There are many places that you can take help from to pay your electric or utility bills. There are several different applications to help you assist in programs. There are several financial help which provides to pay for utility bills for numerous reasons. There are non-profit organizations which grant for paying a portion of any utility bill. There are many government programmes, Utility services, non-profits, charities and social service agencies who can help you with your energy costs.

Government utility bill assistance

LIHEAP crisis program is an option provided by the federal department of health and human services, which is the best option which allows families of lower-income in cases of emergencies from disconnection. These finds can be expedited to households which are faced with a shut off for utility services.

The Weatherization Assistance Program provides free energy conservation to those who are willing to improve the energy efficiency of homes. These services include weatherstripping, wall and attic insulation, minor home repairs, furnace tune-ups. This might help lower electricity bills and save money.

The Home energy assistance program provides financial help to eligible households who need some assistance in paying bills. These applications are available for senior citizens and the disabled, where the resources will be provided to help clear up the costs.

Financial resources and weatherization services offered by utility companies

Utility company assistance programs is when the utility company provides their consumers with a large number of financial assistance which can range from cash grants to credits on the bills and weatherization option.

Balanced payments plan is a way to help pay and manage bills at a flat rate per month. It will ensure that your utility bill and payments are made and do not spike during winter or summer.

Energy assistance programs is offered by utility companies by themselves under the assistance of local, state or federal government.

Home energy audit Many utility companies will offer these services for free to provide for a low fee. This audit will help the homeowner identify what needs to be improved. These audits can comprise of Energy Comparison: Switch Gas & Electricity with Utility Saving Expert to help reduce the energy usage.

Non-Profit Organizations

Community Action Agencies is where these organizations accept applications for various energy assistance programs and can be only referred to in your local area.

Dollar Energy Fund is a charitable program which has been existed for almost 30 years and heavily relies on the donations of people to help people receive grants for paying their utility.

Prevention Programs focus on the customers who have disconnected from their utility companies and offers protection plans which can help them with everything from electric to heat bills.