks. Even those short-lived minor stresses can have a huge impact on your body. That explains why some people get stomach aches prior to taking part in stress inducing activities like giving a presentation. More acute stresses, like those caused by catastrophic happenings like earthquakes and physical fights, have even more pronounced effects.

Man Having Chest Pains

Immune system

Note that, on the surface, stress stimulates your immune system, which is a good thing because it provides immediate remedy during emergencies. The resulting stimulus also goes a long way in helping you prevent infections and healing minor wounds. However, with time stress hormones weaken your immune system reducing your body’s reaction to foreign invaders. That is why people who are always stressed up are prone to viral diseases such as common colds, flu, and other common infections. Stress also lengthens the duration it takes to recover from such illnesses and injuries.

Tips to reduce stress 

  • Regular physical exercise • Practicing and honing your hobbies • Socializing with friends and loved ones  • Relaxation techniques like meditation and massage  Conclusion  While in the short-term stress can provide a constructive force like motivating you to perform exemplary during a presentation, in the long run, has negative effects. So, take steps to reduce stress in your life to a minimum. If, after doing everything possible you still experience the symptoms, seek medical attention.