The idea or the thought about losing our smartphone is not something that we want to process. As a result, instances, where we do get to experience it, will not be treated as comfortable recipes for the mind. But that need not pull down your spirits because there are apps that can do the trick of locating your smartphone. Yes, that’s right. There are credible apps that help you locate your smartphone, and we are here to talk about the best from the lot.


Cocospy is one of the biggest names in this regard, and you can make the most of all that it provides. The phone spying tool provides a valuable location tracking tool that also comes with a good user interface. Thanks to that, you will not be spending a lot of time figuring out the service and understanding what it stands to provide. A simple look at the application will help you analyze the features and understand the many benefits that it has to offer. While it uses iCloud’s backup feature for IOS, the android treatment comes equipped with an app.


Spyic is often known to be an app that provides more than what you have asked for. The phone monitoring app is hailed by critics to be a suitable choice for people wanting to locate their phones. It does not follow a root jailbreak system and takes things forward at an affordable price. Due to all that, Spyic has been a top-performing application for both IOS and Android. As the market also contains other top services like localiseruntelephone, people seem to have many options to choose from.

Find My iPhone

You are bound to have heard about Find My iPhone at one point or another. The app comes forward with exclusive features that are well equipped to locate your iPhone. To use it, you will have to launch the app from the app menu and get things going accordingly. Once you view the list of devices associated with your Apple ID, you can select the name of your missing device and begin the hunt to trace down your phone. Hence, Find My iPhone is another top-notch service that one can utilize.

Google Maps

Tracking your device using Google Maps is another possibility that you can trust. The method is free to use, and you will not face many difficulties while doing so. But the target user will also know that you are tracking the device, and that stands to be the only problem with this method. Due to that, choosing Google Maps to locate your phone might be a bit problematic, and you need to understand the same before going ahead to use the app.