Students indeed go through a lot for their age. At a very young age, they are made to study multiple subjects that they may or may not even be interested in. They also face a lot of pressure from teachers and parents to be better than their classmates. It always gets competitive, and even though this competition may be positive and harmless, it ends up getting to some students. Most of them are afraid of disappointing their parents and teachers, so they end up pressuring themselves to do well in the exams. I personally went through the same. When you overachieve as a student, people automatically start expecting the same sort of performance from you all the time.

It is also very isolating and alone because you are so busy studying, to be the best, you don’t really have time for a social life. Therefore, it can get lonely. In this article, I have provided some strategies that you can employ as a student to make sure that you have the time to be the best and also the time to socialize with family and friends and still have time for yourself. These points have been provided from the perspective of the teacher or parent.

–    You should make sure to have students develop and also agree on a set of guidelines for good classroom behavior which is completely based on mutual respect and also the right that everyone will exercise, which is the right to learn. You should be sure to enforce these guidelines and must be strict about it. You should also not give too much work to the students to do at home because you should understand that they also have a life and they should spend some time living it.

–    You, as a teacher, must make sure to set high standards and also clear expectations when it comes to the quality of work which you expect from your students. You should also make sure to set a reward that will be given to the student that will achieve the best score in the entire class. This way, you are promoting healthy competition, and you also push your students in a positive way to push themselves to achieve some great things in the classroom.

–    From the perspective of the student, all you can do is make sure that you concentrate in the classroom because you go to school for a reason. If sometimes you are not able to understand the teacher you can also opt for online math class help to help you score good grades in the subject.

–    If you listen to what the teacher is teaching you, you will realize that your studying time will be cut by half and that you will not have to study as much at home.